10 Best Bluetooth Speakers with Disco Lights 2022

November 3, 2022 by seo123

Do you love dancing? If yes, you also love disco lights, perfect music, and thrilling sound. Bluetooth speakers with disco lights are the best things to enjoy music and dancing.

You can create your own disco environment at home. But, you should have the best speaker for this purpose.

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Learn How I Picked Up the Best Disco Light Bluetooth Speakers for You?

As you know, it is not easy to pick up the perfect products out of the acoustic market. Because there are an immense number of Bluetooth speakers.

Selecting the right one, needs time, effort, and brainstorming. I did it on your part. I conducted thorough research for many days, tested and tried many speakers, and asked for reviews.

Honestly speaking, I review hundreds of products. Finally, I created a list of the finest speakers. However, I short-listed them further.

So, here is the final result of my effort. This guide includes the top 10 Bluetooth speakers from all categories and price ranges.

I wanted to provide you with all the options so that you can choose your preferred product.

2. An All-in-One Speaker: Moukey Bluetooth Speaker

Performance and Design

Moukey Bluetooth speaker is my top choice. Because it is an all-in-one product. Performance, excellence, and beauty are combined in one single unit.

The system gives you stereo sound quality. Because it is equipped with a 10” subwoofer and a 3” tweeter. Resultantly, the bass is strong and the sound is well-balanced.

Further, the audio is distortion-free even at the highest volumes. With all these features, you also get a rechargeable battery.

Personally speaking, I always prefer the Bluetooth speaker with a built-in rechargeable battery. Because it makes portability easier.

While the plug-and-play device is not suitable for outdoor usage. Further, it has a carry handle and rolling wheels. A tablet holder is also provided with the speaker.

Plus the company provides two wireless microphones and remote control. Hence, it can be used for recording too.

Disco Lights

Moukey has dual and prominent disco lights. There is a 7-colored light ball at the top.

It produces ambient and strong light effects. The lights glow and dance with the rhythm. Hence, visual effects are perfectly created.

In addition, the center of the front panel also has a round light pattern. Together the flash and glow create a true disco environment.

Connectivity and Control

An ideal feature of Moukey MTs is Bluetooth 5.0. The latest Bluetooth version ensures smooth transmission, no lag, and a wider range.

This sound system is compatible with all sorts of Bluetooth devices such as Apple and Android. You also get a Micro TF card slot, USB flash drive port, and an AUX IN.

FM radio is also built-in the system. Create your own PA system by connecting two Moukey speakers together.

It is possible by the latest TWS function that allows connecting two speakers over Bluetooth.


  • Dual disco lights flash in 7 colors with the music rhythm
  • Stereo sound, 10” subwoofer, and a 3” tweeter
  • Supports Bluetooth 5.0, AUX IN, USB/TF card (32 GB)
  • Make a PA system by connecting two Moukey speakers with TWS technology


  • Rechargeable battery with 8-20 hours of playtime
  • Distortion-free and well-balanced sound
  • Easy portability with the carry handle and rolling wheels
  • 2 wireless mics, tablet holder, remote control
  • FM radio and recording feature


  • A heavy speaker with 27 pounds weight
  • Some users do not like microphones quality

2. Best for Karaoke: HIKEP PA Speaker

Performance and Design

I liked Hikep because this Bluetooth speaker has a recording amplifier. It is lightweight but sturdy. The body is made of good-quality plastic. However, the unit is easily portable.

The built-in handle makes portability easier. It proves a good choice for Karaoke parties. Enjoy full-range HD stereo sound quality.

The bass is also strong and well-balanced. The sound is crystal clear. It is made possible because of the high and low pitch separating technology.

400W power is enough to fill the room with music. It offers three sound modes including music, sports, and news. All the controls are present at the front.

Disco Lights

The center of the front panel has disco lights. Multi-colored light gives an amazing audio-visual experience. Wireless microphones are added bonus.

This speaker also has a recording feature. Moreover, you also get FM radio. It is one of the great companions for disco parties, music nights, outdoor picnics, and gatherings.

Further, use it for classroom teaching, homeschooling, workouts, and many more. Hence, it is a multipurpose speaker. All these features can be availed for under $70.

Connectivity and Control

It supports Bluetooth 4.2 which works within 33 feet range. However, this Bluetooth version is not ideal as compared to the latest 5.0 or 5.1.

