10 Best Car Stereos With GPS, Bluetooth and Backup Camera

November 12, 2022 by seo123

A good stereo is an essential part of a vehicle. It is not only used for music streaming but also helps in correct navigation. Hence, the best stereos must have built-in GPS, Bluetooth, and a backup camera.

But, deciding on the best product is not an easy task. You cannot get all three features in a single unit. Only a few head units come with all the required functionalities.

Why Should You Rely on Speakersmag’s Choices?

Because Speakersmag’s team believes in honesty, experience, and research. These are essential factors to find the best product.

I will explain the pros and cons of each product because I want to be honest with my followers. With most of the products, I have first-hand experience.

While some have been tested by my friends. Further, I have read all the reviews by verified customers before choosing each stereo.

Hence, I came up only with the best and top 10 stereos for your car. Both double din and single din head units are included.

Moreover, I have kept in mind your budget. Some units are very affordable with reasonable quality. While others come from expensive brands with high quality and advanced features.

Now, it is up to you which of these you like and want to purchase. I suggest you consider your budget, requirements, and vehicle value (model, remaining lifespan, etc).


ATOTO A6 is an all-in-one car stereo. It features an Octa Core processor and superior performance speed. You get ATOTO AC-HD02 camera in the purchase.

Moreover, it also features Dual Zone video out and key mapping to SWC. The HD screen measures 7 inches and the viewing angle is 178 degrees. In addition to Bluetooth, it also connects to Wifi.

Two Bluetooth devices can be registered simultaneously for hands-free calling and music streaming. Hence, you have a lot of options for wireless streaming.

HDMI output is also available for a trusted connection. Moreover, you get Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and MirrorLink.

The unit has a built-in GPS. The maps can be used offline as well. DSP technology and time correction are also integrated into this stereo.

The total output power is 4x45W per channel. The 36 EQ band offers 4 different customization settings. Further features include AM/FM radio and a microphone.


  • Live rear-view camera
  • Wifi and Dual Bluetooth including 5.0 and 4.1
  • Built-in GPS and offline navigation


  • HD screen and wide viewing angle
  • Fast and responsive with nice buttons
  • CarPlay, Android Auto, and Mirror Link


  • The backup camera may work well at night
  • The phone charging feature is not the best

2. Mantian 10.1 Car Head Unit

If you have a limited budget, choose this stereo system. It costs under $100 and has all the essential features. For example, you get a backup camera, GPS navigation, and Bluetooth.

The backup camera is capable of providing a clear view at night. It comes with a 6m video cable and a 1.5m power cable. A 10.1 inches screen is ideal for a clear view and a large display.

Moreover, it also works with Wifi and Hotspot. Hence, you can download streaming apps. An offline navigation app “HereWego” is also installed in the unit.

This double-din head unit features 1GB RAM and 16 GB ROM. Connect and display your Android phone via Mirror Link functionality.

Steering wheel control is another added advantage. Integrated FM radio offers a lot of listening options.

Additionally, dual USBs are installed into the unit. Charge your phone or insert a flash drive for playing music.


  • Bluetooth, Wifi, dual USB, and Mirror Link
  • GPS and offline navigation
  • Clear and bright view through the backup camera


  • Cheap price with all the features
  • Large, responsive, and nice screen display


  • Does not support iOS devices
  • Poor installation guide

3. BOSS BVNV9384RC Stereo

An automatic backup camera is included in the purchase. Boss offers you a great quality display. The LCD touchscreen measures 6.2 inches.

Boss 9384 has an amazing and advanced GPS system. It covers all 50 states and has built-in points of interest. The screen displays the maps in both 2D and 3D.

While the text-to-speech feature offers safe driving. Bluetooth functionality allows wireless music streaming as well as hands-free calling.

Moreover, it is compatible with Pandora and Spotify. You also get a built-in DVD player, AUX, USB, and SD card ports. It can connect to MP3 players.

The unit is also equipped with AM/FM radio. Additionally, this head unit is also awesome as a car stereo.

You can connect 4 external speakers, subwoofers, and a second screen. Audio quality is also great with 80 wattsx4 Max power.


  • Responsive and advanced GPS
  • Bluetooth DVD player, USB, and SD card support
  • Reasonable audio quality and powerful output


  • 6.2 inches LCD touchscreen
  • Works with Pandora and Spotify
  • Double din stereo with a decent design


  • Does not support Android Auto or Apple Car Play
  • Lacks Bass, mid, and treble adjustments

4. EINCAR Bluetooth Stereo

This double din car stereo by EINCAR is very popular. Because it comes in low budget and has all the features. Bluetooth connectivity allows you to play and stream music.

Moreover, it can be used to make hands-free calls. It has an advanced GPS navigation system. The best thing is that music and GPS can work side by side.

The screen displays accurate 3D images. The capacitative touch screen is quite responsive and fast. The unit supports an SD map card and USB.

