Best Speakers For Denon Receiver-Top 4 Reviewed

November 1, 2022 by seo123

A good receiver is an essential part of the home theater. Likewise, the best compatible speakers are also important. I would suggest the top 5 best speakers for Denon receivers.

A receiver acts like a brain in a home theater system. Because it connects and controls all the components of the sound system.

Why Denon Receiver is Needed in Your Home Theater?

Denon manufactures the best receivers. It is one of the top brands in the acoustic marker. Therefore, a Denon receiver is a highly recommended device.

There are different models with advanced features. Denon receiver accepts signals from input devices such as game consoles, media players, satellite dishes, etc.

Then, the receiver interprets, decodes, and amplifies these signals. Finally, the audio signals are sent to the output devices such as speakers, subwoofers, soundbars, and televisions.

How I Picked Out the Best Speakers for Denon Receiver

Almost all speakers can work with Denon or any other receiver. But, some are perfectly compatible. However, it is hard to pick up the best ones from thousands of speakers.

Therefore, I am writing this guide. I did thorough research on your behalf. I selected the best speakers based on a number of factors.

For example, I looked for the audio performance, design, build quality, connectivity options, advanced features, and price. Moreover, I also relied on customer reviews.

Some of my selected products have been in my use. Hence, all of them are tested and verified to work with Denon. So, you can choose any depending on your taste.

I will share the complete details and specs of each selection. In addition, I will honestly tell you the pros and cons of each product. Hence, you should choose without any worries.

1. Polk Audio T50 Tower Speaker

Sound systems by Polk Audio perform excellently. The T50 home theater system is worth choosing for Denon receiver.

It carries great value in many respects. Let us have a look at why this system is a good choice for you.

Audio Performance

Audio drivers include a one-inch silk dome tweeter and a 6.5-inch mid-range woofer. Moreover, it has dual passive radiators to enhance the bass.

These radiators are alternatives to rear-firing bass ports. Overall, the speaker system is loud enough.

The most amazing thing I like about Polk T5o is its highly well-balanced sound profile. It operates well at all frequency levels.

So, the sound profile is neutral and sounds like studio monitor speakers. Thanks to its passive radiators, the low ends elevate excellently.

Additionally, you do not face any distortions at high volumes. At a very reasonable price, you get the best audio quality.

The mids and trebles are also impressive. Polk T50 focuses on precision. The soundstage is lively irrespective of instrument and genre.

In fact, this speaker is ideal for all purposes. Enjoy movies and listen to music. You get crisp dialogues and rumbling soundtracks.

Style and Design

When it comes to style and design, T50 gives an elegant look. At first glance, it seems like an expensive sound system. It has a black vinyl body with a golden tint.

This floor-standing tower speaker has great aesthetic value. It stands 36.5 inches tall. This smart design makes it suitable for compact spaces. The tower adjusts easily at any place.

So, it not only saves your money but also space. This product is not fragile but rather sturdy and well-built. The drives are enclosed in furniture-grade MDF cabinets.

Hence, you should not worry about the malfunction. However, if any issue occurs, replacement parts are readily available in the market. In terms of performance, price, and quality, Polk Audio wins the acoustic market.

Connectivity and Control

The back of the speaker has 5-way binding posts. A speaker cable can be used to make the connection. These speakers go well with the Denon receiver.

Moreover, its design is expandable. You can add complementary speakers by Polk Audio to make a 5.1 surround sound system.


  • Affordable and cheap price as compared to other brands
  • Features Polk’s dynamic balance technology
  • Smart design that fits well in compact spaces
  • Neutral and well-balanced sound
  • No distortion at high volumes
  • Elevated low ends and rich bass


  • Ideal for both music and movies
  • Stylish look and tower design
  • Sturdy and well built
  • Add a complimentary speaker to make a 5.1-channel system


  • Fine details are not excellent
  • Binding posts are a bit difficult to access

2. Klipsch Black Reference 5.1 Surround Sound System

Klipsch Black Reference 5.1 is another compatible system for the Denon receiver. The following features make it a suitable choice.

Audio Performance

Klipsch Reference theater pack incorporates the same technology as the larger systems by Klipsch. Indeed, all the features are packed inside tiny boxes.

Four satellite speakers are provided with this system. Moreover, there is a center channel and a wireless subwoofer. The center channel is equipped with a 3.5-inch driver.

