How To Pair JBL Flip 4-Step By Step

December 15, 2020 by seo123

If you have a JBL Flip 4 speaker, you can pair it with android, iPhone, iPad, another JBL Flip 4, or JBL Flip 5. Whatever the audio source you have or you want to connect multiple JBL speakers with your JBL Flip 4, this article will help you in a thorough understanding of how you can pair the JBL Flip 4 speaker.

Pair JBL Flip 4 with Android

If you have an android phone plus JBL Flip 4 speaker, you can connect both using Bluetooth. Here are the steps for pairing.

#1 Step

Turn your JBL Flip 4 speaker ON by pressing the power button. You may hear a standard startup tone.

#2 Step

Press the Bluetooth button on your JBL Flip 3 speaker to enter into pairing mode. Now your speaker will be in pairing mode. The Bluetooth light will flash Blue when two devices will be going to pair.

#3 Step

Go to settings and then Bluetooth settings in your android phone. Enable Bluetooth and look for your speaker. Select “JBL Flip 4” and pair. Sometimes it also requires code which is generally “0000” and if it did not ask then continue to pairing. Your JBL Flip 4 speaker is now paired with an android phone.

#4 Step

Play music from your android phone and you will hear the sound coming from JBL Flip 4 speaker that ensures connection has been established properly. Every time, you come back, both of these devices will automatically connect to each other.

Pair JBL Flip 4 with iPhone

You can connect your iPhone with JBL Flip 4 Bluetooth speaker using Bluetooth technology. Here are the simple steps to pair both of these devices together.

#1 Step

Turn your JBL Flip 4 Bluetooth speaker ON and press Bluetooth button to enter pairing mode. Make sure it is not connected to any other device to prevent auto connect.

#2 Step

Turn ON Bluetooth in your iPhone by entering Bluetooth settings of iPhone and look for JBL Flip 4 by clicking on other devices. Select your JBL Flip 4 speaker and connect to it.

#3 Step

Make sure you are now connected to JBL Flip 4 by playing a song from your iPhone. If you hear the sound in JBL Flip 4 rather than your iPhone factory speakers, you are fully connected. Enjoy more sound.

Pair JBL Flip 4 Together

If you have two JBL Flip 4 speakers, you can pair them together to get a better left and right side sound experience. Power gets doubled resulting in increased bass and loudness plus stereo sound experience.

Here are the steps to pair two JBL Flip 4 speakers together.

#1 Step

Turn ON both your JBL Flip 4 speakers. Make sure none of these is connected to any other device except the one you are going to connect.

#2 Step

Now connect both of these speakers to your android or iPhone.

#3 Step

Play music from your phone. Music will play from one of these two speakers rather than both.

#4 Step

Press the “JBL Connect” button on the speaker playing audio.

#5 Step

Press the “JBL Connect” button on another speaker. Now the audio will play from both the speakers at a time.

FAQs about Pairing JBL Flip 4 Speaker

You may face some issues while pairing your JBL Flip 4 and some questions will surely arise in your mind.

Why JBL Flip 4 not pairing with my phone?

First of all make sure this speaker is not connected to any other device nearby. If not and still not connecting to your smartphone, try resetting the settings. Resetting will remove any previously paired device. Learn here to reset JBL Flip 4.

Does pairing two JBL Flip 4 speakers increase loudness?

Of course, when you connect two JBL speakers together, the power is doubled. Loudness is increased with a good stereo sound experience. Bass also gets better with right and left channels.

Can I pair JBL Flip 4 with JBL Flip 5?

Yes, you can pair JBL Flip 4 with 5 in the same way as pairing both JBL Speakers together. You can read our instructions for connecting multiple JBL Speakers together.

Can I connect my JBL Flip 4 to the TV?

Yes, if your TV has Bluetooth, you can connect JBL Flip 4 using Bluetooth technology. In case there is no Bluetooth, JBL Flip 4 also supports AUX cable connection.

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