JBL vs Bose: Everything You Need to Know

December 1, 2021 by seo123

Both JBL and Bose are famous brands in the acoustic market. A lot of JBL and Bose speakers are available in various versions and models.

But, while deciding between the two brands, you may feel confused. Because every brand has its own unique features. The choice of features also depends on individual preferences.

So, you must have all the essential knowledge about both JBL and Bose speakers. This guide will do a detailed analysis of JBL vs Bose.

We will do side by side comparison considering all the characteristics such as sound quality, design, connectivity, battery, cost, and others.

JBL vs Bose: A Quick Overview

When it comes to battery life, JBL excels over Bose. Moreover, it also offers AUX input, subwoofer, and dust/water resistance.

JBL comes with a detachable cable and socket that is used for a 3.5 mm audio jack.

In contrast, Bose speakers excel over JBL in terms of portability. They are light weighted and slim.

Furthermore, Bose speakers offer the latest features such as Wifi, voice control, and mute function.

Both of them have their own peculiar traits. Some people need more advanced features while others may want extended battery life. So, this comparison gave you a brief idea of both.

A Detailed Comparison of

However, there is much more to understand about JBL and Bose speakers. Hence, we will dive deeper into this subject. Therefore, we will take the top speaker from each brand.

For example, Soundlink Revolve by Bose and Boombox by JBL. This will give a comprehensive idea of both speakers.

Furthermore, we will also do a general analysis of speakers manufactured both by Bose and JBL.

About the Brands

JBL is the abbreviation of James Bullough Lansing who was an American Audio Engineer. Lansing is the pioneer of this brand that is based in Los Angeles.

Lansing with his team started manufacturing radio drivers around 1927. Over time, the business grew and JBL started producing sound systems for various purposes.

Now, JBL is an audio business that comes under Harman International Industries-a project of Samsung Electronics.

JBL has two divisions; the Consumer Division and the Professional Division.

The first one manufactures headphones and speakers while the latter is specified for manufacturing sound systems for studios and DJs.

A lot of professional engineers work in the JBL industry and it has received numerous awards for creating the best sound solutions. Hence, JBL is very specialized in the audio industry.

Bose is younger than JBL as it emerged around 1964 and was founded by Amar Bose-an an electrical and sound engineer.

The basic intention of the Bose industry was to manufacture a home theater sound system.

It means that multiple speakers around a home can be connected with each other to create a high-profile audio system.

In addition, they focused on creating a surround sound system that can give a cinematic sound effect at a small home.

Later, Amar Bose donated his company to MIT- Massachusetts Institute of Technology. They do extensive research in acoustic fields to develop more advanced audio systems.

Now, Bose is specialized in manufacturing sound systems based on “listeners’ perception”.

Bose works on the basis of psychoacoustic principles that analyze listeners’ needs- what output they want from a speaker.

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Speakers Design and Style

Bose speakers are slim and compact. They carry less weight and need small storage space. Bose Soundlink Revolve is 5x smaller than JBL Boombox.

Hence, in terms of portability, Bose is the best choice. Moreover, Bose speakers are equipped with an onboard control panel and are weather-sealed.

They are bump-proof and offer more durability. The design resembles a bucket with a handle. You can place and carry it vertically.

On the other hand, JBL Boombox is IPX7 rated- it is fully water-resistant and can function while submerged into water for 30 minutes. It is also dust resistant and can withstand small dust particles.

These features make it highly suitable for beach and pool parties, adventures, and even for listening to music during the shower.

They come in semi-cylindrical design and are compatible with a lot of devices. Another ease with JBL Boombox is its detachable cable.

You can use an alternative cable in case of need while Bose comes with a fixed cable.

Audio Quality

Both JBL and Bose are stereo speakers and deliver premium sound quality. However, their audio quality varies across genres. Both are designed for audiophiles.

But, there is one major difference; JBL offers great bass while Bose uses transducers. JBL comes with a built-in subwoofer to ensure deep bass that is desirable for pop.

In contrast, Bose considers consumers’ demand to ensure crystal clear audio. Thus, it is suitable for the type of music where you want to focus the voice.

The audio quality is great at low and high ends. Both brands use passive radiators for delivering deep tones.

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Battery Life

Rechargeable speakers are very popular because they offer you high portability and extended listening time. Usually, the heavy speakers and soundbars do not have rechargeable batteries.

Because they are fixed at one place and you do not carry them during traveling. But, light-weighted and compact Bose and JBL speakers have this feature.

So, a speaker with longer battery life is as important as your cellular mobile phone. The battery play time and recharge time vary across both brands.

JBL is the best choice if you need extended battery life. Because the battery of Boombox runs up to 24 hours while it takes 6.5 hours to charge fully.

In contrast, Soundlink Revolve takes 4 hours to charge fully. However, its battery runs only for 12 hours. Both speakers lack the advanced wireless charging feature.

Also, their batteries are not removable. Nevertheless, the battery is durable and does not need replacement.

