How to Fix Headphones Keep Cutting Out-Wired and Wireless

May 30, 2022 by seo123

Headphone users frequently experience the issue of sound cutting out. In this article, I will guide you on how to fix your headphones that keep cutting out.

This issue can occur both with wired and wireless headphones. However, it is more common in wired headphones as compared to wireless Bluetooth headphones.

Because cables and wires are prone to damage. Similarly, the connection ports can be loose. Hence, the sound disappears during calls or while listening to music.

Sometimes, the audio drops down completely. This situation really frustrates you. But, do not worry, I have found the best solutions to your problem.

Let us try each trick to fix your headphones at home.

1. Examine the Headphones Cables

One of the immediate reasons your headphones keep cutting out is loose or damaged cables. The wires are damaged due to frequent pulling, twists, and bends.

So, examine the cables carefully. If it is frayed, exposed, or twisted badly, you need to change the headphones cable.

Generally, the cables get frayed due to frequent twisting and folding for organizational purposes. Unfortunately, some headphones come with irreplaceable cables.

Hence, you will need to purchase new headphones. While other headphones allow you to replace their cables. You can buy a good cable from Amazon.

2. Check the Headphones Jack

Another reason may be the broken headphones jack. Inspect your headphones jack, it may be dirty or blocked. You should clean the headphones jack to remove any debris.

It clogs the jack thus the connector cannot fit properly and the sound keeps cutting out. Remove the dirt using a Q-tip or cotton swab.

Moreover, you can also use a compressed air can to clean out the jacks. But, blow gently to avoid any damage.

Furthermore, avoid pulling out the cable with a jerk. Similarly, do not insert the cables forcefully into the jack.

3. Ensure Strong Signals

Another reason your headphones keep cutting out is weak signals. For example, you may be listening to calls or playing live games. Check the signal strength on your phone.

If your smartphone is not receiving strong signals, the audio will keep cutting out during calls. So, change your location as well as move your phone to another place.

A quick trick is to disconnect your headphones from the phone and then listen to the audio from the phone speakers.

Likewise, check your internet connection if you’re playing live games with audio. There may be a lag or slow network that is responsible for the issue.

4. Avoid Overheating

By avoiding overheating, you can fix the headphones keep cutting out issue. The headphones get overheated when you use them continuously for several hours.

This causes sound cutting. The solution is to disconnect your headphones and turn them OFF. Let them cool down for a few minutes and then check again.

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5. Update Your Headphones

Keeping your headphones up-to-date is very necessary. Because outdated software can lead to sound issues as it contains bugs.

While the latest firmware updates come with bug fixes. Most of the latest Bluetooth headphones come with an app.

This app is not only used to control your headphones but also allows software updates. You can update your headphones via the app or through the manufacturer’s website.

However, wired headphones may not feature an app or software updates. Likewise, check for the firmware updates on your mobile device.

Furthermore, uninstall and reinstall the headphones app from your phone. It is also one of the best tricks to resolve the sound issue.

6. Reset Your Devices

The cutting-out issue can be successfully solved by resetting your headphones. The reset method varies across different brands and models.

So, you should consult the user manual of your headphones to find out the exact reset method. However, a general way is to long-press the power button.

But, it is not applicable to all devices. Moreover, you should also try to restart your mobile device or computer to which the headphones are connected.

This is also an effective way to fix your headphones that keep cutting out. Because sometimes, the culprit is the source device.

7. Ensure Enough Power Supply

Low power can also be a reason for the sound cutting out. If your headphones are wired, make sure they have enough power.

Some headphones use AAA batteries while others come with a rechargeable battery. A few get power directly from a wall outlet.

In either case, you need to ensure that your headphones are getting enough energy. Replace the AAA batteries and connect the charger firmly.

8. Maintain the Recommended Distance

If your headphones are wireless and connect over Bluetooth, you need to maintain the recommended distance.

Because Bluetooth can work within a certain range, ideally 10 meters. The signals will not transfer if the distance is more than 30 feet.

Hence, the sound keeps cutting out or disappearing completely. So, make sure your headphones are placed closer to the connected device.

9. Remove Interferences

Moreover, ensure nothing is interfering with the connection. No magnetic object should be placed between the headphones and the Bluetooth device.

Sometimes, the issue is caused by bandwidth clutter. Many Bluetooth devices may be operating in your locality. They interrupt each other and your headphones keep cutting out.

The same issue can be created by Wifi modems near your devices. So, you should try to move to another location and then check the performance of your headphones.

10. Check for the Compatibility and Quality

Sometimes, the headphones are not compatible with certain devices. For example, some headphones may not work with Apple iPhone or Mac.

Similarly, some audio devices are not compatible with Android devices. Therefore, the sound keeps cutting out.

Another unfortunate reason is the low quality of your headphones. You may have bought a cheap pair of headphones.

It comprises the drivers and audio quality. Hence, the sound keeps cutting out and nothing can resolve the issue.

In this case, you need to purchase good-quality headphones. Read our reviews on Best Bluetooth Headphones for Call.

Final Words

The troubleshooting solutions mentioned in this article are applicable to all sorts of headphones. You should apply all these tricks to fix the issue.

However, if nothing works then your headphones may have some hardware defect. So, contact the manufacturer of your device and ask for a repair.

Maybe the item has a built-in fault. If your headphones are under warranty, you can claim a refund or replacement.

I hope you liked my effort as I told you a number of solutions to fix your wired and wireless headphones that keep cutting out.

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