How to Clean iPhone Speaker Slot | 6 Methods

August 11, 2021 by seo123

Like all other things, your iPhone also needs cleaning. Because over time, the slots trap dust or debris. Especially, the speaker slot accumulates dust and debris. So, you get a muffled voice out of the speakers. The dirt may also penetrate inside the speakers. So you need to clean your iPhone speaker slot to get clearer sound.

The speaker slots are present alongside the charging port on an iPhone. You should regularly clean the speaker slot of your iPhone to maintain its health. You can try a number of methods to clean the speaker slot. However, be gentle and carefully clean your iPhone. Do not use sharp tools as they can damage your iPhone.

Read this article to know the real methods of cleaning your iPhone speaker slot. We are suggesting you some very useful methods. Moreover, we will guide you thoroughly so that you can easily clean your iPhone speaker slot at home.


  • Disconnect all the cables.
  • Turn off your iPhone.
  • Do not use any liquid to clean it up.
  • Strictly avoid using sharp objects.
  • Do not apply pressure.
  • Be gentle.

1. Cleaning the iPhone Speaker Slot Using a Brush

You can use a paintbrush, toothbrush, or makeup brush to clean your iPhone speaker slot. But, make sure the brush does not have hard bristles as they can misplace the internal components.

Moreover, do not use a very soft toothbrush that sheds its bristles easily. The bristles can trap inside the speaker slot to add to your problem. So, chose a medium soft brush.

If you are using a toothbrush, it should be clean and dry. Choosing a small-sized brush is a good idea. Because it can be controlled easily. If you are using a paintbrush or makeup brush, it should be very small with compact bristles. If the brush has long fibers, trim them short up to half inches.

Carefully move the brush on the speaker slot. Move the brush both vertically and horizontally. Insert the bristles inside the speaker slot and rub slowly in a circular pattern. Now, gently shake the device to let the brushed dust come out.

2. Cleaning the iPhone Speaker Slot Using an Adhesive Tape

Although a brush removes most of the dirt yet there is more debris inside. The tiny dust particles accumulate in the small speaker holes. They become solid or stiff. So, your iPhone speaker slot needs more cleaning.

For this, you can use masking tape or painter’s tape. Trim a small piece of the tape and roll it over. Make a cylindrical shape by folding the non-adhesive part. Keep the adhesive part outside. The diameter of the cylinder should be equal to your index finger.

Now, roll the tape cylinder gently on the speaker slot. The dust particles will adhere to the tape. If it gets dirty, use another piece. Clean each speaker slot using a fresh piece of tape.

3. Cleaning the iPhone Speaker Slot Using a Toothpick

A toothpick can remove all the stubborn material stuck inside the speaker slot of your iPhone. However, you need to be very gentle. Do not press or move the toothpick hardly. Because your carelessness can damage your iPhone speaker.

Insert the toothpick into the speaker slot. Drag it slowly to the other end. It will drag the dirt outside. Turn the phone in a way that the speaker holes face the ground. Now, tap and shake the phone to expel the dirt.

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4. Cleaning the iPhone Speaker Slot Using a Cotton Swab

Cotton Swab is also a good option to clean your iPhone speaker slot. Rub the cotton swab on the speaker grill. Apply a little pressure and move the swab in circular motions. Move both ways; right and left. Remember to be gentle. Take a new cotton swab when it gets dirty.

5. Cleaning the iPhone Speaker Slot Using Compressed Air

You can clean your iPhone speaker slot by using a can of compressed air. But, stop do not project the air directly. Too much air pressure can harm your device. Choose a can of compressed air with a straw. You can buy one from the office supply stores or electronic stores.

Attach the straw with the nozzle of the spray can. Check the air pressure by pressing the nozzle. The air should come out of the straw. Now, it is time to blow away the dirt.

Keep the straw at a distance of half-inch from the speaker slot. Hold the spray can by your dominant hand and the straw by your non-dominant hand. It will help you keep the flow steady.

Now, release the air into the speaker grill. Two or three blasts will blow away all the trapped dirt. Be sure that you are maintaining a safe distance between the speaker grill and straw.

6. Cleaning the iPhone Speaker Slot Using Type Cleaner

Modeling clay is an ideal thing to clean the iPhone speaker slot. It is used to clean the mechanical typewriters. However, you can also use it to clean your iPhone speaker.

Take a small piece of the modeling clay. Kneed it to make it softer. Now, press the clay against the speaker hole and move slowly. All the dirt will stick to the clay. You need to repeat the process 5 to 6 times. Use a new piece if it gets dirty.

Final Words

We told you a number of useful tips to clean your iPhone speaker slot. You can try any of them or you can combine them. You can also use these methods to clean the charging port or any other slot on your iPhone. Cleaning the slots of your iPhone is very necessary. Because the dirt interferes with the voice. It also affects the efficiency of your device. So, clean your iPhone whenever you feel it has accumulated dirt.

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