How To Connect Yamaha Soundbar To TV

February 14, 2021 by seo123

Yamaha soundbar can be connected to your TV using HDMI or Optical cable. Bluetooth connection can also be used if your TV has Bluetooth otherwise you can also buy an adapter.

Analog input is also available on some Yamaha soundbars but it is not a recommended method for connection. When using a 3.5mm jack cable, audio delivered from TV to soundbar is not of high quality.

So, HDMI and Optical are the best options and deliver high-quality audio. Bluetooth is an option if you want to go wireless but it is not as good as HDMI and Optical.


Here we will discuss all three options. Depending upon your choice, you can go for one of these.


If your TV supports ARC(Audio Return Channel) feature, you can connect it to Yamaha soundbar by using an HDMI cable.

You have to make sure of the availability of ARC. It is written as HDMI ARC below the HDMI port on the TV. If not, you can check the manual. The connection is possible if your TV supports ARC, otherwise, you can go for an optical connection.

  • Turn OFF your TV and Yamaha soundbar
  • Plug HDMI cable on both ends
  • From the audio  output of your TV, change it to HDMI
  • Select HDMI as audio source on Yamaha soundbar

Depending upon the model of your TV and soundbar, these settings will be named differently but the basic steps are same.

Once connected using HDMI ARC, you can control your Yamaha soundbar from soundbar remote, TV remote, and the app if available for your soundbar.

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Optical Cable

It is also very popular method and available in almost all modern TVs. Your TV will surely have an optical audio output.

Just like HDMI ARC, it also delivers high-quality audio. The connection is simple with an optical cable.

  • Turn OFF both devices
  • Plug the optical cable in TV output and soundbar input
  • Select optical as audio output source on TV
  • Select Optical as input on soundbar
  • Play something and enjoy

Depending upon the model of your Yamaha soundbar and TV, there will be a little difference in the way you find these settings. However, you can take help from the manual and the steps are just as mentioned above.

Despite these steps, if you are unable to connect, you can reset and try again.

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It is a convenient and wireless method to connect your TV and Yamaha soundbar. You don’t have to see any wire and it looks more beautiful as compared to wired connection.

However, the audio quality will not be same as with HDMI and Optical connection.

Bluetooth connection will be easy and direct if both of your TV and Yamaha soundbar has this feature. Most TVs lack Bluetooth.

Suppose that it is available on both your devices.

  • Turn ON Bluetooth on your TV and Yamaha soundbar
  • Go to your TV’s Bluetooth menu and search for your particular Yamaha soundbar
  • Select and pair with the soundbar
  • Once paired, your TV and Yamaha soundbar are connected

If your TV does not have Bluetooth option, you can buy a Bluetooth adapter. It should connect to your TV using the HDMI, Optical or any other available option and then send audio signals to the soundbar.

These were the best possible options to connect the Yamaha soundbar to TV. All of these will be available to you if your TV and soundbar are latest. If you face any issue you can also contact Yamaha support.

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