How To Reset Vizio Sound Bar

January 6, 2021 by seo123

There could be several reasons you may be facing with your Vizio soundbar. Many of the problems can be solved if you reset your Vizio sound bar.

Resetting the soundbar will restore it to the factory settings. Any settings you made will be lost. Your soundbar will have settings as they were when you purchased it.

Resetting the Vizio soundbar takes less than a minute but why you are going to reset?

When settings are changed, some things may cause malfunctioning of your soundbar. The only solution is to reset if you don’t know what changes have caused the issue.

Why and when you need to reset the Vizio sound bar?

Any malfunctionality forces you to reset the Vizio soundbar. But some problems can be cured even without resetting. Some problems require other solutions instead of reset. Whatever the issue your Vizio soundbar is facing, our guide will help you.

No Audio From Soundbar

If you are not hearing any sound from your Vizio soundbar, try pressing volume up button and increasing volume from external audio source.

Make sure the input on the soundbar is set to the right device. If all these not work, the last thing will be to reset your Vizio soundbar which is given at the end.

Buzzing Sound

If you notice buzzing sound from your Vizio sound bar, first move any wireless device away from it even your smartphone.

Try changing the connection cable or switch the input option. The input type you were using lastly may be defective. If none of these work, try resetting your Vizio soundbar to get it back.

Blinking of LEDs and other problems

Sometimes due to setting problems, LEDs start flashing. It becomes difficult to know the issue. Some other similar issues are also caused. The only solution for these is to reset the Vizio soundbar.

These were few problems that lead to reset the Vizio soundbar. Now we discuss the method for resetting all models of Vizio soundbar.

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Reset Vizio Sound Bar

Before you start the reset, turn off your soundbar for 10 seconds and then turn it back ON. Sometimes, it also solves any problem.

  • Press the “Input” and “Bluetooth” buttons and hold for 5 to 6 seconds. Your Vizio soundbar will restart. If not try the next step.
  • Again press and hold the “Input” and “Volume Down” buttons for 5 to 6 seconds. Your Vizio soundbar should restart. If it does not restart, try the next step.
  • Press and hold the “Input” and “Volume Up” buttons for 5 to 6 seconds. If the above two methods did not work for your soundbar, this one will work.

One of these 3 reset methods will work for any Vizio soundbar. Now there will be no problem in settings because everything is reset to its defaults.

If you still face any problem with your Vizio soundbar, you should search for some other problems related to hardware.

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