Connecting 6 Speakers To a 2 Channel Amp

August 19, 2020 by seo123

Do you want to connect 6 speakers with only 2 channel amp? Don’t worry, you can do this. But you must have to keep in mind some of the things. Here we give you every bit of detail, so stay tuned.


When you have two channels and 6 speakers, the main thing while wiring is to balance the load on both channels and make sure whether your amplifier can support this load or not. If the amplifier power is less than the load, it can damage either the amplifier or speakers.

Every channel of amp has a specific load capacity that varies in different models of amplifiers. You will have to check your model. Let us understand from the example.

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Suppose that you have 6 speakers: 4 speakers are 25 watts each, so 25*4=100; the two speakers are 50 watts each, so 50*2=100.

Now we have a total power of 200 watts. We need to divide it equally to both channels. Each channel should get 100 watts load.

So, we will connect 2 speakers of 25 watts and 1 speaker of 50 watts to 1 channel and in the same way on the second channel. So the power is divided equally to both channels. Balancing the load in this way helps to improve the sound quality.

Adding More Speakers Increase Volume or Not?

If multiple speakers have different resistance or driven by different amplifiers, the volume will be increased.

On the other hand, if all the speakers have the same resistance and driven by same amplifier, it is not going to increase any noticeable volume.

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How Much Volume Increases By Adding Extra Speakers?

Adding another speaker of the same ohm number will not double the volume. You will notice a significant increase in volume but not twice volume.

For example, if a speaker is running at 60dB and you add one more speaker that also has a volume of 60dB, will you get 120dB?

No, you are not going to get 120dB. You will get 66dB volume, which means that volume is increased by +6dB. There is a significant increase in volume that you can notice.

Final Thoughts

For connecting multiple speakers to one channel, you should keep in mind the power of speakers and output power of your amplifier channel. If the amplifier is overloaded, it is just damaging your amplifier rather than increasing volume.

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Volume increases as long as the amplifier is more powerful than the speakers’ requirements. So, before connecting 6 speakers to 2 channel amp, keep in mind all these things. If all these speakers cannot be attached, try to lessen the number of speakers or try to change the amplifier that has more channels or high output power from two channels.

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