IPX8 vs IP68 | Waterproof/Dustproof Rating Guide

December 9, 2020 by seo123

In comparison of IPX8 vs IP68 Ratings, IPX8 means that the product is not tested for protection against solid objects (dust) but it is fully resistant to water while IP68 means that it is fully waterproof and dustproof.

In any IP Rating, if there is “X” in place of the first digit it means not tested for solid objects (dust) and if it is in place of second digit, it means not tested for liquid resistance (water).

Any product which has undergone both the tests is best to buy because you know better what it can resist and what not.

Here we have detail comparison of IPX8 vs IP68 Ratings.

If you are visiting for first time, make sure to read the full IPX waterproof rating guide, so that you could better understand what is being talked here.

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IPX8 vs IP68 Rating, which is better?

You may be purchasing a device and two different brands for the same product may show you ratings as IPX8 or IP68 and you will surely wonder which one of these is better.

As mentioned above “X” means not tested. So, the value which is not tested could be either lowest or highest. So, the better is there should be a numeric value.

In protection against solids, the maximum value assigned is 6 while in case of liquids it is 8.

In IPX8, product is not tested against solids while in IP68 the product is tested against solids and has passed all the tests so got the maximum value 6. Hence IP68 is much better than IPx8.

Although both devices are fully waterproof but IP68 is said to be fully weatherproof as it can withstand both solid and liquid conditions.

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Should we buy IP68 or IPX8 Rated Product?


The better is to look for an IP68 Rated product as it has both solid and liquid protections and you can freely use it outside the door even at places where is a lot of dust.

As both the devices are fully waterproof, so you don’t need to care about water. The only thing to decide is whether you need a dustproof product or not.

If you anticipate using that particular product in dust areas, you must check if it is IP68 or not. In case it is not mentioned in the product description or mentioned vaguely as “waterproof”, you should reach out to the manufacturer for full detail.

If you are going to use the product only in neat and clean areas, there is no need to buy a product which is IP68 must, because IPX8 would be enough.

This was all in comparison of IPX8 vs IP68 waterproof and dustproof ratings. Hope you will understand and better decide.

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