Dent in Your Head From Headphones- Myth or Reality?

June 15, 2022 by seo123

Headphone Dent

Do you wear headphones for a long time as a passion or profession? You must have heard people saying “wearing headphones will dent your head”.

Just recently, it happened to me. I wear headphones for 5-6 hours a day. One of my neighbors warned me that headphones will create a dent in your head.

I laughed at this joke. But, later on, some people told me their personal stories of getting dents. This compelled me to think seriously about this issue.

Therefore, I decided to find out whether it is a myth or reality. After thorough research and practical experience, I reached a conclusion.

Wearing headphones for too long can cause dents in your hair and can pressurize your skin. But, this is not a permanent dent in your skull. You can recover from these dents in a few moments or hours.

Headphone dents are just like impressions on your nose caused by wearing glasses.

There can be other accompanying conditions that indent the skull. A dent can be a warning sign indicating some medical problem. We will discuss it in detail later on.

In this guide, I will explain whether the headphones cause dents or not. I will share tips to avoid indentation. Further, this guide will tell you what other things can dent your head.

Have You Really Got a Dent?

Headbands put pressure on your skull where they sit. They are of various types. Some are heavily padded and cushioned while others are only metal straps.

So, when you remove headphones, you notice pressed hair. This is called headphone hair and spoils your hairstyle. If you are comfortable with the headband, the dent is only in the hair.

However, if the band presses too hard on your skull, it can dent the skull skin a little. You have to differentiate between these two conditions.

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Tilt your headphones slightly toward the back of your skull. Do not put them in the middle of the head. This will reduce the unnecessary pressure.

First, place the earcups on your ears. Then, put the headband on the back part of the skull. In this way, you can prevent headphone hair and dents.

2. Wear a Cap or Scarf

As I mentioned earlier that headphone dents are not permanent. They last for a few minutes or hours and disappear soon. But, if your dent is not disappearing, it is a concern.

Moreover, you may notice a dent on your kid’s head who wears headphones for several hours. In either case, you should seek medical attention.

The dents in the skull are caused by some congenital or genetic diseases. Here is a brief overview;


It is also called congenital skull indentation. Mostly, newborns and fetuses get affected by this disease. Because babies have flexible and fibrous joints or structures.

These structures held the skull bones together which grow with the baby. If the structures close too early, the skull and brain growth in the baby stops. So, the head looks dented.

Phantom Bone Disease

It is also called Gorham’s disease. Bones begin to disappear and vanish without any reason. This occurs due to abnormal proliferation of vascular or lymphatic channels of the bone.

The most affected areas are the skull, pelvis, and shoulder. Its symptoms are pain and bone fracture. But, sometimes, the disease proceeds without any symptoms.

Paget’s Disease

Paget’s disease affects older people who are 50 years or more. In this medical condition, the body of the patient creates new bone tissues to replace the older ones.

The process is faster than normal and causes bone weakness. It affects the legs, skull, pelvis, and spine. Hence, Paget’s disease can be a reason for the dented head if you are an old fellow.

Injury or Trauma

Trauma refers to body injuries. A serious injury can damage the skull or cause dents in the head.

A part of the skull bone squeezes inward to the brain causing further damage. Thus, you need to see a doctor.

Bone Cancer

Cancer is characterized by abnormal cell growth in a particular area of the human body. Bone cancer is caused by uncontrolled cell growth destroying the bone tissues.

This will cause dents in the skull. If you notice a serious dent in your head that does not disappear even after 24 hours, consult a doctor immediately.

FAQs About Headphones Dents

I am including the answers to some of the commonly asked questions. Hopefully, they will help you further.

Does wearing headphones too long de-shape my ears?

Wearing headphones for several hours cannot de-shape your ears. Because your ear are not flexible and their structure cannot be altered. However, you may feel a slight shape change due to continuous headphones usage. But, it is a temporary effect and your ears will come back to their original shape.

What are the harms of wearing headphones?

The obvious harm is hearing loss. People who listen to headphones for several hours, gradually suffer hearing impairment. They hear unusual sounds in their ears. The ear drums can be damaged forever if you continuously listen to headphones at high volumes.

Can wearing headphones cause hair loss or baldness?

No research studies prove that wearing headphones can cause baldness. However, it is not recommended to wear a tight headband. Because it clamps your skull too tightly for several hours. Resultantly, the hair follicles cannot breathe. It can stop hair growth, and weaken or damage your hair.

How to use headphones safely without any hearing loss?

Wearing headphones for the whole day at high volumes can cause hearing loss. Listen at a minimum audible volume. Take listening breaks and reduce listening time. Moreover, use noise-canceling headphones. Instead of using in-ear headphones, you should prefer over-ear headphones.

For how many hours I can wear headphones per day?

Hearing experts suggest a 60%/60 rule. It says you can listen to headphones at 60% volume for 60 minutes a day. Increasing the volume required decreases the listening time. For example, at 80% volume, you can use headphones only for 40 minutes a day.

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Are Headphones Dent Real?

This article has explained what are the headphones dent and how to avoid them. Now, you understand that they are real but not permanent.

Hair dents are real but skull dents are illusions. Your skull is too hard to be squeezed by a headband. Further, headphones cannot damage your brain.

If you detect a long-standing dent in your skull, it can be a serious disease. Therefore, you should go to a doctor. Do not believe the rumors that headphones cause a physical dent in your head or skull.

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