Connect JBL Speaker To TV-3 Methods

December 17, 2020 by seo123

If you are using any of the JBL speakers and want to connect to TV, there are several wired and wireless options available for you. Depending upon the method you want to connect and available in both your TV and JBL speaker, you can connect your JBL speaker to TV in just a few steps.

Here we will discuss Samsung TV but the process is not bound to this particular model of TV. Many other brands like Sony, Roku, Vizio, Hisense, Lg, Apple, Panasonic, or any other smart TV may be compatible with this connection. Your TV could be a model of any of these brands or some other one.

JBL has many Bluetooth speakers and we are talking in general about all of them. You may be using JBL Flip 3, JBL Charge 3, JBL Flip 4, JBL Charge 4, or any other model of JBL portable Bluetooth speakers.

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Connect JBL Speaker To TV With Bluetooth

All JBL portable speakers support Bluetooth connection. If your TV also has Bluetooth support, it is super easy and more convenient to connect. Bluetooth is wireless connection, so everyone wants to connect this way.

You don’t need to handle wires or any additional components to go. In this article, we suppose that we have a Samsung TV and a JBL speaker. Don’t worry if you have any other brand TV, the process is almost similar.

Follow these steps to connect your JBL speaker to TV.

#1. Check Bluetooth in TV

Go to the settings of your TV. Go to sounds and then sound output. If you see “Bluetooth Speaker List” there, your TV is compatible for Bluetooth connection. You can also check this feature if it is available in any other settings. Your manual can also help you to verify it.

#2. Put JBL speaker into pairing mode

Press the Bluetooth button to put your JBL speaker into pairing mode. Make sure this speaker is discoverable and not currently connected to any other device.

#3. Go to Bluetooth Speakers’ list on TV

Depending upon the model of your TV like Samsung in this case, go to settings, sounds, and sounds output. Look for Bluetooth speakers’ list and click. Now you will be able to see your JBL speaker if it is in pairing mode. Select and pair with it. Now your JBL speaker is fully connected to your TV.

#4. Check if Audio is playing through JBL Speakers

Lastly, check if the TV audio is being played through JBL speakers rather than factory speakers of TV. If it is playing through JBL speakers, you are done. Enjoy.

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Connect JBL Speaker To TV Without Bluetooth

If your TV does not support Bluetooth, the other way to connect is using wires or purchasing a Bluetooth adapter.

In wire connection, we mostly use AUX cable. It is a cable we commonly use in our mobiles, laptops, and computers. It has a 3.5mm jack and very cheap.

Here are the steps for connecting with AUX cable.

#1 Find AUX Port on TV

Check the AUX port on your TV. It is available on TV as an audio output.

#2 Buy AUX Cable

Get an AUX cable. AUX cable has two 3.5mm jacks on both sides. It is easily available and you may have one already at your home.

#3 Plug AUX Cable

Plug one end of AUX cable in your JBL speaker and the other end in your TV.

#4 Change Audio Output on TV

According to your model of TV change audio output to AUX if needed.

#5 Play On TV

Play something on TV and audio should play from your JBL speakers. Now your JBL speaker is connected to TV with AUX cable. Enjoy.

How to connect with Bluetooth without Bluetooth in TV?

If your TV does not have Bluetooth but still you want to connect your JBL speaker wirelessly to your TV, you need a Bluetooth adapter.

A Bluetooth adapter connects to your TV using any available input option and then your JBL speaker will connect to Bluetooth adapter.

So before you buy a Bluetooth adapter, check that it supports at least one input available on your TV.

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Ending Thoughts

These were 3 different methods you can use to connect JBL speaker to TV. One of these methods will surely work for you. No matter which model of JBL and which brand of TV you are using, there is always an option to connect both.

If you still face any problem while connecting your JBL speaker to TV, reach out to us.

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