10 Best Soundbars for Samsung TVs 2022

June 12, 2021 by seo123

The latest Samsung TVs are smart and slim. Although, this modern design includes in-built speakers yet they sound meek. These Samsung TVs give you an amazing watch experience but not excellent sound. So, you need to add the best soundbar to your Samsung TV to enjoy a real sound experience when watching movies or shows.

You can enjoy your movies and shows with crystal clear and vivid pictures. But, the sound quality of the in-built speakers is not compatible with the picture quality. You can enhance your watch experience by adding a loud sound. A low sound can ruin your watch experience.

Why I Recommend Adding A Soundbar to Your Samsung TV?

You need to attach some external sound source to your Samsung TV. because built-in speakers are not enough for excellent audio.

An AV receiver or sound system may be a good option but they are not budget-friendly. As compared to the other sound systems, a soundbar is the best option.

You do not have to waste much time connecting Soundbars to your Samsung TV. Because the advanced Soundbars are equipped with modern features and are quite easy to operate. Just plug it in and enjoy your TV.

I know many people who are using a different brand soundbar with their Samsung TV. Because they like that particular soundbar.

If you want to get an immersive sound with your Samsung TV giant picture, we suggest you buy a first-class Soundbar.

In this article, we will review the 10 best Soundbars for Samsung TVs. I will discuss the salient features of each Soundbar.

The Best Soundbars for Samsung TV

If you want to buy a soundbar for your Samsung TV, you should look for compatibility. Because not every soundbar is highly suitable for your Samsung TV. I did thorough research to sort out the top 10 soundbars.

Let us pick the best soundbar for your Samsung TV.

1. Samsung HW-Q950T – Overall Best For Samsung TV

Sound Quality

Q-950 is really an amazing and best soundbar for Samsung TV. If you want to enjoy home theater then go for this superb soundbar. It supports Dolby Atmos and DTS: X. You get virtual 3D surround sound with deep bass that vibrates your room.

It features a real 9.1.4CH sound as it comes with 9 channels. It is equipped with 1 subwoofer and four up-firing channels. The soundbar has two speakers on the left and right panel and one on the rear panel. The combined power of all the speakers gives an immersive sound with wider coverage.

Additionally, the soundbar has advanced audio enhancement technology. This Samsung soundbar is from the Samsung Q-Series that is famous for Q-Symphony. It perfectly synchronizes the audio with the Samsung QLED TVs and is also suitable for other models of Samsung TV.

The special sound detection feature allows you to play the sound in different modes and gives you high-quality sound even at low volumes.

It analyzes the audio and automatically synchronizes it with the content. The sound is well-balanced and enhances your listening experience many folds.

The sound can be played in adaptive, standard, and game pro modes. Adaptive mode is awesome as it detects the content and automatically adjusts the sound with the type of content. Thanks to this feature! It delivers dialogue and vocals crystal clear.

Additional Features

This soundbar comes with modern features. It supports a Bluetooth connection. So, you can connect it to other devices to stream music or media sound. Another amazing connectivity option is Wifi. It allows you to play music from your favorite streaming services.

Its sleek and elegant design is attractive. It comes in black color and offers high durability. Physical connectivity options include an HDMI and optical input and an HDMI output.

The control options include manual control through buttons on the panel, the remote control, Alexa voice command, and Samsung Smart-things App. You can adjust bass, change sound mode, and can perform many other functions through efficient remote.

Additionally, the soundbar supports Alexa and perceives voice commands. So, you can control many functions just by giving voice commands.

Another control option is Smart-things App that is user-friendly and allows many operations. The App features more options than the remote.

In terms of performance, Q950T is reliable as well as durable because it is tested by highly qualified engineers.

This soundbar offers a lot of amazing features at a low price range. It is comparable to other expensive and efficient soundbars.

The purchase includes the soundbar itself, wireless subwoofers and rear speakers, HDMI cable, manual and warranty card. The setup process is convenient and does not take much time.

Key Features

  • Samsung HW-Q950T is a luxurious and a complete audio system to add to your Samsung TV
  • It is a 9.1.4 channel system to enjoy Virtual surround sound with a 3D immersive experience
  • Supports DTS: X and Dolby Atmos and features advanced audio technology


  • Comes with a built-in Alexa
  • Equipped with 9.1.4 channels
  • Supports Wifi and Bluetooth
  • Multiple control options including the

2. SONOS Beam – Smart TV Sound Bar


Sound Quality

The sound is clear, crisp, and loud and covers a large area with full clarity. This beam is equipped with one tweeter, four elliptical woofers, and three base radiators.