But, still, the product manages to synchronize with multiple devices. It also has AUX and TF/USB input. You can record audio with a 32 GB card. Transfer the data easily to your PC.

The product comes with a rechargeable 3600mAh battery. The Li-ion battery ensures high efficiency.

You get up to 6 hours of playtime. However, the battery time depends on the volume level. Overall, it wins higher customer satisfaction.


  • A 400W power speaker best for Karaoke parties
  • Full range stereo sound quality with reasonable bass
  • A wireless mic for recording
  • Built-in rechargeable battery that runs up to 6 hours


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Built-in FM radio
  • AUX, USB, and SD cards support
  • Sturdy material with disco lights


  • The microphone is not the best
  • Comes with Bluetooth 4.2, not 5.0

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Performance and Design

I chose TENMIYA  due to its style, low price, and great bass. This A30 Bluetooth speaker is the top choice for a limited budget.

It is a great pleasure to find an excellent product at a cheap price. I am feeling very excited while writing about this beautiful speaker.

What I looked at most is its 2.2 channel system. This speaker has dual bass subwoofers, a bass tube, and tweeters. A 40W power gives a loud sound.

Further, the audio is clear and balanced, and the bass is rich. These features make A30 speakers suitable for Karaoke, disco parties, music nights, picnics, DJ settings, and many more.

Disco Lights

The dual lights look very beautiful. They glow in rainbow colors. The lights are very decent, cool, and smooth.

When the light glows with the music rhythm, it creates an amazing visual effect. I really liked the build quality and design of this unit.

Connectivity and Control

This speaker supports Bluetooth 5.0 which has a 100-feet range. You will face no distortion and lag. Moreover, a USB/TF card slot, AUX input, and 3.5mm microphone jack is also available.

Like expensive speakers, it also has a built-in FM radio. A digital display is also integrated into the unit. Further, the company gives a smart remote control.

The most amazing feature is 4 built-in batteries. Each lithium-ion battery has a 2000mAh capacity. So, you get a total of 8000mAh battery power. They can be charged fully in 2-4 hours.

Carry away your speaker anywhere with the strong carry handle. Mount your phone or tablet at the top in the tablet holder.

The manufacturer is always ready to provide technical support. Their response time is fast and service is great.


  • A 2.2 channel system with 4 built-in speakers
  • Dual disco lights, rainbow colors, cool effect
  • 4 powerful batteries providing 8000mAh
  • Bluetooth 5.0 features 100 feet range and no lag


  • Carry handle for easy portability
  • Mobile/tablet holder at the top
  • Digital display, AUX, and USB ports
  • FM radio and remote control
  • Best for the budget


  • Cannot get too loud
  • Some customers find control buttons annoying

4. Best for Style: Starion KS829-B Tower Speaker

Performance and Design

I liked Starion due to its unique design. This Bluetooth speaker assumes the shape of a tower standing on a pedestal. This style impressed me at first sight.

The design is luxurious and the body is around 3 feet tall. A total of 4 speakers are integrated into this unit. Two of them are on the pedestal while the other two are on the top cabinet.

Hence, it delivers powerful audio. The sound is loud enough to fill a room. Therefore, I found this speaker suitable for Karaoke, disco parties, music nights, DJ events, and picnics.

Disco Lights

The whole tower has numerous lights. The sharp and multi-colored lights look very beautiful when glowing in a pattern. Moreover, there is a disco light ball at the back of the top.

So, you get a dual light display both at the front and the back. This design makes the disco party really amazing.

The front light show also has equalizer settings. So, you can adjust the colors and brightness according to your preference.

Connectivity and Control

Further, it has a tablet/iPad cradle. Hence, you can attach your device to the top.

In addition to Bluetooth, the speakers also have two USB ports. Use it as an MP3 player and record your audio.

The top has a decent LED display. All the controls are arranged neatly. Further, the unit also has master volume control and Echo control features.

You can also control microphone volume separately. Two mics can be attached to this product. The product comes with a Starion microphone. However, there are dual microphone jacks and holders.


  • A tower speaker with a unique pedestal design
  • Dual light display; small LEDs on the front and disco ball at the top cabinet
  • Integrates a total of 4 speakers
  • Clear, loud, and room-filling sound


  • Dual USB ports and microphone jacks
  • Various customizing options
  • Can be used as an MP3 player and recording device


  • The only disadvantage is around 15 pounds of weight

5. Best for Voice Effects: Donner Disco Ball Speaker

Performance and Design

Donner is a lovely Bluetooth speaker.  It is stylish, elegant, and decent.  Additionally, it gives great sound. I chose this speaker because of its advanced features and high portability.