Connectivity Technology

Bluetooth is the connectivity technology in both Bose and JBL speakers. They use Bluetooth 4.2 which ensures a smooth and uninterrupted connection.

Moreover, these speakers can be paired with any Bluetooth device such as smartphone, tablet, PC, laptop, headphones, etc.

The Bluetooth connection is capable of transmitting compressed files and makes a longer connection.

While both speakers are also equipped with some other connectivity options. For example, JBL comes with an auxiliary input port to connect devices that do not support Bluetooth.

In addition, Boombox has also added 2 USB ports which you can use for playing audio files stored in a micro SD card and flash drive.

Bose speaker comes with only a single USB port and lacks AUX input. But, they have another advantage that is Wifi compatibility.

JBL has released fewer speakers with Wifi support while Bose has a great number of speakers that support Wifi connection.

This offers you live and endless music streaming on your Bose speaker. Furthermore, Bose Soundlink Revolve speaker also supports Airplay.

This is a wireless connectivity option that allows you to stream music from Apple devices like iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

Control Options

Bose speakers are classy in terms of advanced control options. Since Bose speakers support Wifi, they offer a voice command feature.

It is very convenient as compared to the traditional control panel. You can turn ON/OFF, change volume/channels, and stream the tracks by giving voice commands from a distance.

There is a multi-function button on the speaker that is used to access Google Assistant or Siri.

While both speakers have control buttons on the top for basic functions like volume and connection. Soundlink Revolve is also supported by the Bose Music App.

This app offers many other features such as sound equalization and access to popular music services including Spotify, Pandora, and online radio.

Moreover, the Bose app is also used to establish a Bluetooth connection. It can also troubleshoot and update the speaker.

JBL does not have an app but it can work with third-party mobile apps. But, they offer limited functions and controls.

Both JBL and Bose feature voice prompts that inform you about the low battery and the success of Bluetooth connections.

Briefly speaking, Bose speakers are preferable over JBL if you want advanced options.

JBL vs Bose: Comparison and Contrast Table

Parameters of Comparison JBL Speakers Bose Speakers
Popularity JBL was founded in 1927. Now, it is very popular in acoustic industry. Their sound systems are used in concert halls, studios, and DJs. Bose emerged in 1964 and is more popular among audiophiles. They are specialized in manufacturing surround sound systems according to listener’s requirements.
Design JBL speakers are heavier and bigger. Mostly, they are semi-cylindrical. Bose speakers are slim, compact, and highly portable. They are bucket shaped with an easy to carry handle.
Durability Feature IPX7 rating- dust resistance and water proof. Can work submerged under water for 30 minutes. They are bump proof but are not water proof. Instead they are weather sealed.
Audio Quality JBL offers deep bass and is suitable for pop music. Both use passive radiators and ensure high quality audio. Bose delivers crystal clear audio and uses transducers, hence ideal for voice concentrating on music voice. Their special focus is ‘what listeners want to hear’.
Battery Life JBL speakers come with a battery running up to 24 hours and takes 6.5 hours to charge fully. Battery runs up to 12 hours and takes 4 hours to charge fully.
Connectivity Bluetooth 4.2, auxiliary port, and 2 USB ports. Majority of JBL speakers lacks Wifi. Bluetooth 4.2, Wifi support, and one USB port. Also, feature Airplay for iOS devices.
Controls Control panel on the speaker with multiple buttons. Most lack app support and voice control functions. Voice prompt for notifying battery status and Bluetooth connection. On-board control panel, Voice assistance-Google and Siri, Bose Music App. Voice prompt just like JBL.
Cost JBL speakers are expensive as compared to Bose. But, some are cheaper. Soundlink Revolve costs less than JBL Boombox.
Summary Preferable due to rich bass and ideal for a large audience. Suitable companion for adventures, beach, pool parties. Recommended due to compact design, light-weight, high portability. More suitable for audiophiles who do not prefer bass.

Cost Difference

Bose Soundlink Revolve costs you less than JBL Boombox. However, JBL speakers are bigger and louder with good bass. That’s why you can pay a little extra for them.

Besides JBL Boombox, there are other affordable speakers by JBL. You can choose the one that meets your requirements. Just consider the features you want to see in your speaker.

Similarly, Bose speakers also come in various versions and models. Some cost you higher while others are budget-friendly. Again it depends on your specific requirement.

So, do some research and choose a cost-effective JBL or Bose speaker. Read our articles about the best JBL computer speakers and the best Bose computer speakers. 

Final Words

Overall, both speakers are great in their own sense. But, JBL is recommended as it is louder and wins the trust of audiophiles.

JBL speakers are everywhere, from mountainous adventures to international concerts. They give deep bass hence ideal for a larger audience.

They are not only suitable for home theaters but also for outdoor picnic parties. On the other hand, Bose has a smaller size and compact design. Therefore, ideal as a traveling companion.

But, they do not get much louder and also lack real bass. However, Bose is preferable to JBL in terms of advanced technology, control, and connectivity features.

So, now you have a very clear idea about the specs of both speakers. It entirely depends upon you whether you choose JBL or Bose.

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