A wireless transceiver is also provided with the package. It is connected to the power and the LFE channel on your Denon receiver.

The compatibility and coherence of all 5 speakers are wonderful. They play in great harmony and balance. You get a room-filling sound and dynamic range.

It produces all the fine details and natural sounds. Horn technology is combined with aluminum tweeters. So, the audio is crisp, clear, and very powerful despite the tiny design.

Together, the whole system delivers a room-filling sound. In fact, its performance is matchless. Even it competes with expensive soundbars and stereo systems.

Klipsch Reference is ideal if you want small satellites. You can adjust this system in compact spaces.

Style and Design

Klipsch Reference has a tiny footprint. It blends perfectly in your room. The compact design makes it disappear visually.

This compact sound system is a complete package. It makes a 5.1 surround sound system. A wireless subwoofer is also included. So, the bass response is great.

The two pairs of satellites feature iconic, brassy IMG, 3.5-inch drivers.  Moreover, a 0.75-inch horn tweeter is also installed.

The units are enclosed in plastic cabinets. Each one measures 7.75 inches high, 5.5 inches deep, and 4.5 inches wide.

Connectivity and Control

The Klipsch system has a set of spring clips. You cannot use thick wires for connection. However, pins and plugs can be installed on the ends. The sound is directional.

Hence, you need to aim the whole system toward the main listening position. It does not provide a bombastic bass. So, you have to set up the bass minimum of 100 Hz.

It blends perfectly with all types of receivers. Each speaker can be mounted on the wall. Because each unit has a keyhole mount and a threaded insert for flexible installation.

A combination of Horn technology and aluminum tweeters give these speakers crisp, clear, powerful sound.

If you choose to hang your speakers, each speaker has both a keyhole mount and a threaded insert to give you flexibility in how you install them.


  • A 5.1 surround sound system
  • Tiny footprint and compact design
  • Comes with a down firing rich bass subwoofer
  • Excellent output sound from 4 satellite speakers


  • A seamless setup for compact spaces
  • Works perfectly with all sorts of receivers
  • Room filling sound comparable to bigger systems


  • Does not look much attractive
  • High price as compared to the size

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3. Audioengine A5+ Wireless Speaker

Audioengine A5 Plus is one of the best companions for Denon receivers. This pair of speakers win higher customer satisfaction due to the following features.

Audio Performance

Its specialty is a built-in analog class A/B amplifier. So, it is a powered speaker system available at a reasonable price. The signal path becomes analog from the record to the speakers.

Moreover, it produces a rich and deep bass.  Audio clarity and depth are ensured at all frequencies. You get high-quality stereo sound quality.

A 5-inch Kevlar woofer and 0.75-inch silk dome tweeter are installed in each speaker. A total of 150W output power is delivered from the whole system.

While the frequency ranges from 50Hz to 22kHz. A separate subwoofer is not needed. The unit itself delivers rich bass. Loudness is also great and poses no distortion.

Further, the audio comes in a well-balanced and neutral mode. A5 Plus proves its worth in all genres when tested for different soundtracks.

Style and Design

I really loved this system at first glance. Its luxurious and glossy white body gives an elegant look. This system is also available in two other colors including matte black and bamboo.

These are bookshelf speakers measuring 10.8 inches in height. The compactness of size is ideal for placement.

The build quality is great. The product is sturdy and reliable. Therefore, the company gives a 3-year warranty.

Connectivity and Control

It features both types of connections. There are dual analog inputs and subwoofer outputs. Mainly it is wireless and works well over Bluetooth.

The physical connection includes a 3.5mm aux input, RCA in/out, and banana plug cable. The controls and connections are present at the left speaker.

Moreover, it also has a heat sink. A protective pouch is provided for each speaker. The volume knob is located on the left speaker.

The volume can be adjusted independently of the paired wireless device. The remote control also comes with Audioengine A5 Plus.

But, it is a pretty simple and limited remote. Only four buttons are present on it. They control volume, mute, and sleep mode. So, the paired device is used as the main controlling unit.

However, pairing with Bluetooth is fast and simple. It supports Bluetooth aptX HD. Overall, it is worth the price.