The full-range woofers are arranged on the sides. So, they give a clear and loud sound that is compatible with the giant pictures.

The high performance of this beam gives you excellent sound quality. Furthermore, it has the power to fill your entire room with its loud, clear, and crisp sound. This beam allows you to enjoy music and TV with its brilliant sound.

To form a surround sound system, you can connect this beam with other speakers or sound systems in your home. This compact beam features Dolby digital audio and stereo sound.

Additional Features

SONOS Beam is an excellent and low-budget soundbar. It has all the modern features that place it among the list of top 10 best soundbars for Samsung TV.

SONOS beam has 26.5 inches in width. Its smart and simple design and small dimensions make it an elegant choice for your Samsung TV.

It is compatible with Wifi and you can connect this beam to other speakers or soundbars to form a surround sound system. Moreover, you can form a home theater network by connecting multiple SONOS Soundbars. It also allows Bluetooth connectivity for initial setup.

Additionally, it can work as a smart speaker as it is equipped with an Alexa. It also has HDMI ARC output and is supported by AirPlay2.

Multiple input options offer you an easy setup. The Beam comes with an Ethernet port, AC  input, HDMI ARC output, and Join button. HDMI to Optical adapter offers an easy connection with the TVs that offer optical connection only.

You have various control options such as manual, touch, TV remote, and SONOS App. The App allows you to control all the speakers of your surround sound system.

Furthermore, you can control sound quality and can change the sound mode using this app. It also receives voice commands. So, you can switch on or off your TV or Beam, can adjust volume or sound mode just by giving an oral command.

Moreover, you can adjust bass and treble response, sound enhancement, and night mode via the SONOS App.

Key Features

  • Sonos Beam is a smart audio solution that integrates all the features in a single bar
  • It is highly suitable for surround sound system
  • Comes with built-in Alexa, Wifi, and Bluetooth support
  • It features HDMI ARC to work with the TV remote


  • A low-budget beam
  • High-quality sound
  • Highly compatible with the Samsung TV
  • SONOS App allows amazing control and adjustment
  • Can be connected to other SONOS soundbars or speakers


  • Does not support Dolby Atmos
  • The remote control option is not available
  • Due to the small size bass is a bit low

Sound Quality

Sound Quality

The Bose soundbar is one of the best soundbars for the Samsung TV. As compared to other soundbars of the same price range, it is more advanced and efficient.

It supports Dolby Digital and DTS audio formats. Additionally, the 4K pass-through gives you an amazing sound compatible with your TV shows. The 4 full-range woofers and a single tweeter give high output power.

The rear panel contains bass radiators and phase guides are present on the right and left panels to add more charm to the sound.

The overall sound is excellent and covers a wide area. No doubt, this soundbar gives you a clear crystal and brilliant sound with full details.

The sound is thrilling and louder as compared to the size of the soundbar. This soundbar features bass control and you can adjust the bass according to your desire to get a deeper and well-balanced sound. It even gives vivid sound at low volumes.

To enhance the sound experience, you can attach two seamless surround sound speakers.

The sound has a special mode namely the dialogue mode that enhances the sound quality by improving the vocals. This mode gives you an amazing listening experience by synchronizing the sound with the pictures to give higher frequency at different levels.

The most interesting thing is that you can give voice commands to your Bose SoundTouch 300 Soundbar to perform some basic functions and settings as it features Alexa speakers such as Echo and Echo Dot.

The soundbar supports SoundTouch App that offers many control and adjustment features. For example, you can stream music wirelessly on your soundbar.

The app is also compatible with other streaming services like Spotify, Pandora, and Deezer, allowing you to stream music endlessly. You can save your favorite playlist via the app.

Additional Features

Although this soundbar is comparable to previously mentioned soundbars yet it is not smart as they are. The manufacturer has launched the latest versions of this soundbar and this model is a little bit older now. But, it is a good choice for your Samsung TV at a low cost.

Along with the soundbar, the purchase includes a remote, power cables, HDMI and optical cables, headset, user manual, and a warranty card. The package does not include wall mount equipment. You have to buy them separately.

The design and texture of this soundbar are beautifully similar to other products from the Bose. The Shiny tempered glass of the top panel makes it elegant and attractive.

