Connect/Pair Two Harman Kardon Speakers Together

March 27, 2021 by seo123

If you have a pair of two Harman Kardon speakers, you can connect them together using “Connect +” feature.

Just check if there is “Connect +” button on your Harman speakers and you are ready to sync them together.

This feature is often known as “Party Mode” which allows multiple speakers to sync together for more powerful and loud sound.

You can connect two Harman Kardon speakers together either in stereo mode or party mode.

Stereo mode mostly causes a lot of problems while party mode works fine for most people.

Both the methods are simple and easy. You can follow the step-by-step instructions below if you are also thinking of pairing multiple Harman Kardon speakers together.

Sync Harman Kardon Speakers in Party Mode

Make sure your Harman Kardon speakers have Connect + button and then follow the steps below to sync them together.

  • Turn on one speaker only
  • Pair it with your mobile phone
  • Make sure it is paired by playing any music
  • Turn ON the second speaker
  • Do not press the Bluetooth pairing button on the second speaker
  • Press the Connect + button on the first speaker that is already paired with your phone
  • Now press the same Connect + button on the second speaker
  • In this way, both the speakers will be synced together in party mode
  • Now play any music from your phone, it should play sound from both the speakers simultaneously

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Troubleshooting problems

You should follow the instructions step by step as described above. After following the steps properly, if you face any issue or fail to connect both Harman Kardon speakers together, you should check the following things.

  • Make sure both the speakers and your mobile phone are within the range.
  • You can place them near each other while testing and later place them at your desired place
  • If you still fail to connect, you should contact their support and explain the issue. They can guide you better according to the model of your speakers.

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Connect Using Harman Kardon App

The app allows you to play sound simultaneously from different Harman Kardon speakers placed in different rooms of your home.

The process is simple as you can select a song to be played in particular rooms. You can just play the song and select the Harman Kardon speakers where it should play.

Hope you have learned to pair two Harman Kardon speakers together.

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