4 Signs of a Blown Subwoofer

November 5, 2020 by seo123

If you are not clear whether your subwoofer is blown or facing any other malfunctioning, the following signs will help you find out if the subwoofer is really blown or not.

You face this situation when you do not hear the sound and bass you used to be. The sound gets distorted killing all your experience.

Signs of The Blown Subwoofer

There are many things that indicate a subwoofer is blown and you may need to fix it to work properly. Sometimes, your subwoofer is not blown and something else causes the sound distortion or no sound at all. After reading our guide, you will be able to find out and solve other problems except if it is blown.

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No sound

When you play a song and you do not listen to any volume, it is a chance that your subwoofer is blown. Sometimes, you do not listen to the sound although your subwoofer is completely safe and sound.

In such cases check if the audio signals are delivering to the subwoofer. Sometimes audio carrying cable is damaged and you listen to no sound at all.

If the subwoofer is receiving the power and audio signals but not providing sound or bass, your subwoofer is blown.

Distorted Sound

If your subwoofer is delivering distorted sound, it means that it is partially blown.

Sometimes, sound does not distort at low volume but when you increase the volume slowly it starts distorting and this distortion then increases continuosly with rise in volume. At full volume, you may listen to distortion more than the sound.

Test Cone Movement

To test the movement of subwoofer cone, remove the cover to access the cone. By using both of your hands, move the cone carefully without using much force.

If the cone does not move at all or moves more than usual, your subwoofer is definitely blown.

In case it moves as usual but sound is distorted, it is also a sign of damged cone.

Test The Resistance

One of the best way to check your subwoofer is using multimeter. If you have this device, you can easily check the current condition of your subwoofer. We have written in detail on how to check blown subwoofer with multimeter.

If the reading of resistance does not stay at its place, your subwoofer’s cone is definitely blown.


These were 4 best signs to check your blown subwoofer. If your sub also has these signs, it means that your subwoofer is also blown. Using multimeter is a perfect method to ensure if the sub is really blown. These signs can help you find out the problem.

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Frequently Asked Questions of a Blown Subwoofer

There are some questions with their answers to help you better if the subwoofer has blown signs.

What to do when subwoofer has blown signs?

A blown subwoofer can also damage your other audio equipment. So when you observe and blown sign in the subwoofer, remove it immediately from the audio system.

Some subwoofers blow during the warranty period. If you are one of them, check the subwoofer before disassembling it.

What are the main reasons for subwoofers to blow?

Too much power and distorted audio signals are two main causes of blowing subwoofer.


Overpowering means to deliver the subwoofer more than the limits. Every subwoofer has its own RMS and you cannot run it continuously beyond the limits.

Powered subwoofers have their own amplifier that may not deliver extra power and you can control it.

In passive subwoofers of your car, an external amplifier delivers the power and it is better to match the power ratings of subwoofer and amplifier to avoid such damages.

Distorted Signals

Clipped or distorted signals can damage your subwoofer. Sometimes, you do not hear the clipping until the volume rises and starts distortion.

Is it possible to fix the blown subwoofer yourself?

Yes, it is possible to fix an entire-blown subwoofer or a damaged part of it but not very easy.

You cannot do this without tools and knowledge. You should do this only if you know what you are going to do. Otherwise, get a professional to fix everything for you.

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