Fix Hisense Smart Roku TV Not Connecting To WiFi

October 1, 2021 by seo123

A Wifi connection is very essential to watch your favorite programs on a smart TV like Hisense Roku TV. It offers a lot of streaming options. You can download various channels as well as apps on this TV. But sometimes, Hisense Roku TV doesn’t connect to WiFi. So, today we will show you how you can fix it.

Moreover, it is also compatible with streaming devices and cable boxes. Hisense Smart Roku TV gives 4K UHD pictures. It has both wired and wireless options to connect with a Wifi network.

However, the majority of people prefer a wireless connection. But, this type of connection has the drawback that it becomes stubborn at times. Your Hisense Smart Roku TV may not connect to the Wifi.

This situation is really frustrating since you cannot enjoy your favorite movie or show. This problem is caused by either the TV or the Wifi router.

We have found the best solutions for resolving this issue. This article is going to tell you some very easy tricks and tips.

Read the article till the end to fix your Hisense Smart Roku TV that is not connecting to Wifi.

A. Fix Your Wifi Router

The connection problem may be caused by your Wifi router. You have to confirm its functionality. Try the test mentioned in the next section. Then, follow the solutions given to fix your bad Wifi router.

1. Test Your Wifi Router

The first important thing is to test the efficiency of your Wifi network. Check the network speed. Connect other devices like smartphones or laptops with this Wifi network.

If it works well with other devices, you need to inspect your Roku TV. In case, the Wifi cannot connect to other devices also, the service provider has some issues.

But, you can try some troubleshooting steps. If they do not work then contact your Wifi server.

2. Make a Wired Connection

This is an alternative if your TV cannot connect wirelessly to the Wifi network. But, it is possible only if your Roku TV has an Ethernet port.

You will need an Ethernet cable. Connect its one end with your Wifi router and plug the other end in your Hisense Roku TV. This does not require any settings and your TV will connect to the Wifi on its own.

However, the wired connection is not feasible all the time. You may have placed your TV and Wifi router at different locations in your home.

So, it is not possible to use a longer cable to connect them. Additionally, if your TV does not have an Ethernet port, it cannot be connected through a wire.

Thus, it is just an option depending on your feasibility. You should try the troubleshooting methods listed in this article.

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3. Reboot Your Wifi Router

If you have found any issue with your Wifi router, reset it. A very easy method to reset your Wifi router is to press the reset button.

Most of the Wifi routers have a reset button or hole on them. Press and hold this button until the device restarts. Another method is to power cycle your Wifi router.

You can do this by following the guidelines given below;

  1. Disconnect the power supply from your Wifi router.
  2. Wait for a few moments.
  3. Now, plug in the power cable again.
  4. Your Wifi router will power on after some seconds.
  5. Next, connect it to your Hisense Smart Roku TV.

4. Remove Interferences

Disconnect other devices from your Wifi network. Some of them might be interfering with the connection. Moreover, you should not connect too many devices with your Wifi router.

Because it slows down the network speed. So, your Hisense Smart Roku TV cannot connect to the internet. Most Wifi routers support dual frequencies including 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz.

Choose 5 GHz bandwidth to connect your TV. Because this frequency is more suitable for heavy devices and has better speed.

Another trick is to move your Wifi router closer to your Hisense Smart TV. Because a larger distance between both devices sends weaker signals.

Some electronic devices can also interfere with the Wifi and stops it from connecting to your TV. Do not place any electronic or magnetic device closer to your TV or Wifi router.

Also, disable the Bluetooth on smart devices present near to your TV. Because they can also interrupt the Wifi connection.

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5. Reconnect Wifi to Your Roku TV

If your Hisense Smart Roku TV is not connecting to Wifi, try reconnecting it. This trick can solve the issue instantly.

One way to do this is to change your Wifi password and make a new password simple.

The other way is to un-pair both devices by clicking on the “forget” button on your TV. Let us understand the whole process in detail;

  1. Grab your Roku TV remote, by pressing the ‘Home’ button, open the menu.
  2. Go to Settings and then to ‘System settings’. Next, tap on the “Advanced system settings”.
  3. Click the “Network connection reset” option. Choose the ‘reset’ tab and tap “OK”
  4. This process will reboot and restart your TV and it will forget the Wifi network. To reconnect the Wifi, follow these steps;
  5. Open the menu on your Hisense Smart Roku TV and go to settings.
  6. Select ‘Network’ and then ‘Wireless’ settings.
  7. Next, choose the option, “set up a new Wifi”. This will require your Wifi password, enter it and pair both devices.

B. Fix Your Hisense Smart Roku TV

If you have tried all the solutions to fix your Wifi router, it is time to fix your Hisense Smart Roku TV. Here are the 4 best solutions to fix your TV that is not connecting to Wifi.