While all other panels are protected by the solid aluminum grill. The soundbar is durable and competent. It is the best choice for large Samsung TVs (40-50 inches) because of its 38.5 inches wide body.

Moreover, it offers a variety of input options. All the ports are present on the rear panel, including HDMI input and HDMI ARC output, optical, USB, and Ethernet port, and two jacks for auto-calibration and wired connection.

Bose soundbar has modern connectivity options such as Bluetooth and Wifi. The control options are also amazing. You have manual buttons, remote, SoundTouch App, and Alexa as control options.

The universal remote allows you to adjust volume and other functions. But, you need to program it with your soundbar. The remote has a special feature that you can use to create your favorite playlist.

So, you can stream the music from your favorite service by pressing the right button from a panel of six exclusive buttons. The remote can also be used to control your Samsung TV by entering the code of your device.

Key Features

  • Bose SoundTocuh 300 is highly suitable for large Samsung TVs
  • It is a compact and slim soundbar that gives a loud and clear sound
  • Features advanced connectivity and control options such as Bluetooth, Wifi, Alexa, mobile app, and remote
  • This soundbar works with Dolby Digital, DTS, and also supports 4K pass-through


  • 4 full-range woofers
  • Multiple control options including remote, app, and voice commands
  • At a low price gives high performance
  • Durable material as it is protected by an aluminum grill


  • The soundbar and remote synchronization needs some time
  • This version is a little bit older
  • Set up process takes time

5. Polk Audio Signa S2 Ultra-Slim Sound Bar

Sound Quality

Polk soundbar not only gives you excellent performance but is also a cost-affordable soundbar. In terms of features, it is comparable to other expensive and large soundbars.

If you want to get the best soundbar for your Samsung TV then Polk Audio Signa S2 is the premium choice for you. It is compatible with 4K HD TVs and perfectly synchronizes the sound with the picture.

This stereo soundbar comes with 5 drivers. Additionally, it has 2 tweeters and 2 oval-shaped woofers.

It is also equipped with wireless subwoofers. The Dolby digital decoding gives you a louder sound that can fill up your entire room.

The sound quality is amazing and entertaining. It is louder and clear and enhances your listening experience. Additionally, the soundbar offers three sound modes including music, movie, and night mode. These different modes synchronize your sound with the content.

For example, the night mode lowers the loudness and bass to avoid disturbance. So, you can watch your movies or can listen to music without disturbing your neighbors in the silence of the night.

Moreover, the soundbar also offers three voice adjust modes that allow different EQ adjustments to improve the sound quality. You can enhance the dialogues to give you crystal clear sound at low volumes.

Another amazing feature of the Polk soundbar is that it supports different sound formats such as DTS 5.1 and Dolby 5.1. Note that its basic output is 2.1 sound.

Additional Features

The package consists of the soundbar itself, power cords, remote, wireless subwoofers, HDMI and optical cables, manual, and warranty card.

The soundbar offers convenient to mount and adjustment because of its lightweight; just 3.9 pounds. You can place it in front of your TV and can also mount it on the wall.

The design of this soundbar is simple and decent. The top and the front panel are protected by a fabric grill that gives a black sleek look to the soundbar.

While the system is enclosed in a plastic casing. The width of this soundbar is 35.4 inches that makes it the best match for large Samsung TVs measuring 35-45 inches.

It offers physical as well as wireless connections. The connectivity ports include HDMI ARC, optical, and AUX input.

You can also connect it wirelessly to other devices via Bluetooth and Wifi. So, you can stream music or the audio of TV shows, or you can directly play the music from the streaming apps and services like TuneIn, Spotify, and Pandora, etc.

As far as control is concerned, it offers two options including remote control and manual control through buttons placed on the top panel. You can power on/off, adjust volume, and connect to the source and Bluetooth using five buttons.

But, the remote gives you more control options. You can perform more functions through remote as it allows you to adjust bass and volume and switch to different sound modes.

Key Features

  • Polk Audio Signa is best for high-quality stereo sound and for 4K HD TVs
  • Contains 5 drivers and a wireless subwoofer to give a powerful sound
  • HDMI, Optical, Aux, Bluetooth, and Wifi make it a versatile soundbar


  • Supports Bluetooth and Wifi
  • Budget-friendly
  • Different sound modes and voice adjustments
  • Light-weighted and easy to install


  • It lacks an HDMI port
  • Does not support any app
  • It is not compatible with Dolby Atmos, DTS: X

Sound Quality

Sound Quality

This soundbar from Sony is equipped with all the advanced features. Its low cost and superb quality make it the best soundbar for Samsung TV.

