JBL Headphones Not Turning OFF Solved

October 5, 2021 by seo123

JBL headphones are very popular. They come in different models. There are JBL headsets and noise-canceling headphones also. Their sound quality and overall performance are great.

Some JBL users complain that the headphones cannot turn off sometimes. It can happen seldom or frequently. This issue also occurs with other devices like laptops, PC or some other device.

This article lists the reasons for JBL not turning off issue. It will also tell you the best solutions to fix your JBL headphones that are not turning off.

Properly Disconnect Your JBL Headphones

One reason for this problem is that some programs are running in the background that stops your JBL headphones from turning off.

Maybe it is connected to some device and music is still playing on it. So, you should close all the programs and disconnect the devices before turning off your JBL headphones.

Also, try removing the JBL app from your phone. It might be interfering with your headphones hence they cannot turn off.

Another thing is the aux audio cable, unplug it from your headphones. Now, try turning them off.

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Reset Your JBL Headphones

If your JBL headphones are not turning off, consider resetting them. This will remove the software bugs. Your device will refresh and will release from any stubborn condition.

Follow the instructions given below to reset your JBL headphones;

  1. On your JBL Headphones, long-press the “Volume+ and Volume minus” buttons at the same time. Hold these buttons until the headphones are turned off.
  2. Now, connect your headphones to the power supply for charging.
  3. After some moments, unplug the headphones.

This trick is very effective and will fix your JBL headphones. Hopefully, now, they can shut down normally. If not then follow the next step.

But, you will need to pair them again with all the devices. Because after factory reset your JBL headphones have forgotten all the settings.

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Final Words

So, these are two methods to fix your JBL headphones that are not turning off. These solutions worked in almost all cases. It is very rare that still, your JBL headphones are not turning off.

In this case, you must contact the manufacturer. Your headphones have some hardware defects. If they exceeded the warranty then you can contact a headphone expert. He can help to fix your JBL headphones.

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