4 Best JBL Computer Speakers 2022

January 4, 2021 by seo123

JBL is the most famous brand in manufacturing speakers. Portable Bluetooth speakers of JBL are very popular and top-rated in the market. Very few speakers are available for computers. We have found 4 best JBL computer speakers that we are going to review in this article.

If you are not a fan of JBL, many other best computer speakers are available with more buying options.

Here is review of the best JBL speakers for computers.

JBL Professional 305P MkII Next-Generation

Our top pick of best JBL computer speaker is JBL Professional 305P MkII Next-Generation which produces much louder and high-quality audio.

If you want really a great computer speaker from JBL, the only best option is this unit. Other speakers are also available but they are not as good as this one. You can either buy one or pair of these speakers.

Using a 3.5mm to Dual XLR Stereo Cable, you can connect these speakers to your computer or laptop.

These are monitor speakers from JBL that are great for music production. You can edit audio because these speakers come with great accuracy.

Lows, mids, and highs work great together and you hear the best quality of sound. Even without subwoofer, the bass is punchy. Any bass lover will certainly love these speakers.

For excellent sound reproduction, innovative elements are applied by JBL from 7 Series and M2 Master Reference Monitors.

The frequency response of these studio monitors is  49Hz–20kHz (±3dB) which is excellent.  Deep bass is produced without any distortion.

A built-in class-D amplifier delivers 82 watts of power which is enough to produce a louder sound.

In short, JBL Professional 305P MkII Next-Generation Studio Monitor available as single and pair could be a great choice. These speakers have great value for the money if you can afford them.


  • Huge sweet spot
  • Great imaging
  • Built-in EQ
  • Balanced sound with great accuracy
  • Great value for the money


  • These speakers struggle with bass when the volume is turned up

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JBL Professional 104-BT Desktop Monitors with Bluetooth

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JBL Cinema 610 5.1 Speaker System For PC with Subwoofer

A 5.1 sound system has great sound quality as compared to other speakers. Though the sound is not loud, it is produced with great accuracy.

5 speakers and a subwoofer are sometimes difficult to adjust with your computer but there is an option for wall mount that makes placement easy.

In 5 satellite speakers, each one has a 3″ driver and 1″ tweeter. Dialogues have excellent clarity.

The subwoofer has 8″ driver and with 60 watts of power, the bass is great. It increases much before getting a little distortion. You will notice distortion but at very high volume.

A downside of this sound system is that surround sound is not very good. As in many other 5.1 sound systems, it lacks a bit in surround sound.

The subwoofer has frequency response from 38Hz – 250Hz (–6dB) and satellite speakers have 130Hz – 20kHz (-6dB). This frequency coverage is very close to the human range which is 20 Hz to 20 kHz. It ensures good quality of sound.

These speakers are not basically designed for computers. You will need an external amplifier that can deliver 100 watts of power. You should go for Altec Lansing or Logitech sound systems for a direct connection to your computer.

Overall, it has great sound and bass quality. When you will connect it to your computer, you will have an outstanding audio experience.

In short, if you have space in your computer room and you want amazing sound quality, JBL Cinema 610 is a great option.


  • Excellent dialogue clarity
  • Good frequency response
  • The subwoofer has better performance than many of the competitors
  • Good design and build quality


  • Lacks surround sound effects
  • Wall mount needs little improvement
  • AV receiver needed to support 4 ohms

JBL Professional 1 Series, 104 Desktop Speakers

These speakers are an old model of the above JBL104. Although the new model is reviewed above, we have also included the old model because of its excellent quality at lower price than the above one.

There is no Bluetooth input which is available in the newer model. RCA and TRS inputs are available on the back.

Front panel has 3.5mm port where you can connect your computer or laptop. Volume control is also located here which is easy to access.

A headphone jack is also located on the front panel allowing private listening without disconnecting speakers. Speakers can be muted when headphone is connected.

Like the new model, it also has 60 watts of total power. 30 watts for each speaker and delivered by class D amplifier.

Sound is loud and clear but do not expect bass. Bass is good only if there is a subwoofer or very big speakers like the top #1 in this article.

In short, these are also the best JBL computer speakers at an affordable budget. If you want crystal clear sound, these speakers could be a great choice.


  • Headphone jack
  • Easy to access front panel controls
  • Compact and beautiful design
  • Clear sound
  • Enough loud sound
  • Affordable budget
  • Value for the money


  • The midrange is extremely thin
  • No low ends

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So, which are finally the best JBL computer speakers?

The choice is not difficult because there are only 4 options. You can easily judge which one of these best fit for you if you are thinking of getting one from JBL.

However, like always our final thoughts will sum up things quickly.

For louder sound with punchy bass or if you want music production, JBL Professional 305P MkII Next-Generation is the best option. You can use these speakers to enjoy music, movies, games, or for monitoring audio quality while editing.

JBL Cinema 610 5.1 Speaker System offers surround sound. You get an outstanding quality of sound. Bass and vocals all are excellent. These are the only JBL speakers with a subwoofer for best bass.

If you want crystal clear sound without any bass, both models of JBL 104 are a great option.

This was all you need to know for buying the best computer speakers from JBL. If you are a JBL fan, you can make a choice from these 4 speakers as there are no other speakers from JBL that work great with computers. Portable Bluetooth speakers are available from this brand that you can go for if you want. Otherwise, we have reviewed some Best Bass Computer Speakers that give you more buying options.

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