How To Connect Wired Speakers To Phone-2 Ways

November 27, 2020 by seo123

You can connect your wired speakers to the phone and the audio from the phone will be played directly through the speakers. You can listen to music, podcasts, etc from sound system while they are being played through phone.

Wired speakers can be connected to the phone in two ways:

  • By connecting them directly through AUX cable
  • By converting them to wireless and then connecting to phone

Which method to use depends upon your choice and options available on your speakers. Direct wired connection is easy, simple and cheap while converting them to wireless is an additional step charging you extra for it.

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Connect Wired Speakers Directly To phone

The simple and straight forward for connecting your wired speakers to the phone is using AUX cable that is available in almost all the phones. It is a cable with 1/8″ or 3.5mm jack on both ends. You can get one at the cheapest price.

Wired speakers mostly don’t have built-in amplifier and a separate one is attached. So check on your amplifier if there is an option of 3.5mm jack input. If it is available then you can connect easily.

Plug one side of AUX cable in your mobile phone and other side in amplifier. Now play music from the phone and you will hear your audio in speakers rather than TV.

This method will work great for you unless you want to go wireless for better experience.

Convert Wired Speakers To Wireless

Everyone likes wireless products these days and wants to stay away from wires but what if you have very old sound system that has no wireless compatibility.

Still there are ways you can convert those old speakers from wired to wireless and then connect them to your phone wirelessly.

As mentioned above old sound systems did not come speaker and amplifier in one box and they had a separate amplifier. There is an option for you to buy only the amplifier that is latest with wireless feature and old speakers can be used with it.

Such a wireless-enabled amplifier can be connected directly to your phone using Bluetooth and you don’t need to do anything more.

If you don’t want to replace your old amplifier, stereo or receiver but still want to convert your audio speakers to wireless, you will need a Bluetooth adapter attached to your old amplifier or stereo.

This Bluetooth adapter will act as a wireless bridge between your mobile phone and audio receiver.

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Your phone will be connected to Bluetooth adapter and Bluetooth adapter will be connected to audio receiver of your speakers.

In this way, your wired speakers will be connected to phone wirelessly indirectly.

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