JBL Headphones Not Charging Solved

October 4, 2021 by seo123

JBL headphones are available in various models. Some are over-ear headphones while others are in-ear headphones. They come with a rechargeable battery and a charging box.

The charge time and battery life vary across different models. However, all JBL Headphones have an efficient and powerful battery.

There is a LED indicator that tells the battery status. If it turns red, it means the battery is running low. While the green light indicates that the battery is charged.

But sometimes, the battery cannot be charged at all. The LED indicator glows but as soon as you disconnect the charger, the battery is empty. In other cases, the battery cannot charge at all, and the LED light does not glow.

This guide will solve your issue. Because we are telling you all the solutions to fix your JBL headphones that are not charging. So, let us begin.

1. Give Some Time

A fully drained battery needs a longer time to charge. The LED indicators lights when you connect the charger with your JBL headphones but it does not turn on.

You should keep your headphones connected for some time. Give at least 30 minutes to charge it. Then, try turning the headphones on.

2. Use A Compatible Charging Cable

A low-quality charging cable may be the reason your JBL headphones are not charging. Always use the original micro USB charging cable that comes with your JBL headphones.

So, connect your JBL headphones with its compatible micro-USB. Surely, they will charge now. Also, make sure that you are using the original charging cube.

Do not use incompatible charging tools for your JBL headphones. They can damage your device.

Remember, if a third-party charging cable works with some other headphones that do not mean it will work with your JBL.

3. Test the Charging Tools

Most of the JBL headphones come with a micro-USB charging cable and a charging cube. You plug one end of the cable into the charging cube and the other end into the remote of the headphones.

So, the fault may lie in either of these two parts. Simply connect the same micro USB charging cable with some other headphones.

The LED indicator will tell you whether it is working or not. If it does not work then change the charging cable or the charging cube.

In this way, you can find out which component is failed. If both are functioning then read more to fix your JBL headphones that are not charging.

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4. Check the Power Supply

The JBL headphones can be charged either through an electric supply or through your computer. If you are charging them via computer, make sure it is turned on.

The computer should not be in sleep or hibernation mode. The battery of your computer should be charged and not drained.

If you are charging your JBL headphones directly from the wall power outlet, check their performance. Whether it is delivering power or not.

In case you are using an extension, it may be faulty. So, you should check all these connections.

5. Clean the Charging Ports

Usually, we don’t bother cleaning the charging ports. But, it is one of the major causes of the charging issues. By the time, the dust gathers in the charging ports and the charging cable cannot fir properly.

Hence, your JBL headphones cannot charge. So, clean the charging port on your JBL headphones as well as both ends of the micro-USB cable.

Also, clean the charging port on the charging cube. You can use a small paintbrush or an air-cane to clean these ports. But, be gentle while cleaning and do not harm any delicate component.

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6. Reset Your JBL Headphones

Resetting your JBL headphones can solve many problems including the charging issue. The reset method may be slightly different for different JBL headphones versions.

But, the general method is given below;

  1. Locate the power button on your specific JBL headphones. Press the button to turn your device off.
  2. The headphones will give a confirmation sound when turning off.
  3. Now, long-press the ‘Volume UP’ and ‘Volume Down’ buttons at the same time. Hold the buttons at least for 20 seconds.
  4. Release when the headphones give a sound again.
  5.  Now, you have successfully reset your JBL headphones. Try charging them again.

7. Look for the Hardware Damage

After performing all these steps, if your JBL headphones are still not charging then it is due to some hardware damage. Examine the charging port of your headphones, maybe it is broken.

In this case, you will need to repair or replace the port. The charging port is also fine and still, your JBL headphones are not charging. Most probably, this is due to a failed or expired battery.

Your JBL headphones need a new battery. You can change the battery at home. But, it is better to seek customer support from JBL if your headphones are under warranty.

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Final Words

This article is the ultimate guide to fix your JBL headphones that are not charging. We have told you the best methods to solve this issue. We hope, till now your JBL headphones have started charging.

But, if they have any hardware fault, you must consult a technician. You can also consider buying new headphones. It depends on your budget and on the expense or repair.

Hope this would help you solve your problem with JBL headphones that are not charging. Stay connected with us for more technical solutions. We are open to any queries and suggestions.

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