How to Reset JBL Soundbar-Complete Guide

July 30, 2021 by seo123

Soundbars are technical and electronic devices. In addition to advantages, the technology has some drawbacks also. Sometimes, the technical devices do not work properly. They cannot make a connection or do not deliver sound. Here we will show you how you can reset your JBL soundbar when it stops working.

So, you get worried about your device and may seek a technical assistant. Some problems have very simple solutions but actually, we do not know.

Especially, when it comes to electronic devices, a layman feels much confused. He fears that if he performs any function, his device may damage.

But, in this age of technology, you should have basic knowledge about electronic and technical devices. This will help you in fixing out little problems.

Currently, we are talking about JBL soundbars. Almost, all JBL soundbars pose some common problems. For example, power, audio, and subwoofer connectivity.

JBL offers many types of soundbars. Some are with an internal subwoofer while others come with an external subwoofer. The soundbars with no subwoofer are also available. There are JBL 2.1, 2.0, 3.1, 9.1, channel and JBL cinema soundbars.

The JBL soundbars also differ in some other features like connectivity, design, and media support. You may face minor or major issues related to these features. Before seeking technical assistance or sending it back to the seller, you should consider resetting it.

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In this article, we will guide you about the process of resetting your JBL soundbar. This process works with all JBL versions.

How to Restore Factory Settings on JBL Soundbar?

Factory reset may solve a number of problems. It is the best function to perform before taking a big step. Reset resolves many problems that cannot be solved at any cost. The reset option not only works for JBL soundbars but also for other technical devices.

For performing the factory reset function, you need to follow a simple step.

Simultaneously press the “Volume +” and “Virtual Surround” buttons almost for five seconds.

This will restore all factory settings on your JBL soundbar.


Be sure to remove all the devices and connections before resetting. If you have some important data stored on your soundbar, back it up before resetting. Because all the data will be removed permanently.

When and Why to Restore Factory Settings on JBL Soundbar?

When your soundbar is not working properly, you should reset it. If you face any of the following problems, you should consider resetting the soundbar before seeking technical support.

  • The subwoofer cannot be connected.
  • You do not get a sound despite the successful connections.
  • The sound is not smooth and continuous.
  • The soundbar or subwoofer disconnects automatically.
  • Bluetooth or Wifi are not working or connecting.
  • Unable to detect other Bluetooth devices.
  • The soundbar or subwoofer is giving unexplained noises.

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Another important time to reset your soundbar is when you sell it.

But, Why? 

  • It is significant to reset your soundbar to delete all of your personal data stored on your device.
  • So that the buyer may not misuse your information.
  • Moreover, he may not face trouble with your settings and can adjust settings according to his own choice.

Hope you have completely learnt to reset your JBL Soundbar. You should go for this process when your soundbar shows any malfunctioning.

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