9 Best 12-inch Competition Subwoofers 2022

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If you are looking for the best 12-inch competition-grade subwoofers you are right here. When you search for a competition subwoofer, you may find a lot of options.

After completing research and reading the reviews of all the users who purchased 12″ subwoofers I prepared a list of all those subwoofers that are really good competition subwoofers. Many other sites have listed some subwoofers but they are worse for competition.

How to know if a subwoofer is a competition-grade?

When I have listed the best 12″ competition subwoofers, you have the right to make your own research before making a final decision because you pay a good amount of money on competition subwoofers.

Once you have picked a subwoofer from our list, the next step is to verify it from users who have purchased and used that subwoofer.

Follow the steps to know if a subwoofer is competition grade.

  • Go to amazon
  • Scroll down and you will find a search bar above the product description where you can find answers of questions
  • Type “Competition” and you will see all the questions and reviews discussed the competition-grade
  • You will know whether the speakers are good for competition or not

However, I have included one or two subwoofers of Skar Audio that are from a trusted brand and their all subwoofers are best competition subwoofers. May be you will not find any positive or negative reviews about “competition-grade” on these subwoofers.

Difference Between Regular and Competition-Grade Subwoofers

Competition subwoofers can handle a lot of power and produce much more bass than regular subwoofers. They have durable build quality and top-end performance.

These speakers have a big magnet and a large cone to produce this type of quality sound.

In these subwoofers, venting is more powerful to keep the subs cool when running for a long time. That is why competition subwoofers last longer and do not produce distortion in sound at high volume or after running for a long time. it is all due to their durable construction.

Due to all these features, these subwoofers have more price than regular subwoofers. Once you spent you enjoy better and long time.

Our Top Picks of Best 12″ Competition Subwoofers:

Review of Best 12-inch Competition Subwoofers

Read our review of all these subwoofers for a better understanding of features, pros and cons. All these things will help you make a better choice. Read completely our review and reviews of amazon customers for the subwoofer you want to buy.

Skar Audio EVL-12 D2 12″ Subwoofer

Do you want a subwoofer that is really a competition-grade? Skar Audio EVL-12 D2 12″ subwoofer could be your best ever choice.

It is our top #1 pick because it has features that a competition sub should have and the price every lover can afford.

The EVL series of Skar Audio have powerful bass that is actually the main thing to consider when purchasing competition grade subs.

It has 3-inch dual cone and you can switch between 4 ohms or 2 ohms as both options are available for 12″ size. These high-temperature voice coils work fine even when the sub gets hot.

The peak power of this sub is 2500 watts and RMS power is 1250 watts. This is enough to produce a loud and crisp sound.

High roll foam not only adds to the design of this sub but produces low-end frequencies with great responsiveness.

It has pressed Paper Cone of competition-grade and sensitivity of 85 dB. The range of frequency response is 25 to 250 Hz.

In short, at an affordable price, this one is a top #1 12″ subwoofer that created chest-thumping bass that will make your car rattle. Lovers of bass must give a chance to this sub.


  • 3″ Dual voice coils
  • 2500 watts maximum power
  • 1250 watts RMS
  • High-Temperature Voice Coils
  • 25 to 250 Hz frequency response
  • 7.75″ mounting depth
  • 85 dB sensitivity
  • Competition-grade paper cone
  • 2-ohm and 4-ohm dual voice coil configuration
  • Advanced cooling system for long run
  • High-roll foam surround


  • Heart-thumping bass making your car rattle
  • Top-end performance for a long time
  • Very affordable price
  • Dual coil configuration
  • Excellent foam surround
  • Perfect 12″ competition sub
  • Unbeatable subwoofer in this price range


  • I found no demerit for this sub

Earthquake Sound SubZero-12 12-inch Car Subwoofer

No products found.

Our #2 choice for 12″ subwoofer is Earthquake Sound SubZero-12 that is a good competition grade subwoofer but has a high price.

People looking for competition subs have loved this subwoofer that is why it is on our list. You can go for it if you have a budget for it, otherwise, the above model is perfect for you in price as well as the features you may be looking for.

