How To Split RCA For Multiple Amps

August 23, 2020 by seo123

You can split RCA and connect multiple amps with it. The procedure is no difficult and you can connect two or three amps just by splitting one RCA jack.

Amplifiers are used to reproduce sound by increasing the amplitude of the sound. RCA cables are connectors that help you connect between two electrical devices.

There are three methods to split RCA for multiple Amps.

  • Connect using RCA Splitter Cables
  • Daisy Chain Connection
  • Line Output Converter (LOC)

We will discuss in detail all these methods. The one you find the best can be used to split RCA.

1. RCA Splitter Cables (Hook-Up Two Channels with One RCA Jack)

As you can understand from the picture the complete function of RCA splitter cable. You can get 2 from 1.

With this cable, you can connect with 2 amplifiers even if your system has 1 RCA jack. Follow the steps to make a connection.

#1 Step

Setup the device with a single RCA output.

#2 Step

Unplug white and red male plugs if they are plugged

#3 Step

Now plug the RCA Splitter cables from where you have unplugged both male plugs.

#4 Step

Now there will be two pairs of white and red male plugs that you have to plug into two amplifiers.

This was one of the three methods you can use to split 1 RCA jack into 2 RCA jacks and connect two amps.

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2. Daisy Chain Connection

The next method is the Daisy Chain Connection of wires. It is also one of the most used methods.

Follow the steps below for Daisy Chain Connection.

#1 Step

Setup the electronic device with a single RCA jack.

#2 Step

Setup the amplifiers to be connected. Empty input and output units of the amp.

#3 Step

Connect Daisy chain splitter to RCA jack.

#4 Step

Now connect the wire from splitter to input outlet of first and another to the output outlet of the first amp. The second wire has a male plug that will be connected to the next amp.

These were two methods you can use to split RCA to connect two amplifiers. In this method you just splitter cables.

Now we move to our 3rd method that is Line Output Converter (LOC). This is the best method as compared to both above and we will discuss at the end why it is best.

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3. Line Output Converter (Create RCA jack From High-Level Input)

A line output converter can help you increase the number of RCA jacks to connect multiple amps. Even if your system has no RCA jack, it can help you create by converting the output.

What is LOC?

A line output converter or LOC is a device that converts the high voltage signal to RCA preamp level signals. These signals are used by the amplifiers.

LOC has a standard transformer and high voltage resistors. The output of LOC is an RCA jack that connects with the amplifier.

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Split RCA jacks with LOC

If you want to increase the number of RCA jacks or even create an RCA jack if your system has none, LOC is going to help you in both the cases.

For example, if your system has one built-in RCA jack, you connect LOC to any other output of the head unit and the output of LOC will be RCA jack. In this way, you have got two RCA jacks.

If you want three RCA jacks, you can split the built-in RCA jack by using splitter cables into two and create one with LOC. In this way, you have 3 RCA jacks.

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Pros and Cons of Splitter Cables and LOC

The advantage of using splitter cables is that you can split RCA jacks and connect multiple amps in very easy way and at affordable price.

But the disadvantage is that a single RCA jack is made for one amplifier and when you split it and connect two amplifiers it will divide the power into two. Both have to share the power coming from one RCA jack. In this way, the sound quality is disturbed.

LOC, however, does better than splitter cables. It connects from another output of the head unit rather than the same RCA jack and gives an RCA jack as output. In this way, all the power from other output of head unit is delivered to one LOC that can work efficiently.

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What is the best way to split RCA For Multiple Amps?

As from our above discussion, splitter cables can be used but not a good choice. Daisy chain splitters can lead to electric failure and cause fire hazards.

The best choice is to use line output converter (LOC) and connect two amplifiers. If you want to connect three amplifiers, you can use splitter cables.

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