The Vizio Sound Bar Keeps Cutting Out Solved

January 23, 2021 by seo123

I have a Vizio sound bar that keeps cutting out after every few seconds. It cuts out for two, three or sometimes even 20 seconds and then comes back. I don’t even know what is the problem and how can it be solved.

The problem is really confusing and it’s most of the time difficult to find the culprit. However, some suggestions can help you find out the culprit and solve the problem but we can’t guarantee that you will be able to get your sound bar working like before.

Here are a few solutions that may help you in solving the problem.

Overall Best Solution, Worked For Many People

Sound cutting problem occurs mostly when your sound bar is very old or defective and getting hot when running. You will notice that it is getting hotter than before.

The best way to verify if this is the problem, turn off your Vizio sound bar and let it be cool and then turn it back ON. This time it will work for longer time before the sound starts cutting out.

Vizio sound bars shut down the amplifier when to protect the board. Lights will blink and behave differently than usual indicating this issue. The solution to this problem is to clean your sound bar. Dirt is something that is the main reason for this problem.

You can clean it slightly by spraying compressed air in the slots on the back of sound bar.

For complete cleaning, you will need to open the sound bar and then clean it fully. When cleaned and dust removed, it will not get much hot and you will see a significant improvement.

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Restart & Restore

If you are not experiencing the above problem but your sound bar still has sound cutting out, restarting and resetting can also bring improvements. Restarting does not make significant improvement but resetting can solve the issue if it comes with any setting.

You can learn here to reset the Vizio sound bar.

Change the source device

Your Vizio sound bar can also experience this issue from a particular source device. For example, if your sound bar is connected to the TV, you can check it by connecting to another device like your smartphone and check if the problem persists.

Switch input method

You should try switching the input option. It may not be a solution but sometimes there causes a hardware problem. Connecting cable or tv port may be damaged causing the issue. Make sure that cable and tv port are working right by connecting another sound bar or similar device to the tv.

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Contact Vizio Support

If none of the above solutions work for you, contact Vizio support. They will provide you the better solution or if possible, replace the sound bar. They can guide you better in that case with your particular model of Vizio sound bar.

If after all these things, your Vizio sound bar still keeps cutting out and you are not able to solve it anyway, the final solution is to go for a new best sound bar.

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