3 Ways to Use Xbox 360 Without Controller

August 27, 2022 by seo123

If you do not have an Xbox 360 controller, do not worry. There are some other hacks to using Xbox 360 without the controller.

I like to experience new things. Therefore, I have personally tried other methods. Fortunately, they worked very well.

In this guide, I will explain in detail what other devices are compatible with your Xbox 360. Further, I will describe in detail the method of connection and control.

Option 1: Mouse or Keyboard

Xbox 360 console has 3 USB ports. So, you can connect a mouse and a keyboard. Still, one port remains available.

However, you need an adapter to use the mouse and keyboard properly. There are many sorts of adapters on the market.

They come from different brands and have varying prices. When choosing the right adapter, you should consider the cost and customer reviews.

Here is the list of the best Xbox 360 adapters;

  • IOGear Keymander 2
  • XIM 4
  • Gam3Gear Brook ZPP004T Snipper Controller Converter
  • CronusMax Plus Cross Cover Gaming Adapter
  • Console Tuner Titan Two

Why an Adapter is Necessary?

You can attach a keyboard or mouse directly to your console. You can skip the adapter. However, it will limit the functionality of these accessories.

You can navigate the menu, browse the internet, and chat on Live without the adapter. Therefore, it is necessary to use an adapter to connect the mouse or keyboard to your Xbox 360.

Further benefits of the adapter are;

  • The standard keyboard and mouse are converted into a fully functional Xbox controller
  • Customizes control with the left analog stick and mouse movement with the right analog stick.
  • Convert your desired key combinations to moves with the advanced programming of the adapter.
  • Easy and fast installation
  • Greater compatibility with the console firmware
  • Wider control and greater precision

The Experience of Controlling Xbox 360 with Mouse or Keyboard

You can conveniently use a mouse or keyboard to control Xbox 360. It lets you browse the internet, navigate to Xbox Live, and play games.

Because the manufacturer has installed an easy configuration. Therefore, it is easier to use peripheral devices with the console. Xbox 360 has numerous games.

Most of them can be played quite easily with the mouse and keyboard. But, it would be best if you get used to these devices.

What Games Can be Played with Mouse or Keyboard?

All of the Xbox 360 games cannot be played with the mouse or keyboard. Only certain games offer full functionality.

Even a number of games issue warnings on permanent bans if you use a keyboard or mouse. Multiplayer games come in this category.

Because peripheral devices are regarded as cheating tools by the management. However, a large number of games are still compatible.

Here is the list of some games you can play with external devices;

  • A first-person shooter: 007 Legends
  • Shooter genre: 0 Day Attack on Earth
  • Sports: 2006 FIFA World Cup
  •  Puzzle & Trivia genre: 0-D Beat Drop
  • ARK: Survival Evolved
  • Bomber Crew
  • Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead
  • Bright Memory
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, Black Ops 4, Modern Warfare

Usefulness of Mouse

A mouse lets you perform various functions. For example, you can,

  1. Navigate straight and easy
  2. Select different games and apps
  3. Scroll over settings

Usefulness of Keyboard

Keyboard offers much more options than the mouse.

  1. As an experienced gamer, you may know that some games have cheat codes. This code keying is done by a keyboard.
  2. You can report unexpected Xbox behavior.
  3. Keyboard gives full control over the console.
  4. You can use different keys to play games with full capacity.
  5. Easy navigation and a better playing experience if you find the controller difficult.

Learn Keyboard Navigation

You have to remember the keys to play games smoothly via Xbox 360. Here are the details;

  • Use 4 Arrow Keys to move forward, back, right, and left. Arrow keys serve as D-Pad or Left Stick.
  • For heavy attack: Y and W keys
  • For light attach: X and D keys
  • Use Item: B and A
  •  Jump: A and Space
  • Magic: RT and Shift
  • Item Select: LB and Q or E
  • Pause: Start and Esc.

Option 2: Third Party Controllers

You can use any other controller on your Xbox 360. Because no controller is limited to only one console. A wired controller is easy to connect.

You just plug the USB cable into the console and the connection is established. However, depending on the type of controller, you may need a special adapter.

PS4 DualShock 4 is the most popular controller that can be used with Xbox 360 console. Many users have tried it and found it compatible.

PS3 controller can also be used on 360. But, it needs a “Cronus” adapter to work. Numerous controllers can work with Xbox One but not with 360.

Option 3: Smartphone Apps

It is also an excellent option to control Xbox 360. There are many apps for this purpose.

SmartGlass App

SmartGlass is the best app for this purpose. Because it is the official app developed by Xbox. Download this Xbox app on your Android, iPhone, or tablet.

Complete the setup process and launch the app. It allows full control by displaying games and movies on your phone screen. So, you can turn your smartphone into the second screen for Xbox.

Third-Party App

“Controller for Xbox 360” is a third-party app. It can be downloaded on iPhone. It serves as the remote control for the console.

However, it costs you $2.99. But, the app allows full control options for the games to play on your PC.

The Method to Connect Smartphone to Xbox 360?

USB OTG cable is required to connect the smartphone with the Xbox 360. It has two types of connectors on either end.

One end of the cable is a micro USB and the other end is the standard USB connector. The micro end goes into your phone.

While the standard end is plugged into the Xbox 360. It will automatically detect the phone as a storage device. Hence, you can access its contents.

FAQs About Xbox 360

Many questions might be coming to your mind. I am addressing your most common queries here.

Can I use Xbox 360 app on Xbox One?

Yes, it is possible to use the app on Xbox One without the controller. Just sign in to the app and create your Microsoft account. Go to “Settings>Kinect & Devices>Devices & Accessories>Xbox 360 app”. Now, on your Xbox One controller, press the “Menu” button. Choose “Controller Options” and click on “Use app without controller”.

Is Xbox 360 work with a remote control?

There is no special remote for 360. However, it can work with universal remote controls. If you program it rightly, the remote can be used to control the console.

Is Xbox 360 compatible with Wifi?

Xbox 360 E comes with built-in Wifi support. You can use a wireless networking adapter to get better signals.

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Final Words

Everything is possible with the advancement of technology. If you do not have a controller, you can use other devices with your Xbox.

In this guide, I have told you 3 ways to use your Xbox 360 without the controller. I will appreciate it if you tell me which of the methods you liked the most.

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