Additionally, it has a built-in DVD and CD. Also, enjoy HD FM radio stations and record songs in EINCAR memory.

A waterproof backup camera is included in the purchase. It displays a back view when the car is reversed. Moreover, the steering wheel control is also integrated into the unit.

A volume knob is located on the unit and remote control is also provided.


  • Waterproof backup camera
  • GPS navigation and SD map card
  • Built-in Bluetooth, USB, and DVD player


  • Remote control and steering wheel control
  • Advanced features at a reasonable price
  • FM radio in HD quality


  • Camera quality needs improvement
  • FM radio may annoy sometimes

5. Hikity 10.1 Car Stereo

Hikity is a double din stereo designed for Android and iOS. Its 10.1-inch capacitive touch screen displays large images.

A 12 LED backup camera is included in the purchase. It is waterproof and features automatic functioning for reversing the car.

Quad Core processor and high resolution make it a worth-buying car head unit. Another advantage is clear night vision with backlit buttons.

A GPS module is installed in the unit. Further, you can access maps offline via the “HereWeGo” app. Built-in Wifi adds to its worth.

It lets you stream music and download a number of apps such as Spotify, Tiktok, YouTube, etc. This unit features Bluetooth 4.0 for pairing your smartphone or speaker.

You can also use the steering wheel control feature. Display your phone content on the screen through the Mirror Link feature.

Hikity stereo is also equipped with FM radio and 18 preset stations. It has the capacity to connect 4 external speakers.

The output power is also decent and an amplifier is integrated into the unit. Hence, you also enjoy a great audio performance.


  • Automatic and waterproof backup camera
  • Mirror Link, Bluetooth, Wifi, FM
  • GPS, steering wheel control, offline map


  • Dual USB input and speaker ports
  • Affordable price
  • Excellent audio quality


  • Weak connection with Bluetooth 4.0
  • Don’t expect the best quality

6. Alpine iLX-W650 7″ Mechless Head Unit

Alpine is a high-quality advanced stereo highly recommended if you have a good budget. This is a double din unit with a 7 inches touchscreen.

It comes with a Voxx HD camera that provides a wide view. The interface is responsive and user-friendly. GPS navigation, Google Maps, and Waze allow easy navigation.

The unit also features Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Hence, streaming and navigation are convenient.

This head unit is compatible with Google Voice Assistant, Siri, Pandora, Spotify, XM radio, and many other apps. Siri reads messages for you so that you can drive safely.

In addition to your required 3 features, Alpine also gives the best audio quality. Because it can play FLAC and WMA audio files. Streaming music via Bluetooth and USB drive.

The package comes with all the accessories such as a Sirius XM tuner, receiver, and backup camera. The company gives a 1-year warranty.


  • GPS, Google Maps, and Waze supported
  • Works with Siri and other voice assistants
  • Bluetooth, multiple streaming, and connectivity options
  • User-friendly interface and responsive touchscreen


  • Easy installation and control
  • Wins higher customer satisfaction
  • Best for premium sound quality


  • An expensive stereo

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7. BOSION Navigation Stereo

BOSION stereo is another great choice for the required features. It has a 6.2 inches screen. At a reasonable price, you get a backup camera also.

The camera is automatic and comes ON quickly when the vehicle is reversed. GPS navigation is great with this head unit. Because an 8 GB map card is preloaded in the unit.

It is equipped with a Mirror Link feature. So, you can display your phone’s content on the screen. Wireless connectivity is made easy via Bluetooth and Wifi.

Moreover, it also supports USB, SD card, and DVD Player. Built-in microphone allows hands-free calling. Play AM/FM radio stations and record your favorite music.

Volume control is made easy with physical knobs. A remote makes controls easier. The product is reliable and valuable.

Because the manufacturer provides a 1-year warranty. Another great benefit is that the package includes all the necessary items.


  • Automatic backup camera with great quality
  • Bluetooth, Wifi, and Mirror Link
  • Flawless GPS performance


  • Universal AM/FM radio
  • DVD player, 8GB map SD, USB
  • A loud stereo with customization options


  • Provided backup camera cable is too short
  • Slow to boot up sometimes

8. Binize 1 DIN Car Head Unit

Binize is another great head unit for GPS, Bluetooth, and a backup camera. It is a single din stereo with a large 10 inches screen.

Advanced features and affordable price is the reason for choosing this unit. In addition to Bluetooth, this stereo also works with all bands of Wifi.

The unit comes with built-in GPS and maps. You can also access offline maps and can also download more apps. Steering wheel controls allow answering phone calls.

The screen test reveals that it is quite responsive and splits into two halves for dual functioning.

Because a Quad-Core processor is installed in this stereo. Moreover, it features 2GB RAM and 32GB ROM.

