How To Drill New Holes For Car Speakers

September 5, 2020 by seo123

When installing new speakers or replacing factory speakers, sometimes you need to drill holes for the speakers to fit in your car.

It mostly happens when your newly purchased speakers have more holes than the factory speakers. If the holes on the speakers are in line with the holes already in your car, you don’t need to drill new holes.

As most of the new speakers today use screws for installation while some cars have factory speakers installed with clips and there are no holes available. In this case, you may need to drill holes for screwing the speakers in.

Speakers that are installed with clips instead of screws rattle and kill the audio. Avoid this practice and use screws for better installation.

If you don’t want to drill holes, you can also use some self-drilling screws that can install the speakers. Make sure to take care of the wirings already present where you are going to drill holes or insert self-drilling screws.

If your speakers are not much expensive, you can drill holes in your speakers if possible and avoid drilling new holes in the car body.

Tips For Drilling New Holes in a Car

Drilling new holes are not much difficult task but avoid making mistakes during the task to prevent any damage to the car.

Before you start drilling make a proper plan and mark the points you are going to make holes. For example, if you have a speaker with 4 holes, place it at the installation spot and mark the holes with a pencil. For clarity, you can use masking tape over the spot you are going to drill and mark the points on it.

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Always make sure what is behind before running the drill machine. You can also use a hammer to drill small holes for screws. However, drill works great.

Other tools you can use to drill small holes for speakers are tank cutter, round hole punch, tapered grinder, etc.

If you need to enlarge the hole you can use File instead of enlarging the holes with the same tool.

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