This smart speaker integrates professional acoustics. The unique 360-degree design presents a low-frequency well. Moreover, it actively cancels the background noise.

So, you can entertain yourself without any distortions. Since it is a small speaker, I had a doubt about its performance. But, when I played Donner, the sound was excellent.

A power amplifier is integrated within this speaker. Hence, it can handle a 30Hz-20kHz frequency range.

The most amazing feature of this speaker is the built-in voice changer effects. Many people want to record in different voices.

Donner offers you 6 voice effects including female, male, kid, robot, Autotune, and sing. Your parties will become real fun with this feature.

Further, the speaker also has various sound effects. They make audio clearer and sharper.

Disco Lights

Donner also wins in terms of lighting effects. It features dual lights. A disco ball is placed at the top. This makes a pretty spotlight shining in 3 colors.

In addition, two neon circle lights illuminate the front. They glow in 6 different colors in a dual pattern. So, you get a lot of options to adjust the flash and colors.

Connectivity and Control

Bluetooth 5.0 is ideal for a wider range and lag-free transmission. The product is compatible with all sorts of Bluetooth devices.

Further, it comes with a USB and AUX. The battery is rechargeable and can run for 6-25 hours depending on volume.

A built-in handle is located at the back. This makes portability easy. The unit is lightweight enough to carry out.


  • 360-degree unique design with powerful drivers
  • 6 voice changer effects and various sound effects
  • Built-in amplifier and ability to handle all frequencies
  • 3-colored disco ball and 6-colored dual neon lights
  • Wins higher customer satisfaction and positive reviews


  • Features Bluetooth 5.0
  • Supports USB and AUX
  • Dual microphone jacks
  • Powerful rechargeable battery with 6-25 hours of playtime
  • Decent, stylish, and portable


  • Decent sound but is not bombastic or too loud

6. Best for Loudness: Acoustic Audio Speaker by Goldwood

Performance and Design

Acoustic Goldwood is simply an amazing Bluetooth speaker. It won my heart in all aspects. Being a 1000W power system, it proves the best choice for large gatherings, Karaoke, and disco nights.

The sound quality is really amazing. Because it has a power amp and bass subwoofer. The decent design and elegant look of this speaker impress you at first sight.

Moreover, it comes with a stand. Mount the speaker on the stand to create a more powerful sound effect.

A decent remote control also accompanies the unit. So, you do not need to stop dancing to adjust the settings and controls. Further, the product also comes with a mic.

Hence, you can record your audio as well as the music being streamed. Rolling wheels and carry handle are ideal for portability.

Disco Lights

The multi-colored and glamorous disco lights in the heart of the lush black body give a beautiful look. I really liked its design, elegance, and lightning.

The flash effect can be turned ON/OFF. The built-in FM radio is an added advantage. Do not keep your speaker limited to one purpose and place.

Because it is also suitable for PA, weddings, concerts, outdoor picnics, indoor parties, DJ events, and singing at home.

Connectivity and Control

This speaker synchronizes perfectly with various Bluetooth devices. Further, a USB and SD card slot is also available on it. You can connect it through RCA and 3.5mm AUX input.

RCA line level outputs allow connections with other speakers. Moreover, adjust the settings conveniently with the 5-band slide graphic equalizer.

One disadvantage of this system is the lack of a rechargeable battery. You have to plug it into a 110V standard US wall outlet. Hence, the portability is limited due to this feature.


  • A 1000W speaker with powered amp and subwoofer
  • Powerful and loud sound for larger gatherings
  • Features RCA output and expandable design
  • A glamorous look, ambient disco lights, and stylish design


  • Built-in FM radio and wireless mic
  • A 5-band graphic equalizer
  • Comes with a mountable and portable stand
  • Features a remote control


  • Lacks rechargeable battery
  • The lights come up at maximum volume

7. Best for Budget: Pyle 300W Disco Light Speaker

Performance and Design

Pyle 838B wins in terms of performance and design. Honestly speaking, this speaker attracted me at first sight. It impressed me further when I played it.