The soundbar features subwoofers and supports Dolby Atmos, DTS: X, LPCM, DD 5.1, DTS 5.1 along with other audio formats. The soundbar supports other modern sound formats such as ALAC and FLAC while playing the audio files through USB.

This 2.1 channel soundbar also supports 7.1.2ch sound with a single click. It also supports for 4K HD pass-through. The sound is really big and immersive with a surround sound experience.

The drivers are present along two channels and the total output power is 300Watts. It has an in-built vertical surround sound system and advanced software to enhance and disperse the audio over a wider range.

Additionally, you can play sounds in five modes including movies, music, sports, gaming, and news.

The advanced technology of this soundbar synchronizes the sound with the content by enhancing the foreground voices to lower the influence of the background sound.

This sound-picture compatibility gives a real and virtual sound for an amazing listening experience.

Moreover, this soundbar comes with two other special sound features. The voice enhancement-mode adds to the clarity and perfection of dialogues and vocals.

While the night mode decreases the bass to avoid disturbance. So, you can adjust the bass and audio style according to your need and desire.

Overall, the audio is clear, sharp, and brilliant that is highly desirable for home theater systems.

Additional Features

The soundbar is elegant and good-looking just like the other costly soundbars. If you have a large Samsung TV, 40-50 inches, then this 36.6 inches wide soundbar is highly recommended for you.

It is slim and smart and can be mounted on the wall via a mounting kit. Along with the Sony soundbar HT-S350, you get power cords, wireless subwoofers, remote, HDMI cable, user manual, and warranty card with the purchase.

The connectivity ports are present on the rear panel and include HDMI, optical, and AUX input, HDMI ARC output, and a USB port.

Sony soundbar also supports Bluetooth for wireless connectivity to the Samsung TV or any other Bluetooth-supported device. You can rely upon a Bluetooth connection as it performs smoothly.

Additionally, the soundbar offers two control options including the buttons on the control panel and a remote. The five buttons on the top allow you to perform basic functions and five LED indicators on the same panel indicate the source.

The remote allows more control options like bass and audio adjustment and sound mode preference. You can also faint the LED indicators through its remote. The soundbar is not supported by an app.

Key Features

  • Sony S350 supports multiple advanced audio formats such as Dolby Atmos, DTS, LPCM, and many other
  • 4K HD pass-through, deep bass, and surround sound experience
  • S-Force Pro Virtual Surround sound technology, voice enhancement, and 7 sound modes


  • Clear dialogues and wider soundstage
  • HDMI ARC supported
  • Gives 300 Watt output power
  • Compatible with Bluetooth devices


  • The wifi connectivity option is not available
  • Comes with single HDMI input and an ARC output
  • Does not support any app

Sound Quality

Sound Quality

Undoubtedly, this soundbar is one of the best Samsung soundbars. This Dolby Digital and 4K HD pass-through supported soundbar is the best choice for your Samsung TV.

9 speakers feature this soundbar and give you real immersive sound for a home theater setup. It has a wide range of tweeters for virtual surround sound effects.

Additionally, the soundbar offers deep bass and crystal clear dialogues. It is highly compatible with Samsung Smart TV and gives perfectly synchronized, well-balanced sound compared to ordinary speakers.

The sound frequency is 40HZ which is really excellent in a low price range. Dolby Digital sound adds fun to your TV shows. The Samsung 5.0 soundbar supports all the advanced audio formats such as MP3, AAC, FLAC, ALAC, WAV, OG, and a lot more.

You can play the sound in different modes including game pro, adaptive and standard. The adaptive mode synchronizes the sound with the content for real audio performance.

As far as its performance and durability are concerned, the soundbar will not disappoint you. It covers background distortions to give you an immersive sound experience. At a low volume, you can enjoy the same vivid and brilliant sound.

Additional Features

It has an elegant design and enclosed in a rectangular box. The speakers are protected by the metal grill to resonate with the sound.

It is 78mm in height. So, placing it in front of your TV can obstruct your view. However, it gives a wall mounting option as the purchase includes a VESA mounting kit and a power loop. It can be connected to one socket with super ease.

You can mount it on the wall very easily without placing many holes in your wall. This seamless soundbar is light-weighted but gives an exceptional sound.

