Connect Computer Speakers To TV Without Headphone Jack

January 2, 2021 by seo123

Your computer speakers can be connected to the TV even if your TV does not have a headphone jack. The other methods include RCA, Bluetooth, DAC, and HDMI switcher if your TV supports HDMI.

If you have latest television, a 3.5mm audio output called a headphone jack should be available. It is also present in many older TVs.

However, if for some reason, this jack is not available on your TV or has stopped working, other methods will help you connect the speakers to TV.

Factory speakers of TV are not so good even if your Led TV is very expensive. External TV speakers work great but if you have already some computer speakers you can connect them to your TV.

Computer speakers may not sound very good especially if they are 2.0 stereo speakers. 2.1 and 5.1 sound systems work excellent with computers as well as TVs.

We have reviewed many Logitech computer speakers and Bose computer speakers. All of these speakers have Aux port that makes connection convenient with any audio source including your TV.

But in this case, you have computer speakers but your TV does not have an Aux port. So, we will describe which other inputs are available on computer speakers and outputs available on your TV.

Today many computer speakers have Bluetooth connectivity. But if your computer speakers are old with no wireless connectivity, wire connections can be established in different ways.

You can connect your computer speakers to TV without headphone jack in the following 5 ways.

  • Bluetooth connection
  • Optical Cable
  • RCA cable
  • HDMI switcher if TV has HDMI output
  • Digital to Analog converter

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Connect Using Bluetooth connection

These days, almost all TVs are offering Bluetooth connectivity. If your computer speakers also support this connection, you can connect them easily in just a few steps.

Bluetooth connection is the most reliable and loved one. You don’t need to handle any wires. Without wires, speakers and TVs look even more beautiful in your home.

There are two cases when it comes to Bluetooth connectivity.

  • When Both TV and Computer Speakers Have Bluetooth

You are good luck if both of your TV and computer speakers have Bluetooth.

Just change audio output to Bluetooth from the settings of your TV. Search for your speakers and connect them. You are ready to go.

  • If Either TV or Computer Speakers Have Bluetooth

In most cases, Bluetooth is absent in one of your devices, either TV or computer speakers.

You can connect your speakers to the TV using wired connection if any of the wired options described below work for you. Otherwise, you can convert your Non-Bluetooth device to Bluetooth.

There are converters available in the market that can convert Non-Bluetooth systems into Bluetooth.

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Connect Using Optical Cable

An optical cable with TOSLINK connectors on both sides is a great option available in almost all modern TVs. This feature is absent in many computer speakers. Depending upon the computer speakers you have, it may be available.

Optical cable connection is much better than Aux and RCA cable connections. Check if your TV and computer speakers have Optical output and input respectively.

If available on both your devices, you are ready to go with just a single optical cable.

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RCA cable connection

This option is available in most of the computer speakers as well as many old TVs. Modern TVs mostly not use this option.

You just need a pair of RCA cables and you are ready to go. Just check if your TV and computer speakers have RCA output and input respectively.

You may need to change the output option from your TV settings. So, make sure to change it when connecting through any source.

Connect By HDMI switcher

Many modern TVs have HDMI output. It is the best audio connection but unfortunately, it is not available in your computer speakers.

If you are using some speakers that have HDMI input, you can connect directly using HDMI cable.

First, buy the HDMI switcher. Before buying check that outputs on HDMI switcher match the inputs on computer speakers. You can go if at least one HDMI switcher output matches your computer speakers’ input.

Get an HDMI cable. Plug one end of HDMI cable into the audio output of TV amd the other end into the input of HDMI switcher.

Then you can create a connection from HDMI switcher to computer speakers using the available option. You will need to create a connection from output of HDMI switcher to the input of computer speakers.

Digital to Analog converter

There are many digital to analog converters available in the market that you can use if your TV has optical output. Most modern TVs have optical output.

As many computer speakers have RCA input, you can convert optical output into RCA using digital to analog converter.

When you have a Digital to analog converter (DAC), connect optical cable from output of TV to the input of DAC. Then connect an RCA cable from output of DAC to the input of computer speakers.

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These were some possible methods to connect the computer speakers to the TV without a headphone jack on TV. At least one of these methods will work for you regardless of the TV and computer speakers you have. You can also look for some other converters depending upon the outputs and inputs available on your TV and computer speakers respectively.

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