The maximum power is 2000 watts and RMS power is 1000 watts that let you run it at this power for a long time.

From the look and performance, it is really a great sub. TCT coil and pole cooling technology are the unique feature of this sub that keep it cool when running hot and it does not blow easily. Many speakers blow out only for a low-cooling system when working continuously.

From this sub, you will get easy installation, powerful heart-thumping bass and solid sound.

Everything goes well and it is a perfect competition-grade sub but only the demerit is high price.


  • 2000 watts maximum power
  • 1000 watts RMS
  • 8-gauge PSP terminals
  • TCT  (Turbine Cooled Transducer) Technology
  • Military-grade aluminum


  • Good competition-grade sub
  • Durable and beautiful construction
  • Easy to install


  • High price
  • Not good customer support

American Bass USA XFL 1244 12″ Subwoofer

If you are looking for a subwoofer that takes small space and still delivers full power you should take a look at this model. It is produced by American Bass and delivers really decent bass. So it is an excellent competition subwoofer for bass lovers especially. American Bass XFL 1244 is one of the best 12 inch competition subwoofers.

Maximum output power of this sub is 2000 watts and RMS is 1000 watts, so you can run it continuously at 1000 watts and enjoy powerful, clean, and crisp sound.

This sub has two 3″ voice coils each with a 4-ohm impedance and a combined impedance of 8 ohms.

220 oz magnet is quite big and multiple conex spiders in this sub keep it cool. The heavy magnet is for supporting dual 3-inch voice coils. The weight of the subwoofer is 38 pounds.

When it comes to the main goal “sound quality”, this subwoofer delivers even better sound than it’s competitors. Even at very low-frequency, a great sound is gone nowhere. You will always hear a loud and crisp sound as in most competition subwoofers.

There is no compromise on performance as well as durability as it is a competition-grade sub and these two are the top features of a competition subwoofer. If any of these two is missing, it will not be a good competition speaker.

American Bass XFL 1244 has multiple awards for its high-quality sound. The frequency response is 20 to 250 Hz which is good for a competition-grade sub.

Finally, in a budget under $200, this is really an excellent 12-inch competition subwoofer. You must buy it if it comes in your budget range and has your required features.


  • 7.6-inch mounting depth
  • 2000 watts peak power
  • 1000 watts RMS
  • 8 ohms impedance
  • Dual 3″ voice coils
  • 220 oz magnet
  • 38 pounds weight
  • Non-pressed paper cone
  • Conex spiders for cooling
  • High-density and multi-layers foam surround


  • Affordable price
  • Durable build quality
  • High-end performance
  • Best for competition
  • Good frequency response


  • It takes some time to break in
  • Some people reported “stop working after some time” but it could be their mistake installing it in the wrong way or with a poor or powerful amplifier.

Massive Audio SUMMOXL124-12″ Competition Subwoofer

A high-power sub delivering quality bass and sound without any distortion can be a good choice for competition.

SUMMOXL124-12 is listed at the top when it comes to the best 12″ competition subwoofers.

With high power of 3000 watts and 1500 watts RMS, it delivers heart-thumping bass and loud sound.

The sensitivity of this sub is 92 dB which is more than all the subs discussed. This value is considered excellent.

3-inch high-temperature voice coil with 4 layers works great even when running hot for a long time and does not cause distortion problems.

If you have a good amplifier to run this sub, you are really going to get more than you expect. Unlike some other subs, this one has no blow out complaints.

Although the price is high but worth it. If you pay much you get extra. It is build from the ground to up keeping into consideration all the things a competition-grade subwoofer needs.

If you have a good budget for competition sub, you can buy this one and you will not get disappointed. Good bass, clear and loud sound, durable build quality for long-lasting, all these features make it a perfect 12-inch subwoofer.


