How To Reset Kenwood Car Stereo-3 Methods

April 1, 2022 by seo123

This article will teach you how to reset the Kenwood car stereo by yourself. There are many types and models of Kenwood stereos.

They come with their own buttons and system. Kenwood stands among the popular stereos. However, it can malfunction sometimes. So, you need to reset your stereo.

First, try the soft reset method and then the hard reset. This guide will explain both methods and is applicable to all models of Kenwood stereo.

Why Reset Your Kenwood Car Stereo?

You should reset your Kenwood stereo if it is not working properly. After a long time of usage, the stereo starts acting up.

For example, some of the buttons stop working correctly or the display screen does not respond. There may be a problem with the settings.

So, you should reset your stereo if you diagnose any such issue. The reset will restore your device to factory settings. Hence, its performance will be improved.

How to Reset Kenwood Car Stereo

There are different methods of resetting your Kenwood car stereo. For your convenience, we will tell you all the methods

Method 1

This reset method works for KDC Line models of the car stereo. Follow all the steps correctly;

  1. Start your car and then turn ON the stereo by pressing the ‘Home’ button. The LED light should pop up indicating that your stereo is powered ON.
  2. Find the ‘detach’ button on your stereo and click it. This will remove the faceplate present at the bottom of the stereo. Be sure to remove the plate carefully and gently to avoid any damage.
  3. The reset button will be visible now. This button is too tiny. So, you need a pen or some other pointed tool to press the button.
  4. Put the pen on the reset button and hold it for 5 seconds.
  5. Allow your Kenwood car stereo to reset completely.

Method 2: Soft Reset

If your Kenwood stereo features a touch screen, the reset method is different.

You can perform both the soft and hard reset on this type of stereo. The soft reset should be done first. The method is as follows;

  1. The soft reset process is similar to the previously mentioned method.
  2. Locate the small triangular reset button. It is generally located on the top left corner of your stereo.
  3. It has a LED light and glows when the stereo is powered ON. So, you can identify it easily.
  4. Using a pen or pointed tool, press and hold the reset button for 5 seconds.
  5. Your device will be reset. You can customize the setting afterward.

Method 3: Factory Reset

The factory reset or hard reset process erases all the data on your stereo. So, it adopts the factory settings thereby removing any software bugs.

However, the factory reset method is somewhat intricate. You need a helping hand to perform it correctly. Follow these steps accurately;

  1. Locate the CD slot on your stereo. There is an ‘Eject’ button present beside it.
  2. Press the ‘Eject CD’ and ‘Volume’ buttons at the same time.
  3. Next, press and hold the reset button using a pointed tool. You need to hold all these buttons at the same time.
  4. Release the buttons when your Kenwood stereo starts booting up.
  5. Now, find the ‘Initialize All’ button on your car stereo. It is present on the display screen. Tap this button and the factory restore process will begin.
  6. Once you have successfully booted your stereo, find the “Initialize All” button. You can find it on your display touchscreen. Tap it to get the process started.
  7. Once, the process is complete, reset your Kenwood car stereo again. Press and hold the tiny reset button for 5 seconds.

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Final Words

The reset method mentioned in this guide work for all models of Kenwood car stereo. However, if you own any other car stereo from a different brand, you can try the same reset process.

Generally, all stereos have a similar setup and system. Surely, you will find our article helpful as it taught you how to reset the Kenwood car stereo. Keep following us for more updates.

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