The physical input options include an HDMI cable, optical input, AUX input and an output port for the subwoofer, and a USB port.

It offers modern connectivity options such as Bluetooth and Wifi. So, you can stream music wirelessly for a wonderful listening experience. Bluetooth option can be used to pair the soundbar with wireless speakers to enhance the sound quality and also to headphones

Moreover, it is compatible with the Samsung multi-room App. Interestingly, the app allows you to play media through your favorite streaming services such as Amazon Music, Spotify, Pandora, etc.

The soundbar offers multiple control options including the buttons for basic functions, the remote for additional functions, the Samsung multi-room App that allows a lot more functions.

The soundbar comes with a built-in Alexa. So, you can give voice commands for more convenient control. You can play music through your smartphone or tablet just by saying the name of the song.

Key Features

  • High-frequency response that can handle both lows and highs well
  • It gives a wonderfully loud sound without an external subwoofers
  • A recently released 5.0 channel soundbar within an affordable budget
  • Acoustic Beam technology, built-in Alexa, Wifi, and Bluetooth connectivity


  • Supported by the Samsung App
  • 450 Watts output power
  • Side-horn and center speakers
  • Affordable cost and worth the money


  • Only one HDMI port
  • The stereo effect needs improvement

10. SAMSUNG HW-Q70T Soundbar 

Sound Quality

Samsung launched this latest model of soundbar in 2020. The soundbar has a reasonable price and comes with all the necessary and advanced features.

If you want a highly compatible soundbar for your Samsung QLED TV then this Samsung HW_Q70T is the best soundbar.

It supports Dolby Atmos and DTS: X. You can connect it seamlessly to your TV. Samsung dedicated soundbar comes with three channels, left, right and center.

Furthermore, it is equipped with 2 up-firing channels and a subwoofer. This 3.1.2 combo gives you a wonderful 3D sound with deep bass and loud audio. The soundstage is wider and is recommendable for a large audience or big rooms.

The crystal clear dialogues enhance your entertainment experience. No doubt, it is the best choice for larger TVs and home theater.

This amazing soundbar is equipped with advanced technologies such as Adaptive Sound Samsung Acoustic Beam that give you an immersive sound experience. The soundbar provides you a surround sound effect with optimized features.

The Adaptive sound mode perfectly synchronizes the sound with the media. So, you can enjoy your movies, shows, and music in a real mode.

Thanks to its advanced technologies! You can even hear whispers with full clarity. It detects the type of sound and harmonizes the audio to scenes giving you a well-balanced sound.

Additional Features

Its nice sleek design and black color make it an elegant choice. The 38.6 inches width of the soundbar is perfect for 40-50 inches Samsung TVs.

Talking about control options; it has touch-sensitive buttons that can be used for basic settings and control. Additionally, the remote offers a convenient control option. You can adjust volume, bass, treble response, and sound mode using your remote. Moreover, you can use your Samsung TV remote for your soundbar.

An Alexa built-in features the soundbar and you can give voice commands to stream music endlessly. It also supports Echo, Amazon, and other streaming services for direct action.

Physical connections include one HDMI input, one optical input, and an HDMI e ARC output. HDMI eARC allows a convenient connection with your Samsung TV and other devices. It flows smooth audio free of distortions.

Moreover, the setup process is quite simple and easy. Just plug it in and enjoy an amazing sound. You can tuck it under your TV or you can mount the soundbar on the wall through VESA mounting kit.

A metal grille covers the front and the top panels while side and rear panels are made of solid plastic. The subwoofer is also protected by a thing fabric grill and enclosed in a wooden case. The soundbar not only gives the best performance but is also durable and reliable.

The purchase includes a full range of equipment such as HDMI cable, power cables, remote, wall mounting brackets and screws, manual, and warranty card.

Key Features

  • This is a Q-symphony soundbar by Samsung and is highly recommended for Samsung TVs
  • It supports DTS: X and Dolby Atmos and produces 3D surround sound experience
  • It is also equipped with advanced technologies such as Samsung Acoustic Beam and Adaptive sound
  • A 3.1.2 channel soundbar with a separate subwoofer and low cost


  • Comes with 3.1.2 channels and a wireless subwoofer
  • Supports Alexa voice control
  • An HDMI eARC connection gives smooth audio
  • Wider soundstage with deep bass
  • Wall mounting kit is included in the purchase


  • Comes with a single HDMI input
  • The subwoofer is smaller

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Guide To Buying A Soundbar For Samsung TV

When you want to choose the best soundbar, you feel a little bit confused. Because there are several brands available in the market and you wonder which one to buy. Although, Samsung soundbars are the best choices for Samsung TVs yet you can purchase another brand.