Connect your Apple phone via CarPlay and your smartphone through Android Auto. Moreover, a special feature called Zlink is also installed in the unit.

Hence, you can do anything like calls, messages, music streaming, and map searching using the voice assistant.


  • Built-in GPS, maps, and offline navigation
  • MirrorLink, Zlink, CarPlay, and Android Auto
  • Bluetooth, Wifi hotspot, USB, steering wheel controls


  • EQ apps for sound customization
  • Preset AM/FM radio
  • A lot of screen adjustment and settings features
  • Capacitive and fast 10 inches touch screen


  • Slow downloading process
  • Quality and durability need improvement

9. UNITOPSCI Car Stereo

Unitopsci is a very popular head unit and wins higher customer satisfaction. Although it’s a single din stereo with a 7 inches screen yet it is a great choice.

The reason is its affordable price and required specs. It is a simple stereo supporting basic functionalities. But, it supports GPS for easy navigation.

The design is flexible with a foldable HD touch screen. This head unit does not feature the Android system. However, it comes with built-in Bluetooth.

Hence, you can make hands-free calls and wireless streaming. Mirrorlink feature is installed to play your Android content on the screen. Moreover, you can enjoy digital FM radio stations.

The most amazing thing is the included backup camera. It is an IR and IP67-rated waterproof camera. Even the night vision is clear and the display is 170 degrees wide.

Physical connectivity options include AUX input, USB, and SD. You can connect car speakers, and MP3/MP5 players, and charge certain phones.


  • Flexible design with 7 inches HD touchscreen
  • IP67-rated backup camera
  • Built-in Bluetooth, GPS, Mirror link


  • Digital FM radio
  • USB, SD, and AUX input


  • Manual pull-out and pull-back folding touchscreen
  • No DVD or CD player

10. SOUNDKITS Double Din Head Unit

If you have a very limited budget, choose SoundKits stereo. It is a double din head unit. A lot of features are available in this unit.

For example, Wifi, GPS, map navigation, music streaming, etc. You can adjust display brightness and other features. The capacitive touch screen provides a clear and bright view.

USB, AUX, SD, and RCA inputs both for front and rearview cameras are installed in this stereo. The backup camera, brackets, and wires come with the package.

The HD screen measures 7 inches. Bluetooth allows fast, easy, and automatic pairing with your phone. A built-in mic is installed for hands-free calls.

You can also play your phone content on the stereo screen. Because it features Mirrorlink both for Android and iOS. USB is also available for wired connection.

Listen to 30 stations on FM/Am radio. Further, EQ is adjustable. WMA and MP3/Mp5 audio files are supported by the unit.

Outputs are available for pre-amp and subwoofer. The maximum sound output power is 4x50W.


  • GPS, Bluetooth, and Wifi
  • A complete package with a backup camera and accessories
  • The Mirrorlink function is compatible with iOS and Android


  • IR remote and steering wheel controls
  • Capacitive HD touchscreen
  • Suitable for audio and music streaming


  • Do not expect the excellent sound quality
  • May not fit in certain vehicles, confirm before ordering

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FAQs About Car Stereo and Backup Camera

Following Frequently Asked Questions will help you understand the car stereos further. Learn to use and maintain the rear camera.

How much does it cost to install a rear camera in my car?

The cost depends on many factors. For example, some cars have pre-installed wiring. Hence, you just need to buy and attach the camera. The next factor is the brand and quality of the camera. Moreover, some vehicles or cameras require a complex installation. Briefly speaking, installing a rear camera may cost you $70 to $200.

Where should I place the backup camera in my vehicle?

Generally, the rear camera is installed in the middle of the car. For a better rear view, you should adjust at different positions and check the view. Some people consider the rear bumper or back doors the best place for a camera. However, it depends on your preference and the image quality relevant to the specific position.

Can I use Apple CarPlay for navigation in my car?

Basically, CarPlay is an iOS app for assisting you with navigation. It gives a convenient and improved navigation experience. Apple CarPlay and GPS work in collaboration with modern systems. Hence, you can navigate directly on the car head unit without needing your phone.

Why it is necessary to install a backup camera in my vehicle?

The rear camera is a very helpful device in your vehicle. The most immediate benefit is safer parking. You can see the wide area behind your car, drive, and park safely avoiding accidents. It is an essential thing if you are a new driver. The cost is not high and the installation process is easy. So, install a rear camera for your safety.

What to do if my rear camera view is blurry?

Dust, fog, mud, and rain are the immediate causes of blurry camera view. The solution is to wipe down your camera using a microfiber cloth. Always choose a weatherproof camera with a good IP rating to avoid such an issue. More serious causes include hardware defects such as broken lenses or stabilizers.

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Final Words

This guide has reviewed the top 10 best car stereos. All of these products are equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, GPS navigation, and a backup camera. Pros and cons are also discussed. So, you can choose any product without hesitation.

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