Fix Xbox One Controller Buttons not Working

October 29, 2022 by seo123

It becomes impossible to play games with stubborn buttons. All of the keys must function perfectly for a smooth gaming experience. Do not worry if the buttons of your Xbox One controller are not working.

How I Fixed Unresponsive Buttons

Fixing the unresponsive Xbox keys is not a big deal. I figured out that this happens due to carelessness. Generally, users do not clean their devices regularly.

Once I did a cleanup, I was amazed to see the accumulated dirt on my Xbox One. However, there can be other reasons for unresponsive buttons.

In this guide, I will share my personal experiences. Plus I will suggest the best solutions to fix the bad keys.

Why are Buttons not Working?

Here is a brief overview of why the keys are not working. The possible causes can be;

  • The batteries of your controller are dead. So, insert the new and good-quality batteries.
  • The system is not up to date. Install the latest firmware both on the controller and the console. Update the Windows in case of a computer.
  • Accidentally, you have spilled something on your controller.
  • The gadget has endured some pressure like a pile of things is placed on it.
  • It fell down on the hard floor or smashed against the wall.
  • The device is dirty and has gathered debris or lint in the buttons.
  • The controller is not connected firmly to the console or computer

1. Properly Clean the Xbox Controller Buttons

First of all, you should clean the controller thoroughly. You do not need special tools. A few household items can be used for cleaning. Here is the step-by-step process;

  1. Take some fresh and clean cotton swabs and rubbing alcohol.
  2. Disconnect your controller from the console or computer and also from the power. Remove the replaceable batteries.
  3. Now, dip the cotton swab in the rubbing alcohol. It should be damp not be dripping liquid.
  4. Rub the cotton swab around the keys. Especially, clean the crevices minutely.
  5. Press the buttons to clean more deeply. Completely remove all the debris and lint.
  6. Finally, clean the controller with a dry cloth and let it dry further.

Precaution: Avoid applying a cleaning agent or water directly to your gadget. Do not use too much liquid to damage the device.

2. Clean the Controller Internally

If still, the buttons do not work, they need to be cleaned out internally. The inner parts such as the motherboard or base of the keys have gathered debris.

So, you have to screw open your Xbox One. Proper clean-up required removing the motherboard. However, it may void the warranty of your device.

Hence, you should go to a professional. Do not play tricks at home without any knowledge.

3. Secure the Connections

The Xbox One controller can be connected both wired and wirelessly. In case of a wireless connection, make sure the devices are paired.

Sometimes, they appear paired but actually not connected. So, troubleshoot the problem by following this

If you have connected via the USB cable, make sure it is plugged firmly into the console. Try a different USB port on the front of the console.

Moreover, inspect the cable and replace it if it is damaged. Disconnect and reconnect the devices.

4. Power Cycle Your Xbox One

Software issues can be resolved by power cycling the system. Here is how to do it;

  1. Unplug or un-pair your controller from the console or PC.
  2. Press and hold the “Xbox” button for 10 seconds or until the device turns OFF.
  3. Remove its batteries and wait 1-2 minutes. In the case of a rechargeable battery, disconnect the power.
  4. Now, insert the batteries again. Turn ON your controller and connect again.

Next, you have to power cycle your Xbox One console.

  1. Press and hold the “Power” button for a few seconds until the device turns OFF.
  2. Unplug the console from the wall power outlet. Further, disconnect all the external or peripheral devices.
  3. After 5 minutes, plug the power cord again. Press the power button to turn ON the device.
  4. Reconnect the controller and check the buttons.

5. Replace the Faulty Buttons

Press all the buttons of your controller to check which one is working. Some may be working while others are not. This indicates certain buttons are faulty or loose.

The gaskets or the covers are bad. Sometimes, you press the buttons too hard. Because you are excited during a game. This leads to the failure of the keys.

Hence, you need to open up the controller to fix the loose buttons. Replace the keys that have failed. Please get help from a professional.

6. Test the Motherboard

If none of the buttons is working, the motherboard of your Xbox One has failed. Some of its switches need to be replaced. But, replacing the whole motherboard may cost you too much.

Therefore, you should consider buying a new Xbox One controller. However, consult a professional for repairing the gadget. You should contact Xbox if your device has not exceeded the warranty.

Tips to Keep Your Xbox Controller Healthy

Electronic gadgets are vulnerable to damage. Especially, when you handle them carelessly, they go bad. So, you should know the tips and precautions.

These recommendations will keep your device healthy and will also increase its life;

  • Most gamers are used to eating and drinking while playing. So, they spill eatables accidentally on their gadgets.
  • Moreover, tiny crumbs from snacks can also trap inside the crevices.
  • Therefore, you should keep the beverages and snacks away from your Xbox.
  • Another drawback is that your hand becomes oily. This causes the stickiness of the keys.
  • You should always play with clean hands. Wash your hands before touching the gadgets.
  • Likewise, cold drinks can moisten your hand. This moisture then transfers to the device.
  • Clean your gadgets regularly. Furthermore, you should keep the controller in a clean and dry place.
  • Pack it if you do not intend to use the gadget for a long time. This is essential to keep the device dust-free and to increase its life.

FAQs About Xbox One

If you want to know more about the Xbox One system, read the following queries.

Why Home button is not working on my Xbox One controller?

Clean the button properly. Further, a simple reset is an immediate solution to fix a sticky Home button. Disconnect your controller from the console. Press and hold the “Xbox” button to turn OFF the device. Wait for 1-5 minutes and then turn it ON again. Follow the same steps to reset the console.

How long can I keep my Xbox One turned ON?

Xbox One is great for heavy gaming. But, it is not safe to keep it turned ON for an extended period. You can keep it active for 6-7 hours. Because it needs to cool down. Overheating can damage your device and also reduce its lifespan.

How do I know the model of my Xbox One?

Look at the sticker at the bottom of your controller. It indicates the serial number. Further, you can find the serial number in the settings. Choose “Profile & System>Settings>System>Console Info.” The serial number is displayed in the list.

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Final Words

I have listed all the potential fixes in this guide. The best solution is to clean the buttons properly. Hopefully, the buttons on your Xbox One controller are now working fine.

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