The selection of a soundbar depends on your needs and desires. So, first of all, you should consider which qualities you want in your soundbar. Next, you have to know the basic features that a good soundbar must possess. Another thing is to keep in mind your budget.

You should also look at the features of the product and go through the reviews. The brand also matters whether it is reliable or not. These steps will help you choose the best and highly compatible soundbar for your Samsung TV.

But, the most important thing is that your soundbar must be equipped with all the advanced features and technologies. Additionally, it must give you premium quality sound with an ideal listening experience.

So, what are the most significant features that should be present in your soundbar?

Salient Features of Soundbars For Samsung TVs

Let us review in detail those essential characteristics that make your soundbar an ideal one.

Number of channels

If your soundbar has more channels, it gives you wonderful sound. Channels are the points on the soundbar from where the sound is given out. The channel number is given as; 2.1, 3.1.2, 5.1.2, etc. The first digit indicates the number of channels and the last indicates the subwoofers. For a normal sound, 2 or 3 channel soundbars are good and they cost you less.

If you want to enjoy a virtual 3D surround sound then go for 5 channel soundbar. So, the higher number of channels gives the high-quality sound. The soundbars with more channels are expensive. You should choose according to your budget.

Physical/ wired connectivity options

Another feature you should look for in your soundbar is the number of connectivity options. Your soundbar should be versatile offering multiple and convenient input options.

Most soundbars come with analog and digital input. You can connect your soundbar to TV, Stereo, CD player, etc. via analog input. While a digital connection is made through an HDMI cable. Most soundbars have more than one HDMI input while others come with only one HDMI input.

It is significant as it allows different source connections and you can easily switch between various video sources. When you connect your TV via HDMI to your soundbar, your TV’s sound is played through the soundbar. One HDMI input is good but two are best.

Additionally, your soundbar should offer an optical, coaxial port, USB port, and HDMI ARC. The sound quality is ideal with HDMI ARC output.

Wireless connectivity options

Modern soundbars support Bluetooth and Wifi. Bluetooth allows your wireless connection with various devices such as smartphones, PC, tablets, laptops, or any other.

The wifi option is amazing as it allows streaming services and you can play your favorite music or media sound directly on your soundbar.

These wireless connections are beneficial because you can connect your devices to the soundbar from a range of distances. Moreover, you can avoid cords and cables. You can also play a single sound on more than one soundbar using Bluetooth and Wifi connection. So, you can enjoy a home theater system.

Wifi connectivity gives you a lot more options. You can connect to multiple streaming services like Pandora, Spotify, Amazon Music, and many others. It also offers a voice control system. But, Wi-Fi-supported soundbars are a little bit costly.

Dimensions and Location

A soundbar narrower than your Samsung TV is the best choice soundbar. Be sure that it is large enough to give a loud sound and a wide soundstage. You also need to consider the size of your TV. For example, smaller soundbars are not suitable for larger TVs.

Another thing to consider is the location of your soundbar. Apparently, it seems a trivial matter but it can frustrate you. Some soundbars cannot be placed under your TV as they obstruct the view.

Consider the space available to you. I recommend placing your soundbar at a distance of few inches from your TV, either below or above the TV set.

Be careful not to place the soundbar closer to a heat source. So, you should look for placement options. A soundbar with a wall mounting option is a good choice. Some offer vertical installation for convenience.

Advanced Audio formats (Dolby Atmos)

A soundbar supporting advanced sound formats such as Dolby Atmos and DTS: X discards the need for multiple speakers. The single soundbar gives you an immersive sound with deep bass and clarity.

This feature synchronizes the sound with the content, gives a greater soundstage, and disperses the sound all around the room. So, you enjoy virtual 3D surround sound. I suggest you purchase an advanced Dolby Atmos-supported soundbar.

Wireless Subwoofer

Subwoofers enhance the sound quality manifold. Some soundbars come with built-in subwoofers while others feature a wireless subwoofer. The built-in subwoofer is not preferable to large wireless subwoofers but is good for smaller spaces.

Wireless subwoofers are amazing for an ideal sound experience. They offer bass and treble adjustment for premium quality sound.

