The Best Equalizer Settings For Movies

November 24, 2020 by seo123

Watching movies on TV is really exciting but what if the sound is too bad to hear. What if you are unable to hear what people are talking about in a movie. Here all your experience is ruined but don’t worry because we have a perfect solution for you and that is to adjust your equalizer settings for movies.

There can be several reasons why you don’t hear the right sound from the speakers. Possible that there might be some settings for music that are producing sound effects and you hear affects more than the sound itself. To watch movies, your speaker must be adjusted to deliver clear sound and not the effects.

Reasons For Unclear Sound in Movies

Some reasons due to which you do not hear the desired sounds in movies are listed here:

  • More sound effects being played making the actual sound less
  • Low-quality speakers. If they are built-in TV speakers, they may have some problems. But if you are using an external sound system, your speakers may not be good enough to produce a clear and clean sound of people talking in movies or dramas.
  • There may be a problem with the movie that you are watching. You should play another one for testing.
  • Some shows and movies are transmitted in 5.1 surround sound and if you have another system you will hear an unbalanced and distorted sound.
  • You may be sitting at a greater distance from the TV where only effects reach you.
  • People talking in the movie or show may be speaking in low voice due to which you cannot get a clear sound delivered to you.
  • The bass is much high making the sound unable to hear

These were some of the main reasons why you do not hear a clean sound.

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Equalizer Settings For Movies

Now we tell you the solution to these problems so that you at least have a good experience watching movies.

More effects than Voice

If you are facing the issue of hearing affects more than the sound, you can solve it easily. First of all, turn off all the effects and increase volume. Although the sound quality will not be pretty good at this time you will be listening to sound only.


Increase the volume to your desire and then start increasing bass and treble. Stop it where you feel it is perfect and the voice is also clear.

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Low-Quality Speakers

You will never hear a good sound as long as your speakers are not good. If your voice is playing through built-in speakers of TV, there may be a problem with them as they are not of poor quality most of the time.

But what if you are using an external high-quality sound system, still unable to hear the sound in movies.

There would be a problem that this sound system may be previously adjusted for listening to music and now you are going to watch movies without changing equalizer settings.

You must turn off all the effects like bass and trebe and then increase them slowly where you have a good experience.

The bass plays a vital role while watching movies on a sound system, so do not turn it completely off and try to adjust the equalizer and get heart thumping as well as clear sound that you can understand what people are talking in the movie.

Some external sound speakers are also so bad to produce a clear sound. They just look beautiful when playing on music but when they are connected to TV for watching a movie or show they end up with poor sound quality.

If your speakers are also like these, you may not be able to hear a clear voice ever.


The simple solution is to upgrade them or use built-in speakers of your TV. Led, etc.

Poor sound of Movie

If the movie you are watching has destroyed sound due to any reason, you cannot get a clear voice from that movie. The better is to change different movies and check if all of them have same issue.

Some movies are recorded with many effects that never go away even when you have turned off the bass and treble. So testing with different movies is a perfect solution.

Final Solution

If the problem persists on all the movies try checking other settings.

5.1 Surround Sound Transmission

Some shows and movies are transmitted in 5.1 surround sound systems and when they reach you they are downmixed creating distortion in sound and making it unclear for you.


The only solution is to buy a 5.1 surround sound system and it is not easy for everyone. So you can skip and watch another movie or show.

Low voice of speakers in the movie

When the people in the movie or show are speaking softly or they are a little away from the mic, you may not be able to have a good sound experience.


You can switch to another movie or show where sound is clear and that is the lone solution of it.

Your distance from speakers

You may face this problem when sitting at a greater distance from the speakers. You should know that sound effects are delivered at a greater distance than the voice. In this case, you must be listening to sound effects but not the voice.

The best solution is to be close to the speakers to hear the voice with more clarity.

High Bass

If you are using a sound system with high bass, it is a chance you will listen to bass only in some movies and the voice too low to hear easily.

This is not a problem if your speakers are good and can cover a variety of sound frequencies and you can solve it easily.


The simple solution is to lower the bass to minimum as well as treble, then increase both of them slowly and stop where you feel good. Watching a movie on sound system is the most loved experience ever. It is even greater than listening to music but only if you have good sound system with home subwoofers for producing desired bass without causing any problems.

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Final Thoughts

By following all the steps, I hope, your equalizer settings will be right to watch the movies. Equalizer settings are not the problem always that is why we have mentioned all those causes that lead to this problem.

If your speakers are good and equalizer is best adjusted for movies, you will certainly enjoy.

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