You will like its stereo sound which is excellent for disco parties. It is a 300W speaker with 150W RMA. You get an impressive bass due to a built-in 8” subwoofer.

This device looks like a box. It is sturdy and comes in black color.  Its extendable carry handle makes portability much easier.

Furthermore, the built-in rechargeable battery is another advantage. There are fine lights to indicate the battery level.

Disco Lights

The front panel has beautiful disco lights. Two lights are present at the top. While one big light illuminates the center. These are multi-colored LED disco lights.

I found this speaker the best companion for patio parties, night gatherings, and outdoor fun.

Connectivity and Control

It easily connects with a number of Bluetooth devices. Pyle portable speaker is compatible both with Apple and Android devices.

Due to its flexible portability, it is suitable both for outdoor and indoor use. All the connections and control are at the top of the front panel.

Additionally, a remote control is also given with this speaker. In addition to wireless connectivity, this speaker also has 3 physical inputs.

One is for the USB flash drive that makes it an MP3 player. Moreover, it has a 3.5mm AUX input and a ¼” input for the mic and guitar.

An added feature is an FM radio with a digital LED display. So, you get quality, performance, and beauty in one device.


  • Larger and multi-colored disco lights flash at the top panel
  • Built-in 8” subwoofer
  • Bluetooth connectivity and 3 physical input options
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Carry handle for easy portability


  • A 300W powerful speaker
  • FM radio with digital LED display
  • Compatible with both Apple and Android devices
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor


  • 1800 mAh battery with 2-hour playtime
  • Do not expect a huge sound

8. Best for Portability: BabYoung Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Performance and Design

This A76 speaker comes from the BabYoung brand. If you have a limited budget, choose this Bluetooth speaker. It features 30W power and is a cheap product.

There are many reasons to include this product in my list. The first reason is its dual 4” full range configuration. The louder stereo sound is another feature of this portable unit.

You will find it suitable both for indoor and outdoor gatherings. The sound can be played in various modes.

EQ music effects such as jazz, rock, classical, and more make listening pleasurable. The EQ is adjustable to adapt to the music style.

Disco Lights

It is a multi-function speaker. It has dual brighter lights. The multiple lights are arranged in a circular fashion. The LED lights glow in different colors.

Further, there are two small lights near the top. They look like flashing headlights. Moreover, it offers 3 light modes depending on your preference. So, this product also wins in terms of lighting effects.

Connectivity and Control

Get the most reliable Bluetooth 5.0 for just under $40. Connect it to your iPhone, smartphone, tablet, PC, or TV. Further, an AUX port is also available.

Use the 3.5mm AUX data cable to make a wired connection. The device also supports a USB flash drive and TF card. Hence, you can record and play the music.

A built-in and rechargeable 4000mAh is the most desirable feature. The battery runs up to 6-10 hours.

Although it does not have a handle yet a carrying strap offers easy portability. Another amazing thing is the remote control.

If you want to make a PA system, connect two of these speakers wirelessly. Control the system easily with the remote control. Overall, it is the best choice for a low budget.


  • A true all-in-one Bluetooth speaker
  • Louder stereo sound and powerful drivers
  • Larger dual multi-colored disco lights
  • 4000mAh rechargeable battery with 6-10 hours of playtime
  • Supports Bluetooth 5.0, AUX, and USB/TF card


  • Carry strap and easy portability
  • Good quality plastic and sturdy build
  • Can connect to the other A76 speaker
  • Different sound modes and EQ effects


  • Do not expect a room-filling sound
  • The remote is a little annoying

9. Best for DJ Lights: Pyle 700W PA Speaker

Performance and Design

Pyle 280B is worth the money. This is a 700W speaker system. So, it gives a powerful sound with deep bass. The unit comes with a built-in 12” subwoofer.

I really loved its performance and sound quality. Its full range of stereo sound is more than suitable for disco parties. Moreover, it features echo volume controls.

A carry handle and wheels make portability convenient. A digital display is present on the top. While the controls are located at the back.

Disco Lights

It is a high-power active speaker in the form of a tower. Flashing disco lights are present at the center. Additionally, a ball disco light is present at the top.

These multi-colored DJ lights boost your parties. The flashing lights look very attractive. However, you can turn OFF the LED lights by pressing the power switch. The unit has a rechargeable battery.

Connectivity and Control

It features smooth wireless streaming with Bluetooth. Pair your speaker with any Bluetooth device such as a smartphone, tablet, computer, etc. A remote is also given with this unit.