  • Excellent audio output from a compact size
  • Equipped with a deep bass driver
  • Supports Bluetooth for easy wireless connectivity
  • Comes with a 3-year warranty


  • Beautiful and attractive design
  • Neutral and flat style sound profile
  • High-quality bookshelf speakers compatible with Denon


  • Lacks source knob
  • Remote control has limited functions

4. Edifier R2000DB Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers

Edifier R2000DB is another compatible speaker system for the Denon receiver. It gives you a number of reasons to choose it. Let us review the main features in detail.

Audio Performance

Each speaker is equipped with two-way drivers. A 25mm tweeter and a 5.25 inches mid-low frequency driver are also installed.

In addition, it has a silk dome to enhance the sound output. The bass ports are present at the rear panel.

It has DSP chips which are expensive and ensure high-end performance. Moreover, the sound is well-balanced. Hence, Edifier is worth the cost.

A digital amplifier chip is also installed in this unit. The dual 60W Class D amplifiers provide excellent audio. This feature protects against overheating and short circuits.

Because its conversion rates are higher and its power is extraordinary. Our test results have shown that R2000DB is very efficient in playing instrumental sounds.

The bass is also reasonable and you feel the depth. Pop music is very clear and worth listening. There are no issues of distortion and delay. Indeed, it is suitable for all genres.

Style and Design

The product comes in black color. It looks elegant and beautiful. The speaker is enclosed in a 5-inch cabinet. In terms of size, it is mediocre, neither too small nor too bulky.

Primarily R2000DB are bookshelf speakers. So, they can adjust easily at any place.  The whole package weighs about 10Kg. It features two detachable grilles. They are meant to protect the unit from dust.

Connectivity and Control

I liked its adjustments that can be done with separate treble, bass, and volume knobs. Moreover, this speaker system is easy to control and operate.

The connectivity options are multiple. There is an optical fiber input interface, RCA input, and binding posts. Additionally, it can be connected wirelessly over Bluetooth.

Remote control is also provided with the unit. This makes controls very convenient. So, it features advanced controls and connectivity.

It supports a 3.5mm wired connection. Hence, this system can be connected to any device such as a TV, game console, media player, etc. An infrared receiver is present at the front panel.

It glows in various colors to indicate different statuses. Hence, the connection process is simple and easy.


  • Excellent audio performance due to Digital Processing technology
  • Multiple connection ports with Bluetooth support
  • Features a remote control and convenient interface
  • High-quality product with a 2-years warranty


  • Near-filed professional studio speakers
  • Compact size with bookshelf design
  • Very accurate and clear on piano


  • Does not support APTX encoding
  • Lacks subwoofer output

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Frequently Asked Questions About Speakers and Receivers

You may want to know more about the speakers and Denon receiver. Therefore, I have added the following FAQs.

Are Denon receivers worth buying?

Denon receiver has many desirable features. For example, it supports Dolby Atmos and DTS:X surround sound. Moreover, it pairs with wireless devices via Bluetooth. It also works with Spotify Connect for direct music listening. In short, it has excellent audio performance and sound features.

How to choose the best receiver for my sound system?

First of all, you should consider the size of your room. It helps you determine the amount of power you need from your AV receiver. Moreover, you should know the number of channels. Consider the capacity, size, power, and number of speakers in your sound system. Another important factor is your budget.

Which receiver is better, Denon or Yamaha?

In terms of audio quality, both Denon and Yamaha are great. However, Denon is cheaper than Yamaha. Further, it is sturdy and offers a lot of channels. On the other hand, Yamaha is expensive. But, it wins in terms of reliability and number of inputs.

Does speaker wattage need to be higher than the receiver?

Yes, the speaker wattage should be higher than the receiver. It should be almost twice as much receiver power. A 45-100W receiver goes well with a speaker that requires 25-150W. The recommended receiver output is 25-400 watts.

How long can Denon receivers last?

A high-quality receiver can last up to 30 or 40 years. It depends on the quality of the hardware. Advancement in home theater technology has reduced the lifespan of audio devices. So, Denon receivers can last up to 10 years. However, they need proper maintenance and care.

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Final Words

This article has listed the top 4 products. I have tested them personally. Therefore, I did not include too many products in my review. Instead, I reviewed only the top and the best ones.

So, you can freely choose any of the 4 speaker systems for your Denon receiver. I hope, my guide will prove very helpful for you. Stay connected and keep providing your precious feedback.

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