How To Connect Bose Soundbar to TV

February 12, 2021 by seo123

Bose soundbars can be connected to TV using HDMI, Optical or Bluetooth. The best and most widely used method is HDMI. Depending on your soundbar and TV, you need to find the best method of connection.

Bluetooth is a rarely used method and sometimes not supported either by TV or soundbar.

HDMI ARC is always on priority because it delivers very high-quality audio. In every sound system, it is a preferred method.

We will discuss HDMI ARC, Optical and Bluetooth connectivity options in this article.


If your TV and soundbar support HDMI ARC, you can connect them together and deliver your TV audio to the soundbar.

Make sure that your TV has HDMI ARC port. If the TV does not support ARC (Audio Return Channel) you will not be able to hear your TV sound in the soundbar.

HDMI port on your TV will be labelled as “HDMI ARC”. If you are not sure and it is not written, you can take help from the manual of your TV or their support.

Follow the steps below to connect using HDMI ARC.

  • Turn OFF your TV and soundbar
  • Get an HDMI cable, it is same even when using HDMI ARC
  • Connect one end to your TV and other end to the soundbar
  • Turn ON the TV and soundbar
  • Change audio output from the settings of your TV
  • Change audio input to HDMI from your soundbar

The above settings can be changed in different ways according to the model of your TV and soundbar. However, these are the only steps you need to do.

You will hear sound from the soundbar once done. If you don’t, try resetting your soundbar and connecting again as there may be some other settings conflicting and preventing the audio transmission.

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Using Optical Cable

This is the second option for you if you don’t have HDMI ARC on your TV. It is also a modern method and preferred after HDMI.

Make sure your TV and soundbar support optical cable connection.

Follow the steps to connect Bose soundbar to TV using Optical Cable.

  • Get an optical cable
  • Connect one end of the cable to the Bose soundbar and another end to the TV
  • Go to the audio output settings of your TV and select optical cable
  • Go to the audio source on Bose soundbar and select Digital in

The settings may look different according to your TV and soundbar. Though they look different, the main steps are same for all soundbars and TVs.

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Using Bluetooth

It is a reliable method but mostly absent in either TV or soundbar. Neither all TVs nor all soundbars support this feature. Many modern devices come with it but old ones do not.

You can enjoy this wireless connection if available. You can also make it available if absent by purchasing a wireless conversion kit.

The sound quality delivered by Bluetooth is not as much great as by HDMI and Optical cable. However, it is free of wires and more convenient.

We suppose that both your TV and soundbar support Bluetooth. So, follow the steps to connect them together.

  • Press the Bluetooth button on your soundbar or remote and hold for entering into pairing mode. You can check in the manual how it will indicate pairing mode.
  • Go to the Bluetooth menu on your TV and select your Bose soundbar from the list of available devices
  • Pair with this soundbar
  • Play something on TV and enjoy audio on the soundbar

For Bose 500 and 700 soundbars

Bose 500 and Bose 700 are the most popular soundbars by Bose. Both of these have high-quality audio and support HDMI and Optical connections.

If your TV also supports HDMI ARC, you can connect 500 and 700 Bose soundbars to enjoy very high-quality audio.

By following the above steps, you can easily connect your Bose soundbar to any model of TV. One of the above methods can work great for you if your TV is not very old lacking all modern features like HDMI.

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