An added feature is the recording option. It can record the audio being played. Further, you can record the audio via a microphone.

Just press the button and start recording. All these features make it an excellent choice for public gatherings, disco nights, crowd controls, and karaoke.

Besides wireless connection, it also offers physical connectivity. Pyle speaker has 4 inputs including a micro SD card slot, MP3, USB, AUX, and guitar/mic inputs.

Further, it has a built-in FM radio. You also get a wireless microphone with a Pyle speaker.


  • A 700W speaker with powerful stereo sound
  • Equipped with a 12” subwoofer for amazing bass
  • Multi-colored bigger disco lights
  • A carry handle and wheels for easy portability


  • Comes with a remote control
  • Built-in FM radio
  • 4 inputs options and a microphone
  • Rechargeable battery


  • Supports Bluetooth 2.1
  • 1800 mAh battery that is not long-lasting

10. Best for Kids: Wskvoker Strobe Light Speaker

Performance and Design

Wskvoker is a 360-degree Bluetooth speaker. It is a disco ball with an attractive design. a great choice for gifts and for kids. It delivers flawless HD stereo sound.

Despite its small size, it gives a great sound. Passive low-frequency radiators ensure solid bass. Moreover, the audio is distortion free.

You will love this smart, stylish, and highly portable speaker. However, its sound cannot compare with the larger speakers.

Further, the unit can crack if falls on the ground. The material quality is just normal.

Disco Lights

It has laser and LED lights integrated. The colors are rich and ambient. The amazing thing is that the lights dance with the beat.

It is made possible by the voice-activated sensors. The light effects give a wonderful audio-visual experience. In fact, your disco zeal is enhanced.

It also offers a rotating light show feature. Furthermore, this speaker can be used both as a light and music player.

Place your speaker in the bedroom, kitchen, night parties, disco gatherings, and many more. There are multiple light settings.

Connectivity and Control

This speaker is perfectly compatible with all Bluetooth devices. In addition to Bluetooth, you can connect it physically. It has a USB, SD card, and AUX ports.

So, you can make a wired connection as well. You should choose this speaker if you prefer greater portability. It is very light-weighted.

Just, put it in your travel bag and enjoy it anywhere. A 6 hours of battery life is an ideal feature.

Moreover, the company offers lifetime technical support. Hence, the purchase is risk-free. It has 10,000 hours of life.


  • Comes with 9 colors of LED light
  • HD stereo sound with no distortion
  • A 360-degrees Bluetooth speaker
  • Voice-activated disco lights flash with music beats


  • Perfect for portability, carry in your handbag
  • Smart and stylish design
  • 6-hours of battery timing
  • Excellent choice for gifts
  • Affordable price


  • It does not get too loud
  • Not suitable for larger parties

FAQs About Bluetooth Speakers with Disco Lights

You may want to learn more about Bluetooth speakers and disco lights. Read the questions/answers below.

What are disco lights and what’s their purpose?

Disco lights are also called DJ lights. They are colored lights that flash ON/OFF with the beat of the music. So, they add excitement, thrill, and visual effects to a disco party.

How to choose a loud-sounding Bluetooth speaker?

Many factors determine the loudness of a speaker. For example, you should know the power output, size, and the number of drivers. Moreover, SNR, frequency response, impedance, and sensitivity also matter.

What is a tweeter and what’s its function in a speaker?

A tweeter is a small-sized driver as compared to a woofer and subwoofer. It is necessary to produce a high-pitched sound. The tweeter complements other speakers that produce only low-pitched sound.

What are the cons of Bluetooth speakers?

Bluetooth works within a limited range and can lose connection. Moreover, Bluetooth speakers cannot get louder enough compared to wired ones. Other disadvantages are audio lag, slow speed, interference from Wifi bandwidth, and security risks.

How do I choose the best Bluetooth speaker?

First, consider your purpose of buying. Then, consider the number of people at your parties and gatherings. The next important thing is the budget. If you keep these factors in mind, it will be easier for you to choose the best Bluetooth speaker with disco lights.

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Final Words

Hopefully, you liked my effort. I have included the products from all categories. Their specialty and purpose are also mentioned.

This guide has included only the trusted and perfect speakers. Hence, you can choose any of the top 10 Bluetooth disco light speakers for your parties, DJ events, and Karaoke.

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