How to Fix Car Charger Not Working

April 3, 2022 by seo123

During a long journey, you need to charge your phone frequently. If your car charger is not working, it really disturbs you.

As a precaution, you must check your car charger before starting your journey. Because keeping your phone active is very crucial.

Moreover, the car charger also works for other devices like cameras, recorders, game consoles, and tablets. If you have a charger in your car, you do not need a power bank.

However, it can stop working sometimes. The cause may be the car itself or the charger. So, we need to diagnose the issue.

Car Charger Not Working

Then, we will apply some quick troubleshooting tricks that are effective for this issue.

How Does A Car Charger work?

Let us have a brief idea of how does a car charger work. A car charger receives electrochemical energy from your car battery.

Two batteries are involved in the process, the energy flows from a higher voltage battery into a low voltage battery.

The smaller battery stores the energy for use anytime. It is a portable mini charger with USB ports.

Car Charger Not Working: Troubleshooting Hacks

One major reason your car charger not working is the low power supply. Other causes include faulty cable, incompatibility of devices, and blown fuses. Try the following hacks correctly.

1. Confirm Your Car Has A Charger

Almost all cars have USB ports in them. But this does not mean they can charge your devices. The USB ports are integrated to transfer the data, install software, or play music.

So, you need to confirm that the USB port in your car is for charging purposes. Read the user manual of your car to know this fact.

If you have confirmed that your car has a charger and still it is not working, the issue may be with the cables. A charging cable is different from a data cable.

A charging cable has one and four-terminal while the data cable has two and three-terminal.

So, they cannot be swiped. In simple words, you should use the standard charging cable for your phone.

2. Check the Compatibility

The incompatibility between your phone and car charger can result in this issue. If your car’s infotainment system fails to recognize your phone, it will disable charging too.

Because most of the USB ports are connected to the infotainment system in your car. So, you need to check whether your car infotainment system recognizes your phone or not.

The issue also occurs when you use a data cable as a charging cable. The simple solution to this issue is that always use the cable and adapter provided with your phone.

3. Start Your Car

Mostly, a car charger works when you start the car. The batteries start working and supply energy.

So, you may be trying to charge your phone with the engine switched OFF. If your car is in the start position, confirm the electric outlet switch is turned ON.

4. Ensure Sufficient Power Supply

Another cause is the insufficient power supply. The connection between the car charger and the batteries may be weak. Therefore, your phone is not receiving enough power.

You should check the power supply, connection cables, and voltage. Replace the cable or other component if it is defective.

5. Clean Your Car

You should always keep your car clean and tidy. For the time being, clean the cigarette lighter space using a neat cloth. Dirt can block the connections ports.

Clean the USB ports of your car charger. Make sure the charger is fitting firmly into the port. Also, clean the charging port of your phone. Reconnect the devices again and check if it works.

6. Replace the Fuse

If your car charger is delivering no current, any of the fuses are blown and need replacement. You can check it by connecting a different device to your car charger.

Locate the fuse panel in your car. It has a fuse labeled “CIG LTR” or “AUX PWR”. Replace this fuse to solve the issue.

7. Troubleshoot Your Phone

The problem may be with your phone. Try charging another phone through your car charger. If it works well, you should troubleshoot your cell phone.

Restart and reboot the phone and charge again. Check the charging port for any damages. Another trick is to charge your phone directly from a power outlet or another car.

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Final Words

This is all about fixing your car charger. We hope the solutions mentioned in this guide will help you a lot.

You can try them whenever your car charger poses a problem. If still the issue persists, call a technician or contact the manufacturer.

To avoid any issues in the future, always purchase a high-quality car charger. Also, check its compatibility with your devices.

Do not forget to tell us in the comment section which tricks you found the best in fixing your car charger that is not working.

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