How To Connect Mac To TV Wirelessly Without Apple TV

December 14, 2021 by seo123

Do you want to connect your Mac to a TV wirelessly without Apple TV? You have come to the right place.

Because this article will tell you various methods to connect Apple Mac with a TV.

Although you can connect Mac to TV through HMDI cable yet the wireless connection is also possible. Hence, you can wirelessly mirror your Mac screen to your Smart TV.

This will provide you with entertainment options like watching movies and shows, playing games, or streaming music.

In addition, it mirroring Mac screen to TV is also convenient for office use. If you want to give presentations, you can use the giant TV screen instead of projectors.

If you own an Apple TV, you can easily connect your Mac to a common TV. However, this guide brings a unique method for connecting your Mac to a Smart TV without Apple TV.

Method 1: AirPlay 2

Most of the Smart TVs come with the latest streaming apps and services. One of them is AirPlay 2 that is necessary to connect iOS devices to your TV.

Mac is also an iOS device, so your TV should have AirPlay 2. Roku and Amazon Fire TV feature AirPlay 2.

You can check the specifications of your TV to confirm AirPlay 2 availability.

Now, follow these instructions to make a wireless connection between your Mac and TV;

  1. Turn ON both your Mac and Smart TV and connect them to the same Wifi network.
  2. On the top of your Mac screen, tap the AirPlay icon that is rectangular in shape with a triangle below it.
  3. Click the name of your TV appearing on the AirPlay 2 list.
  4. Enter the passcode and your Mac screen will mirror on TV.

Method 2: Third-Party Apps

There are various apps that can help connect Mac to TV wirelessly. However, some are paid while others may be frustrating.

So, we have sorted out the three best apps. Before starting the process, do not forget to connect both your Mac and TV to the same Wifi network.

1. MirrorMeister

MirrorMesiter is a third-party app that can be used to connect your Mac to TV wirelessly. This app is compatible with all smart TVs.

So, it is an amazing way to mirror your Mac screen. Follow these simple steps;

  1. Go to Mac App Store on your Mac and download the MirrorMeister app.
  2. Launch the app and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.
  3. After following some simple steps, you can mirror your Mac screen to your TV.

2. LetsView

This app is free and readily mirrors your Mac screen to your Smart TV. You can use LetView app as follows;

  1. Go to the Mac Store and download the “LetsView” app.
    Next, download and launch this app on your TV.
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions, wait for a PIN code to appear on your TV screen.
  3. Find the “Computer Screen Mirroring” option in LetsView on your Mac and enter the PIN code displayed by the TV.
  4. Tap the ‘Start’ option to mirror your Mac screen on your TV.

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3. ApowerMirror

This is another wonderful app to connect your Mac and TV wirelessly. It is advantageous because it offers additional screen mirroring features.

You can use the ApowerMirror app by the following method;

  1. Download the ‘APowerMirror’ app both on your Mac and TV.
  2. Launch the app on both devices and follow the on-screen prompts.
  3. Enter the PIN code that appears on your TV screen and then tap the ‘mirror’ button.
  4. Finally, your Mac screen will be connected to your TV wirelessly.

Method 3: Chromecast

If your TV does not support AirPlay 2, you can use an alternate method to connect your Mac wirelessly. It requires a smart device called Google Chromecast.

You need to connect this device to your TV and it will be ready to mirror your Mac screen.

In addition, Chromecast can also wirelessly mirror other media devices such as smartphones, tablets, computers.

Follow the below-mentioned steps;

  1. Connect both your TV and Mac to the same Wifi connection. You can also use a mobile hotspot if Wifi is unavailable.
  2. Insert the Chromecast into the HMDI port on your TV.
  3. Download and open Google Chrome on your Mac.
  4. When you open Chrome, you will see three vertical dots on the top right corner of the Mac screen.
  5. Click this menu icon and it will show you further options. Click “Cast” and choose the option “Cast completely” from the drop-down menu.
  6. Your Mac screen will be mirrored on the TV screen. You may face a little latency but this method is very convenient.

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Final Words

So, this article has told you three methods of mirroring your Mac screen to your TV. If your TV supports AirPlay 2 then the connection can be made very easily.

However, the TV lacks this feature, you can use Chromecast or an app. Hence, by following this guide, you can connect your Mac to TV wirelessly without Apple TV.

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