How To Connect Vizio TV To WiFi Without Remote

April 25, 2021 by seo123

Vizio Smart TVs give you an excellent experience when connected to WiFi. You get a lot of controls and adjust everything to your desires. But without a remote, it becomes difficult to connect a Vizio TV to WiFi and control all its features.

In Smart TVs, like Vizio Remote is the main part of the device and without it, you lose access to a lot of features.

Especially to connect your Vizio Smart TV to Internet/WiFi, a remote control is required. And without the internet, a Smart TV cannot be a Smart TV.

If you have lost your Vizio TV Remote, the best option is to order a new remote and get it as soon as possible as you are going to face a lot of difficulties without it.

You can visit and search for the word “Remote” and you will surely get what you need.

If your Vizio Smart TV is within the warranty and the remote has stopped working, you can use Self-Serve Service Request at Vizio.

Connection to WiFi/Internet is carried out using remote and if your remote has stopped working or lost, there could be problems at that time but still, there are options available for you.

Ethernet Cable

Then follow the steps to connect your TV to the internet properly.

  • Locate an Ethernet Port on your Vizio Smart TV. It is mostly at the back of all Smart TVs including Vizio
  • Then locate the similar ethernet port on the router from where you want to create the connection to your Vizio TV
  • Plug one end of ethernet cable in your router and another end in Vizio Smart TV
  • Turn your Vizio Smart TV ON using the power button located on the back left side of your TV
  • Now find the menu button from the set of buttons located on the back or front of your Vizio TV. If you don’t find these buttons, you cannot proceed with this method
  • Go to the Home Network
  • Here you will be asked to choose the connection type. You have to select “Wired Network”
  • Once done, your Vizio Smart TV will be connected to the Internet/WiFi

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Universal Remote

You should have at least one universal remote at your home that you could use with all the devices with lost/damaged remotes.

A universal remote can work great with all remote devices including the Vizio Smart TV.

Though there are many universal remotes available in the market, the most popular and best universal remotes are Logitech Harmony Remotes.

Once you have this universal remote, you will not need the Original Vizio Remote and you will be able to connect to the internet/WiFi.

How To Use Vizio Smart TV Without Remote?

Once you have connected your Vizio Smart TV to WiFi anyway without using remote, the next step may be controlling the TV without a remote.

In the present case, suppose that you have no remote, even no universal remote then how you are going to use Vizio Smart TV?

Yes, you may have a mobile phone which can make things similar to the remote.

With Vizio Smartcast App, you can add, remove and control apps on Vizio Smart TV from your Smartphone. The relevant app must be set up on your smartphone.

Before you proceed, make sure both the Smartphone and your Vizio TV are connected to the internet.

Follow the steps below:

  • Download The Vizio Smartcast App for Android or Vizio Smartcast App for iOS
  • Open the Vizio Smartcast App on either of your devices
  • At the bottom of the  Homepage, tap on the Control Button
  • In the top right corner, click on devices. A list of all available devices will appear
  • Select your Vizio Smart TV from the list of available devices
  • When you select your Vizio TV, it will be connected. Then you will see a control menu looking almost similar to that of your remote.
  • You can control whatever you want including power control. video mode, input switch, and much more
  • To access the movement screen, you can swipe to the left. It will give you similar control just like with the directional pad

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Ending Thoughts 

I hope, after this guide, you will be able to connect your Vizio Smart TV to WiFi/Internet without having a remote. Even without a remote, you can use all the features of your Vizio TV once connected to the internet. But it is recommended to have a replacement remote at the earliest.

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