Fixing iPhone 13 Stuck on Verifying Phone Number

April 19, 2022 by seo123

iPhone 13 stuck on verifying phone number is one of the common issues new users face. This problem usually occurs on a new iPhone when you start the setup process.

It is really a frustrating situation if you purchased an iPhone 13 recently. Because everyone is eager to use a brand new iPhone.

But, this issue ruins your enthusiasm. Generally, the problem is caused by a network error on the part of the user or the server.

However, you should stop worrying now. We have brought easy and quick fixes to resolve your issue. Be sure to read and follow this guide till the end.

1. Restart Your iPhone 13

If both the server and the internet connection are working fine, check your phone. Try a quick restart method to release it from stuck mode.

A restart is very helpful in all situations when your iPhone hangs. The process is as follows;

  1. Locate the volume button present on the left side of your iPhone 13.
  2. Press and release the ‘Volume Up’ button. Now, press and quickly release the ‘Volume Down’ button.
  3. Next, press and hold the ‘Power/Side’ button. Release the button when you see the Apple logo on your phone screen.

Please note that you have to follow each step quickly after the other. Repeat all the steps again if you do not see the Apple logo or your phone does not restart properly.

2. Ensure a Strong Internet Connection

First and foremsot thing you need to check is your internet connection. Make sure your internet is not slow and working well.

It is advised to activate your iPhone 13 over a reliable Wifi network instead of mobile data. You should be in a place that recives strong internet signals.

Some far-off localities pose the internet issue. Hence, you need to consider all these aspects. You can check the connection strength through other devices.

3. Check System Status

One of the immediate reasons your iPhone stuck on verifying phone number is the bad Apple services. The setup process involves sending information to the Apple server.

You enter the information on your phone which is then sent to the Apple for registration. If the server is suffering a break down, your iPhone 13 is likely to stuck.

Apparently, your phone is stuck on verifying phone number. But, in reality the data transmission process is too slow to respond.

The solution is to check the Apple system status and server performance. If the servers are repairing, you should try the activation process after a while. You need to wait patiently until the server is fixed.

4. Activate Via iTunes

You can also activate your new iPhone 13 through iTunes. This method is simple and easy. Follow each step correctly;

  1. Take an Apple lightning cable, insert its one end into your iPhone 13 and the other end into a USB port on your computer.
  2. Now launch iTunes on your Mac or PC.
  3. Wait for your PC to detect the connected iPhone. The activation wizard should start automatically in iTunes.
  4. It will ask you to provide your information. Fill up the activation form by the correct information.
  5. It also needs your social security number and billing address. So, keep this information ready so that the process may not be interrupted.
  6. Submit the information and complete the process by following the on-screen instructions.
  7. Wait for 15 minutes until your iPhone 13 activates completely.

5. Charge Your iPhone 13

It is also an effective trick to release your iPhone 13 from stuck mode. Many users report that they found this solution helpful. The hanged phone needs a motion trigger to work.

So, charging can help in this regard. Moreover, the phone battery may have drained out. So, it is stuck on verifying phone number.

Use the original charging cable and adapter provided with your iPhone. Connect it to a working power outlet and let it charge for a few minutes. Hopefully, this will help.

6. Repair the Operating System

If still your iPhone 13 is stuck on ‘verifying phone number’, try a system repair. You can use a third-party software to solve this issue.

‘UltFone iOS System Repair’ is a reliable software program that can fix your iPhone 13. It also helps in fixing other iOS problems. The process is as follows;

Download and launch ‘UltFone iOS System Repair’ on your computer or Mac.

  1. Connect your iPhone 13 to your computer using an Apple lightning cable.
  2. Click the ‘Start’ button and then ‘Standard Repair’.
  3. Choose the ‘Download’ option on the next screen.
  4. Select the desired location to download the ‘Firmware Package’.
  5. Once the firmware has downloaded, tap the ‘Start Standard Repair’ option. It will begin the repairing process.
  6. You will have to wait a few minutes to complete the process.
  7. Click on ‘Done’ and your iPhone 13 will be released from stuck mode.

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7. Contact Apple Support

Check the server status, if it is not performing well, wait patiently. Usually, the server gets back in some hours.

Connect to some other internet network to complete the activation process fast. In short, you should try all the fixes.

Because the solutions mentioned in this guide are all verified and tested. They must solve your problem.

However, if still your iPhone 13 is stuck, you must contact Apple. Explain your problem and also tell them that you have tried all the troubleshooting tricks.

Follow their recommendations to fix the issue permanently. Do not forget to tell us in the comment section which of the hack fixed your iPhone 12 stuck on verifying phone number.

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