Voice Control and App Support

Voice control is an amazing feature that allows convenient handling of your soundbar. Some soundbars come with built-in Alexa to allow you to perform any operations.

Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa support make your soundbar smarter and more suitable for handicapped individuals. You can adjust and change the settings just by giving voice commands.

Another control option is an app, most soundbar brands are supported by their special App that works like a remote. The app has more features and settings as compared to the remote.
It is your choice whether you want a smart soundbar equipped with all the advanced technological systems or you want a simple one.

Multiple Sound Modes

The different sound modes add more fun to your listening. Many soundbars offer advanced sound modes such as adaptive, smart, standard, game pro, news, music, cinematic, night mode, etc. You can choose a sound mode relative to your content.

The advanced sound technology detects the sound type and optimizes the settings. For example, adaptive or smart sound mode synchronizes the sound with the content and you experience real dialogues. Similarly, the night mode lowers the bass to avoid nighttime disturbance.

Home Theater setup

If you intend to buy a soundbar for a home theater experience then you should choose the advanced and latest version. Some soundbars offer very easy connectivity to multiple soundbars or speakers in various parts of the home. They can be connected via HDMI cords or via Bluetooth. So, you can stream one sound on every soundbar in your home. This creates a real home theater.

For this, you should purchase a soundbar with Dolby Digital technology that gives you a surround sound effect by playing the content on the entire sound system.

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FAQs About Soundbars For Samsung TVs

Some questions may appear in your mind when deciding on the best soundbar for your Samsung TV. I have tried to answer them in advance so that there is nothing left for you to learn.

Why do I need a soundbar for my Samsung TV?

Although, TVs come with built-in speakers yet they do not give a huge sound. Especially, if your TV has a giant size or your room is too big then you need a wider soundstage. It is not a great idea to watch a giant picture with a small sound.

Soundbars are equipped with advanced technologies and offer many features. They enhance your listening experience. If you are fond of music then soundbars are great as they give a true 3D surround sound experience. So, you need soundbars to add more spice to your entertainment otherwise you can rely on built-in speakers for your TV.

Which type of soundbar is compatible with my Samsung TV?

Generally, you can use any soundbar for your Samsung TV. You can choose soundbars from Samsung or any other brand. The Samsung soundbars are available in a wide range and versions. They are specially designed to be compatible with your Samsung TV.

But, the ideal soundbar is one that is compatible with your TV in terms of size. The soundbar should have less size than your TV for a perfect look. Another thing is that choose a smart soundbar for a smart and advanced TV. Both, the soundbar and TV should have similar connectivity options and technology. If you purchase an older version to connect with the latest version of your Samsung TV, it may not give you the desired sound quality.

So, choose one of the soundbars from the list of the best soundbars for Samsung TVs. I have brought this list to you after comprehensive research.

How do I know the soundbar compatibility of my Samsung TV?

In order to be connected to the soundbar, your TV must have an HDMI input. You can simply look for the HDMI input port on your TV. It is labeled and also described in the manual. So, if your TV has an HDMI port you can connect it to a soundbar. Additionally, your soundbar should also have an HDMI port. You also need an HDMI cable to connect both.

Do I need some technical assistant to connect the soundbar to my TV?

The simple answer is ‘No’. You do not need any technical assistant to connect your TV and soundbar to each other. Because it is quite a simple and easy process. You just plug in both devices, turn them on, change the settings of your TV, choose soundbar as a sound output source and enjoy your audio experience.

Talking about the medium of connection; a majority of TVs have an HDMI ARAC in and soundbars have HDMI ARC out. You need an HDMI cable to connect both. If this option is not supported by your devices then you can go for an optical or coaxial digital connection.

Which soundbar offers the best affordable price?

There are various soundbars that cost you less than $100. But, they will not give you that loud sound and deep bass. Some soundbars are available for under $200 and $300. They are a good choice. The cheaper brands are VIZIO, YAMAHA, and POLK. Samsung and Bose also have some low-cost soundbars.

Which size of the soundbar should I choose for my Samsung TV?

If you are conscious of aesthetic values then you should choose a soundbar nearly the size of your TV. It is recommendable because of the sound picture compatibility. A small size soundbar would not give you an amazing sound with a giant picture.

For instance, if your TV screen measures 60 inches then a soundbar measuring 50 inches would be an ideal choice. A soundbar measuring 40-55 inches will also work with 60 inches screen. However, you can choose any size of the soundbar for your TV.

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