Do Smart TVs Have Cameras? Authentic Answers and Expert Tips

June 18, 2022 by seo123

Who could think that a smart TV comes with a camera? Many people do not know the fact that their smart TVs have cameras. I was really astonished when I knew this fact.

I am thankful that my smart TV does not have one. But, you may be thinking; what’s the purpose of a camera on a smart TV, where they are located, and how to find them.

Another thought may also be coming to your mind that is it risky to have a camera on your TV.

I know you are eager to ask many other questions. But, do not worry. I will answer all of your questions in this article.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting queries that naturally come to your mind. They will add more to your knowledge.

Is the red light on my TV a camera?

The red light is the standby indicator and not the camera on your TV. This light remains ON when power is connected to the TV but its screen is OFF. The red light can be the Infrared receiver to which you point the remote control.

Can my smart TV listen to me?

Many latest TVs come with built-in microphones. Although they cannot listen to your daily talks yet they can collect your data via ACR technology.

This data is used by advertising companies to know your preferences and to show you specific ads. Just turn OFF the microphone and ACR feature.

Does my Samsung TV have a camera?

Not all but some newer Samsung TVs are equipped with a camera. For example, Samsung F7, F8, and F9 series feature a camera. It is located at the top bezel.

Why Sony Bravia TV has a camera?

Sony Bravia TV features BRAVIA CAM. It is used to recognize your presence in the room. The camera detects your distance from the TV. Then, the device adjusts sound and picture settings automatically.

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Final Words

Smart gadgets have made our life easier. But, they are a potential risk to our privacy. Therefore, we should remain alert.

Besides a TV whatever device you own, take necessary measures to protect it. Because cybercriminals are always there to test their abilities.

In this guide, I have recommended many valuable actions to protect your smart TV and home.

Now, if your smart TV has a camera, you do not need to worry anymore. Just follow this guide to secure it from spies and enjoy yourself.

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