JBL Flip 3 Speaker not Charging Solved

August 21, 2021 by seo123

JBL Flip 3 is a Bluetooth speaker. This portable speaker is very light weighted. Moreover, it is splash-proof hence ideal for outdoor use. JBL Flip 3 is equipped with a Lithium-ion 3000mAh battery. The rechargeable battery runs up to 10 hours and takes 3.5 hours to fully charge. JBL Flip 3 has a reliable battery. Sometimes, you may face a charging issue. It is really an irritating experience if your JBL Flip 3 is not charging.

It happens due to many reasons. For instance, the charging cable or charger is faulty. There may be dust accumulated in the charging port, the battery or circuit board may be damaged.

In addition, software bugs also prevent charging. Knowing the exact underlying problem is a little bit challenging. You can try some tricks to solve the issue of JBL Flip 3 not charging.

We suggest some solutions that will surely solve your problem if your JBL Flip 3 is not charging.

1. Use Another Charger or Charging Cable

Maybe the charging cable or charger of your JBL speaker is faulty. This is one of the common reasons for charging issues. So, your first task is to check the charger and charging cable.

Try to charge your JBL Flip 3 using another charger. Also, change the charging cable. The cable may be bent or twisted and hinders the current flow. You can use the charger of your smartphone to charge the JBL Flip 3.

If a different charger works then you should buy a new charger for your speaker. Remember that a low-quality charger affects the battery.  You should always opt for a high-quality and genuine charger.

2. Check the Power Outlet

Maybe the power outlet is non-functional, that’s why your JBL Flip 3 is not charging. The outlet may be delivering very low or very high voltage. So, you should connect the charger to some other power outlet.

Make sure that you have properly plugged in the charger. Sometimes, the charger cannot fit into the plug and keeps on disconnecting. This affects the charging process. If this solution does not work, move on to the next.

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3. Troubleshoot Your JBL Flip 3

Factory reset or hard reset is an excellent trick to resolve a number of issues. IF your JBL speaker is not charging, pairing, or not working properly, try a factory reset. It helps in improving the device efficiency by removing all the data.

The default factory settings will be restored on your speaker and it will start charging. Let us understand that how can you factory reset or hard reset your JBL Flip 3;

Hard Resetting JBL Flip 3

Power on the JBL Flip 3 by pressing the power button.

Now, press and hold the ‘Bluetooth’, ‘Volume Up & Volume Down’ buttons simultaneously for 5 seconds.

The speaker will turn off, this is an indication of a successful hard reset.

Factory Resetting JBL Flip 3

First of all, press the power button to turn on your speaker.

Confirm that the speaker has turned on. The power button will glow and the speaker will give a rising electric guitar sound as soon as it turns on.

Press and hold the ‘Volume Up’ and ‘Phone’ buttons together for 5 seconds. The speaker will turn off confirming the factory reset.

4. An Expired Battery

If none of the above solutions works then you must check the battery of your JBL Flip 3. The battery may have expired or been defective. JBL Flip 3 is a splash-proof speaker. But, constant contact with water may damage the battery.

Moreover, heat or overcharging can also destroy the battery. The ultimate solution is to replace the battery of your speaker. You can do it yourself or can consult a professional. Purchase the new battery from a trusted supplier. You can buy from Amazon or from the company.

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Final Words

If an older JBL Flip 3 is causing the charging issue, it may be due to a defective battery or circuit board. So, you have to replace the battery. However, if your device is newer and under warranty then you should consult the manufacturer. But, be sure to try some troubleshooting methods and solutions mentioned above. If nothing works then you can complain to the company. You can ask for a refund or replacements.

We hope this article helped you in resolving the issue of JBL Flip 3 not charging. Provide us your feedback. Frankly ask if you have any queries or suggestions.

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