Get Rid/Stop Whining Noise in Car Speakers

September 1, 2020 by seo123

If you are hearing a whining noise in car speakers while listening to some music, you can stop it and get rid of it forever in simple steps. We will guide you thoroughly in troubleshooting the problem.

It is a little difficult task to find the main source of the problem and once you have found it you can solve it in no time. Understand the troubleshooting carefully and the rest will be done quickly.

Whining noise kills all your music experience and it is introduced in the system at some points like poor amplifier grounding, from alternators of car, antenna cable, and some other components.

Sources and Solutions of Whining Noise in Car Speakers

There are some sources of whining noise in car speakers and their solution is also provided. Follow all these steps and you will be able to troubleshoot the problem.

Whine Noise From Vehicle Alternators

The foremost cause of whining noise is the alternators of vehicles. If you notice the change in whine noise when RPM (no of rotations made by the crankshaft of the car engine) of the car changes, it is the noise of the engine and can be solved very easily.

The noise from alternators of your vehicle gets into the head unit through power cables. This noise is heard by you as a whining noise.


There are two methods to solve this type of noise in your car’s audio system.

1. Installing a noise filter between the battery and alternator of your car prevents the noise from entering into the head unit.

2. You can also install an inline noise filter in the power cables of the head unit. This will also stop whining noise and make the sound clear.

When you have installed any of these filters, alternator noise will not be able to get into the head unit.

Poor Amplifier Grounding

Some cars have external amplifiers installed that are grounded. Poor grounding can also introduce noise in your car’s audio system.


The best solution to this problem is checking and repairing the amplifier grounding. Make sure the amplifier is grounded properly and if the problem persists you may need to isolate the amplifier or install a noise filter.

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Noise by Radio Antenna

Sometimes antenna or antenna cable can also introduce whining noise in your car’s audio system. Finding it is easy. if you play radio and hear whine but not when listening through MP3 player, then there must be a problem with your antenna or antenna cable.


This type of problem is solved by repositioning the antenna wires or antenna. If still the problem is there, try moving all the cables away from antenna cable or change the antenna.

Whining Due to Patch Cables or Ground Wires

You know there are a lot of things in audio system of your car and any of these things can cause noise problems in your setup. Cables are the main source to pick noise and introduce it in your system killing all your joy.


If you do not find the problem anywhere but still there is whining noise in car speakers, you should try repositioning all the wires connected to the audio system and keeping them away from other wires and each other. Wires close to each other produce interference and noise is produced in sound.

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Final Thoughts

There were almost 4 ways you can use to troubleshoot and stop whining noise in your car speakers. The difficult task is to find the culprit and then problem is no more there.

Once you follow all these steps, you will surely be able to troubleshoot the problem and solve it easily. In this way, you will get rid of whining noise in car speakers and enjoy music in clear sound.

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