  • 92 dB sensitivity
  • 3000 watts peak power
  • 1500 watts RMS
  • Non-pressed paper cone
  • Rubber gasket
  • Magnet boot
  • 4 layer high-temperature voice coil
  • Foam surround
  • 7.87″ mounting depth
  • 1-year warranty


  • Big magnet and strong bass
  • High build quality
  • Excellent competition grade subwoofer
  • Worth the money


  • Only the price is high but worth the money. Not a penny of your will go waste


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Skar Audio SDR-12 D2 12″ Car Subwoofers

Skar Audio subwoofers are perfect for competition. That is why I have included all their 12″ models that have different price tags and features but performance excellent. It is so that you can make a better choice for you and get something really great. It is a trusted brand that will never disappoint you no matter which sub of them you buy.

The 2.5″ 4 layer high-temperature voice coil can run at peak power no matter how much hot, it works fine without losing sound quality.

At an affordable price range, you get a pair of these subs. Peak power handling for each is 1200 watts and RMS is 600 watts.

Frequency response is 22 to 300 Hz which is better than all the subs discussed above.

Like all the speakers of Skar Audio this one also has competition-grade Pressed Paper Cone.

High-roll foam surround adds to the look and increases the sound quality by producing a low-end bass response. The weight of one sub is almost 38 pounds just like most of the expensive subs already reviewed.

The sensitivity is almost 85 dB which is fairly good. An advanced airflow system in these subs keeps them cool so that they run for a long time without causing sound distortion problems.

Finally, you can get a pair of these subs at very affordable price and high quality. If you are searching for something great at low price, believe us these are a great fit for you.


  • Pressed paper cone of competition-grade
  • 1200 watts peak power
  • 600 watts RMS
  • Good cooling system
  • 85 dB sensitivity
  • Frequency response from 22 to 300 Hz
  • 2.5″ high-temperature voice coil
  • 37.8 pounds in weight
  • 2-year warranty


  • Very cheap price
  • High-frequency response than others
  • High bass to make your vehicle rattle
  • A good choice for competition at a cheap price


  • I found no complaints from customers who purchased these subs

Power Acoustik MOFO 12-Inch Competition Subwoofer

No products found.

This is also a high-power competition subwoofer that is small in size. It has a beautiful design and looks but it may not produce as much bass as expected. For the competition, it is chosen as one of the best 12” subs.

You will certainly enjoy a loud and clear sound. The peak power of this sub is 2700 watts and RMS is 1250 watts.

It has dual 2.5 inches 2-ohm coils and two conex spiders to keep it cool when running for a long time and gets hot. The sensitivity of this subwoofer is 85 dB.

When it comes to sound quality for an inexpensive subwoofer, it is not behind its rivals. High power subwoofer can run continuously at 1350 watts giving you excellent sound quality during all periods without any sound distortion. Although the bass is a bit less but the sound is clear, loud, and punchy.

UV foam surrounds combined with blue color give an awesome and eye-catching design.

Finally, due to the small size and small magnet of this sub, you are not going to get punchy bass but a good-quality sound. If you are a bass lover, this subwoofer is not for you.


  • 2700 watts peak power
  • 1350 watts RMS
  • Foam surround
  • Dual 2-ohm voice coils
  • Conex spiders
  • 4 spline heatsink


  • Small size
  • Beautiful design
  • Good sound quality


  • Low bass
  • Non-returnable

Skar Audio SDR-12 D4 12″ Car Subwoofers

This subwoofer belongs to the SDR series of Skar Audio which has been a popular series of this brand. The subwoofers are affordable and with top-end performance. All the subs of Skar Audio are perfect for those who love deep bass and want a good 12″ competition-grade subwoofer. This one is the third 12″ subwoofer of Skar Audio included in our list of top picks.

With a big magnet and heavy weight like the expensive subwoofers, this one delivers heart-thumping deep bass that makes your car rattle and a clear, crisp sound quality.

The maximum output power handling capacity is 1200 watts and RMS is 600 watts for each sub. Others have high RMS and Peak powers but they also have 3 to 4 times more in price than this one. When you buy a pair of these subs, you will get the quality expected.