1. Clear Cache on Your Hisense Smart Roku TV

The cache is the temporary memory of your TV. Clearing it will not remove data and the setting will also remain intact. However, it will refresh your TV thereby improving its efficiency.

Follow the steps given below;

  1. On your Hisense Smart TV remote, press the ‘Home’ button.
  2. From the menu, select settings and then ‘Network’.
  3. Navigate to the “Clear internal memory” option. Proceed further to complete the process.
  4. Once the cache is cleared, reboot your Hisense Smart TV.
  5. Now, connect it to your Wifi network. Hopefully, it works.

2. Update Firmware on Your Hisense Smart Roku TV

Outdated software can also create this issue. Hisense keeps on releasing the latest software versions for their Smart Roku TV. This not only adds new features to your device but also removes software glitches.

So, you should regularly update your TV to avoid any technical issues. Since your TV is not connecting to Wifi, you cannot directly update its software. However, you can download it on your PC and then transfer it to the TV.

Follow these guidelines;

  1. Connect a USB flash drive to your PC. Be sure it has more than 500 MB of storage space.
  2. Now, browse the “Roku Software” download page in your server.
  3. From the list of TVs, choose your specific Hisense Roku TV.
  4. You will need to enter the “Roku Model number”. It can be found in the user manual or in the “About” option of System settings.
  5. Enter your TV model number and click the “Download Software” button. Once the file is downloaded, copy it to your USB drive. Remember that you should stay on the page until the file is copied successfully.
  6. Connect this USB flash to your Hisense Smart Roku TV. Open Settings on your TV. Next, go to “System update” and then choose the “I cannot connect” option.
  7. Now, the USB drive will be scanned to find the updated file. If an error is shown, it means your Hisense Smart Roku TV is upgraded to the latest software version.
  8. Otherwise, a 12 digit code will be displayed on your Roku TV screen. Enter this code on the website page opened on your PC. This will generate a 6-digit code, enter it into your TV.
  9. The installation process will take a few minutes and will restart your TV. Now, it’s ready to pair again with your Wifi network.

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3. Deactivate Internet Pings

This method will fix any issues in the system operations menu of your Hisense Smart Roku TV. But, the original Hisense remote is necessary to perform this action.

Follow these instructions to deactivate internet pings on your Roku TV;

  1. On your Hisense Smart Roku TV remote, press the “Home” button 5 times.
  2. Next, press the “fast-forward>play>rewind” buttons one time each.
  3. Again press the ‘Play’ button and then the “fast-forward” button.
  4. A menu screen will appear, choose the “System operations”.
  5. Navigate to the “Disable network pings” option and disable it.
  6. Go back to the Home screen by pressing the Home button.
  7. Now, force restart your Hisense Smart Roku TV by pressing the Home button 5 times.
  8. Next, press the ‘UP’ button one time and the ‘rewind’ and ‘fast-forward’ buttons twice.
  9. This may freeze the TV and will turn out its screen black for a few seconds. The TV will also reboot automatically.

This method is very effective to fix your Hisense Smart Roku TV that is not connecting to Wifi.

4. Reset Your Roku TV to Default Settings

Consider this solution as the last option. If your Wifi router has no issue then your TV may have some problem. First, try all the troubleshooting methods.

If they fail then restore your Hisense Smart Roku TV to default factory settings. This process will remove all the software bugs which might be interfering with the Wifi connectivity.

Hence, it is one of the best solutions to fix your Roku TV not connecting to Wifi. Follow these instructions to reset your Roku TV to factory settings;

  1. Open the TV menu by pressing the ‘Enter/OK button on the remote control.
  2. Choose the ‘Support’ option and then “Self Diagnosis”.
  3. Scroll to click on the “reset” option. As you tap this option, it will require the security PIN. It is mentioned in the user manual of your Hisense Smart Roku TV.
  4. Enter the security key and press the continue button.
  5. It will take a few minutes to restore factory settings on your TV. The TV will restart deleting all the installed apps. Now, try connecting it to your Wifi network.

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Final Words

This article has told you the reasons for the Wifi not connecting issue. It also described the best working solutions to solve this issue.

We are sure that till now your Hisense Smart Roku TV has been connected to Wifi. Because this problem is mostly caused by software glitches in the TV or Wifi router.

Nevertheless, bad network service can also create this issue. In this case, you have to contact your Wifi provider. There may be an issue with the router.

So, you will have to replace it. Failure of all the above-mentioned methods indicates such faults. They can be solved by the manufacturer or the service provider.

Hope this guide will help you fix your Hisense Smart Roku TV that is not connecting to WiFi. If you are liking our efforts to resolve your problems, inform us about this by giving your feedback.

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