How To Reset Blackweb Bluetooth Speaker

December 16, 2020 by seo123

If your Blackweb Bluetooth is not pairing, there may be some problem with your settings or it may be connecting automatically to some unknown device. The best way is to reset your Blackweb Bluetooth speaker to its factory settings.

Resetting will remove all previously paired devices. In this way, your speaker will be ready to pair with new devices like your smartphone, tablet, computer, laptop or any other Bluetooth device.

Steps to reset your Blackweb Bluetooth speaker

You need to take the following steps to reset your speaker.

#1 Turn ON The Blackweb Speaker

Open your Blackweb Bluetooth speaker by pressing the power button. No matter if it is already connected to any device. Just make sure it gets power and turns ON.

#2 Press and Hold Bluetooth and Power Button

In the next step press and hold the power button and Bluetooth button simultaneously for more than 3 seconds. This will reset your speaker to its factory settings.

#3 Turn ON Speaker and Pair with your Phone

As your Blackweb Bluetooth speaker has been reset to default settings, turn it back ON and pair with your smartphone. There will be no pairing issues now like before.

#4 Play Song From Source and Enjoy

When your Blackweb Bluetooth Speaker is paired with an audio source, play music and see if it is playing through the speaker.

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Final Thoughts

By following our step by step instructions, you will face no problem in resetting your Blackweb Bluetooth Speaker.

Now your Blackweb Bluetooth speaker is just like new out of the box. If you still face any pairing issue, try changing your smartphone or another device you want to pair with Blackweb Bluetooth speaker.

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