Both the subwoofers of SDR series listed here have almost the same features and are top-rated in our list. People really love this series of Skar Audio.

Advanced cooling system, competition-grade paper cone and high-roll foam surround are the top features of this sub, and combined with a big magnet deliver excellent bass and sound quality.

The frequency response is 22 Hz to 300 Hz and the sensitivity is almost 85 dB. A 2.5-inch high-temperature voice coil made of copper performs well even for a long time in hot conditions.


  • 85 dB sensitivity
  • 22 to 300 Hz frequency response
  • Foam surround
  • Airflow system
  • Paper cone of competition-grade
  • 2.5″ four-layer high-temperature voice coil
  • 1200 watts maximum output power
  • 600 watts RMS power
  • 4-ohm subwoofers


  • Cheap price
  • Top-end performance
  • Deep bass and clear loud sound
  • Worth the money subwoofers
  • Best 12″ competition-grade subs


  • No deal-breaking demerit

Orion HCCA15 12″ Car Subwoofer

Actually, this is the best subwoofer with the highest peak and RMS power but it is down on the list due to its very high price which may be difficult to buy for many people.

The maximum output power handling capacity of this sub is 5000 watts and RMS power is 2000 watts. Both of these are greater than all the 12″ competition subwoofers in our list.

If you buy this sub, you will need to have a good amplifier to work properly with this high-power subwoofer. And your car battery may need to be powerful to keep it running.

This sub has a Polypropylene cone woofer and two conex spiders with looped Tinsel stitched leads.

When it comes to sound, it is unbelievable. This sub creates a really loud sound that will shake your car. Your neighbors will get disturbed due to high sound.

A good airflow system keeps this subwoofer cool and makes it run for a long time.

Finally, it is a good subwoofer that produces high-quality sound.


  • 5000 watts peak power
  • 2000 watts RMS
  • Polypropylene cone woofer
  • Good airflow for the cooling system
  • Two conex spiders
  • 83 lbs weight


  • Very high power
  • Loud and heart-tumping bass to shake your car
  • perfect 12″ competition subwoofer
  • Durable build quality


  • Very high price
  • Requires a more powerful amp and battery

Earthquake Sound Magma-12X SWE 12-inch Car Subwoofer

Now our last subwoofer, Magma-12X SWE 12-inch Car Subwoofer is not a top-rated sub but a good subwoofer for competition-grade lovers.

Although Skar Audio subwoofers are far better than this one. It is included because it does a great job when I talk about competition-grade speakers.

At a very high price, you get only a single sub that can perform great but more in price than its competitors. When you have a good sub at a low price, you do not need to pay extra for this.

The peak power of this sub is 1000 watts and RMS is 500 watts. It is even less than the both cheapest models of Skar Audio. Both of them have 1200 watts peak and 600 watts RMS power and you can get 1 sub under $100. But here you have to pay more than $300.

When it comes to sound, it is much loud and clear when listening at low frequencies.

The build quality is excellent and durable for long-lasting. It has a good cooling system but still, there are blow out reports from the customers.

In short, it is a good subwoofer but charges you more than the features it provides. You could have a better choice.


  • 6.75″ mounting depth
  • 1000 watts peak power
  • 500 watts RMS
  • TCT technology for cooling
  • Non-pressed fiber cone
  • Durable construction
  • 5-year warranty


  • Loud sound and good bass
  • Long warranty
  • Good cooling system
  • Good competition-grade 12-inch sub


  • Price is high
  • A blow out report after some use

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Final Words about 12″ Competition Subwoofers

Today in the market, there are subwoofers better than best. Different brands offer different features and price ranges. Some charge you for the features while others may charge you extra for the same features.

Deciding which one to buy depends upon your budget and needs but still, you have to make sure whether you are paying for the right product.

To make your idea clear I have listed almost all the 12″ competition-grade subwoofers in our review. I also have guided you thoroughly at each step to choose the best one for you.

After complete research and keeping in mind the price and quality, I have come across some good results.

