Asus Laptop Battery Not Charging To 100, The Ultimate Guide

December 21, 2021 by seo123

Asus laptop battery not charging to 100 is a very common issue. But, it can be solved by applying some quick tips. The issue is caused by a number of reasons such as certain battery settings preventing charging it to 100.

In addition, software bugs, corrupted files, outdated drivers can also create this problem. Hardware defects such as bad charging adapter, insufficient power supply, or faulty battery may also be the reasons.

We will start troubleshooting your laptop with the easiest tricks. Most of the time, a simple trick solved the issue. While if the problem is intricate, you will need to apply more fixes.

1. Asus Battery Health Charging

On your Asus laptop, there is a pre-installed software namely ‘Asus Battery Health Charging’.

Press the ‘Window’ key on the keyboard to open the ‘Start’ menu.

Find the ‘Asus Battery Health Charging’ option, you can also access it by typing in the search bar or from the hidden icons in the taskbar.

Open the program and it will display three options.

Choose the ‘Full Capacity Mode’ instead of the ‘Balance Mode’.

Charge your Asus laptop, hopefully, it will reach 100 now.

2. Stop Charging for a While

Sometimes, it happens that your laptop gets overheated. Hence, its internal system stops charging to avoid more heat. Because overheating can damage the device. You can resolve this issue just by unplugging the AC adapter.

Let your Asus laptop cool down and wait for the battery percentage to reach 20%. Try charging the battery at this point. Make sure to put your laptop at a place where it can get enough air.

Always keep your laptop away from a heat source because it can affect battery health.

3. Inspect the Charging Tools

If your laptop is not charging, may be the culprit is charging cable or the adapter. Make sure the cable is not bent or twisted, has no signs of wear and tear. Firmly connect the adapter to the laptop and power socket. Make sure that the wall power socket is supplying enough power and is not defective.

If possible, try charging your laptop with a different adapter. If the new charging adapter works, just replace the current one.

Moreover, you should always use a compatible charging adapter with your Asus laptop. Because a third-party or cheap charger can also cause this problem. Before buying a new charger, we suggest trying the following fixes.

4. Do Some Cleaning

Dirty charging ports are very common reason for charging issues. This not only happens with laptops but also with other devices like smartphones or headphones.

The charging port on your laptop gathers dust over time that blocks the power supply. The charging adapter cannot fit properly into the port, thus the current is not delivered fully. So, you need to clean the charging port on your laptop as well as the connection port on the AC adapter.

Use a clean toothbrush, stick tack, microfiber cloth, or cotton swab to remove the dirt. You can also use a compressed air can, but blow the dirt out gently. Check whether the battery charges after cleaning or not.

5. Upgrade the Battery Drivers

If the battery drivers on your Asus laptop are outdated or missing, the battery will fail to charge to 100. You can reinstall the drivers both manually and automatically.

Manual installation is possible through ‘Device Manager’ but it requires time and technical skills. So, choose an alternative that is very convenient.

Driver Easy is a software program that can detect missing or outdated drivers on your laptop. You can use both its free and Pro versions.

Although the Pro version is paid yet it can upgrade your device with just a few clicks. It also offers 30-day money-back guarantee. The process is as follows;

  • On your Asus laptop, download and install the Driver Easy by clicking here.
  • Launch the program and tap the ‘Tools’ option from the list on the left side.
  • Next, choose ‘Driver Uninstall’ and then double click the ‘System Drivers’ option.
  • Next, select ‘Batteries’ by double-clicking and then tap the battery drivers.
  • Click the ‘Uninstall’ button at the bottom right.
  • Wait for the process to complete, close all windows and restart your Asus laptop.

On restarting, the battery drivers will be reinstalled automatically. Check for the improvement in the charging status.

6. Reset Your Asus Laptop

A power reset is a very helpful solution to fix the charging issue. It can remove temporary glitches and junk files that may be affecting the health of your device.

The method is as follows;

  • Close all programs and windows on your laptop and shut down it.
  • Disconnect the external devices such as Bluetooth speaker, USB drive, memory card, printer, scanner, AC adapter charger, etc.
  • Remove the battery. If your laptop does not have a removable battery, do not perform this action.
  • Now, press and hold the ‘Power’ button for 60 seconds located at the upper right corner.
  • Next, plug in the AC adapter and turn ON the device.

Wait for the battery whether it charges to 100 or not. Otherwise, try the next solution.

7. Remove Corrupt System Files

Some corrupt system files can also stop your battery from charging to 100. So, removing them is necessary to resolve this issue. It can be done both manually and automatically. However, we recommend using a software program to clean the junk files.

You need to download and install the ‘Restoro’ program on your Asus laptop. It is a computer repair program that is very efficient in detecting system problems and fixing them.

It scans the device fully and finds out the hardware-related issues, security problems, and crashed, missing, or corrupted files. This program is reliable and does not harm your laptop in any way.

In addition, it does not cause data loss. Another advantage is that the program offers 60 days money-back guarantee.

You can also contact Restoro any time by clicking the question mark icon on the upper right of the screen or doing a live chat online.

Follow the steps given below to remove the corrupt files;

  • Launch Restoro on your Asus laptop and run a ‘Free Scan’. Within 5 minutes, this program will scan the device fully and will show you a detailed report.
  • Next, choose the ‘Start’ option and then click on ‘Repair’. This requires subscription and payment. But, all of the problems in your Asus laptop will be fixed and the battery charging issue will also resolve.
  • Hardware Damage

The issue of the battery not charging to 100 can be resolved by following the simple tricks mentioned above. However, if they fail to work then your Asus laptop has a hardware defect.

Sometimes, the problem arises after a hardware repair. For example, if you have recently replaced some hardware component of your laptop. It can cause disconnection of the battery with the mainboard.

Therefore, the battery status stuck on a certain level. Removing and reinserting the battery will help in this case. But, if the battery has expired, it will not help. You need to consult a technician or contact Asus to diagnose the real issue. A hardware component of your laptop needs repair or replacement.

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Final Words

We recommend you, follow this guide accurately. Try the first solution, if it does not help, move on to the next. But, avoid jumping to the last solution directly. Because the issue maybe temporary or minor.

Hence, it can be solved with simple tricks. We have listed all the possible solutions in this guide. We are sure our effort will bring fruit and will fix your Asus laptop battery that is not charging to 100.

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