Our first priority is to buy the Skar Audio EVL-12 D2 12″ Subwoofer which is really a good competition-grade sub and at a reasonable price. Skar Audio is really a good brand that provides you with a quality subwoofer but does not cut an arm and a leg of you.

Our second recommendation is American Bass or Massive Audio as they have good bass and loud sound and do a great job when it comes to competition.

Your last better choice could be the remaining two models of Skar Audio that also come with top-end performance and you can have a perfect 12″ competition subwoofer from these choices.

These choices are made very carefully keeping into consideration the budget, performance and build quality. All these subs perform well and last longer because of their durable construction.

Here I also give you some better tips that can also help you when choosing a subwoofer for competition.

12-inch Competition-Grade Subwoofers Buying Guide

There are some important things you need to take care of before you buy a subwoofer. Our guide will help you understand better.


When you want to have the best subwoofer, durable construction is the main point to consider. How long would a subwoofer lasts depends upon the construction!

Many subs from top brands are really very durable and last many years while others may blow out under a year or even less. Sometimes subwoofers also blow out due to installation mistakes.

The best practice to ensure durability is to buy one from a trusted and powerful brand that has sold many subwoofers with good reviews. Reading reviews of people will help you a lot.


One of the most important things when buying a competition subwoofer is sound quality. A good subwoofer has ultimately good sound and deep bass.

Louder sound is better if you are looking for a competition-grade sub, but keep in mind more loud sound also damages your ear.

Some speakers have loud sound but produce distortion in sound when the volume rises. A loud sound with no distortion is perfect for competition and do not listen to very loud sound for a long time as it will cause damage to your ears.

Also, the bass a sub produces should be checked if you are a bass lover. Too much bass will make you and everything in your car rattle. So, be careful.

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Power Handling capacity

All the subwoofers have different power handling capacities. The more the sub is powerful, the better it is. However, when you go for a very high-power sub you also need a high-power amplifier and a more powerful battery in your car. The choice of power depends upon all these things.

If you already have an amp, match the power with the sub you are going to buy. If you also have to buy the amp, plan your budget for the amp as well before getting the sub.

All the subwoofers have two powers i.e “Peak power” and “RMS power”. Both are important, so I have described both.

Peak Power

This is the maximum output power that a subwoofer can handle. But mostly a sub cannot handle as much power as it claims. Some subs also blow out if you run them at peak power even for a short time. If your sub has a peak power of 1500 watts, it is better to run it at a maximum of 1200 watts to keep your sub safe. Some good brand subs also provide the capacity they claim and it also works better. In short, it varies from brand to brand what they claim and what they provide.

The more peak power means the more powerful sub but there is another most important thing “RMS”.

RMS Power

RMS is actually the power capacity that determines the quality of a sub. It is the maximum power a subwoofer can handle when running continuously. In short, it is the maximum power you can listen to music for a long time.

For a competition-grade subwoofer, higher RMS is better. RMS is more important than peak power and it is usually half of the peak power when it comes to 12″ competition subs.

Cheap & Expensive subwoofers

It is one of the most important questions why some subwoofers are so cheap while others are much more expensive.

The answer is simple. Many cheap subs from good brands work great. If you install a cheap sub with a good amplifier you will surely get amazing results. Some subs are cheap because they have low peak power and RMS power.

It does not matter a lot because you can also buy more subs at the same price if they lack only power. Some subs are cheap due to poor quality. These subwoofers are not worth the money and you should never waste your money on them.

Buying a cheap sub is not a problem if it is well-built and has good performance.

Expensive subwoofers are better if they really offer the features they charge for.

A good expensive subwoofer has usually a good cone to prevent vibrations and distortion. They have mostly high-weight and big magnets. The sound produces is more powerful and stable.

A good cooling system and more durability are the top features of expensive subwoofers. In short, expensive speakers are good if they are worth the money.

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Voice coil

The quality of sound also depends upon the quality of the voice coil. A good voice coil reduces vibrations, distortion, and creates a clean sound.

Subwoofers with dual voice coil configurations do better. However, single-coil subs are easier to install.

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