Phonak Hearing Aid No Sound or Not Working

February 4, 2022 by seo123

If you are facing the issue of Phonak hearing aid not working or giving no sound, you have come to the right place. Because this guide is going to resolve your problem.

Both problems-not working and no sound- are interrelated. Therefore, you can apply the same tricks to fix both issues.

If your Phonak hearing aid is not working, it may turn ON or not. Moreover, if the hearing aid turns ON, it gives no sound or cannot connect to a Bluetooth device.

This situation is really frustrating especially for special persons as they need a hearing aid all the time. But, you should stop worrying now.

Because this article promises to help you fix your Phonak hearing aid at home.

1. Replace the Wax Guards

The Phonak hearing aid is equipped with wax guards or filters that are placed inside the receiver. These guards help to filter the earwax and ensure smooth sound.

Generally, it is recommended to change the wax guards every month. But, sometimes your ears produce more wax.

So, the filters become dirty very early. Hence, you should replace them now to solve the sound issue.

If you do not have wax guards at hand then remove the current one using a bobby pin. But, make sure to put on the new guards as early as possible.

2. Clean Your Device Properly

The first and foremost reason for no sound issue is the trapped wax inside. Although it may look clean, dust, debris, moisture, or ear wax has blocked the speaker.

Most of the Phonak hearing aids come with a cleaning kit. You can also look in the instructions manual to know the exact cleaning method.

However, if you do not have one, you can still clean your device. Take a clean and soft-bristled toothbrush.

Locate the microphone openings on your Phonak hearing aid. Now, gently rub the brush on the speaker to remove dirt or debris.

There is another effective method to remove the ear wax, suck your earbuds. Many users tried this trick to fix the no sound issue.

‍3. Restart Your Phonak Hearing Aid

Generally, hearing aids come in two basic types. Some are equipped with replaceable battery cells. While others have a rechargeable battery.

Remove the replaceable batteries if your hearing aid belongs to this category. Wait for a few seconds and then reinsert the batteries. This way, you can restart your hearing aid.

Alternately, replace the batteries with the new ones. Now, check whether your hearing aid is working or not.

For the other category, turn OFF the hearing aid and then turn them ON after a few seconds.

4. Reset Your Phonak Hearing Aid

‍Resetting the Phonak hearing aid is one of the most effective solutions. The rechargeable Phonak hearing aid can be reset by the following method;

  1. Take one of the hearing aid out of the charging case.
  2. Press and hold the lower end of the volume control button for 15-30 seconds. The light indicator will blink on the device confirming the reset.
  3. Now, place it back in the charging case. Repeat the same process with the other hearing aid.
  4. Hopefully, it will work now. If not, repeat the reset process twice or thrice.

5. Test the Batteries

A dead battery may be the cause of your Phonak hearing aid not working or giving no sound. If your device uses replaceable batteries, make sure you have placed them rightly.

In case of a rechargeable battery, make sure it is charged fully. The light indicator blinks green when the battery is full and blinks red when it is about to die.

Moreover, examine the charging accessories like AC adapter and USB cable. If they are faulty, the device will not charge.

Always use original charging accessories to avoid such problems.

In case, your Phonak hearing aid is not working at all and not turning ON, charge them fully, try a different AC adapter or USB cable.

If they fail to charge, read more information from this article and try the mentioned troubleshooting methods. Phonak Hearing Aid Not Charging: 6 Effective Solutions

‍6. Look for Hardware Defects

If you are using the BTE (behind the ear) model of Phonak, make sure the tubing is healthy. It should not have any cracks or signs of damage.

If so, get the tubing replaced by a hearing care professional. While there may be other faults in the hardware.

For example, maybe you have accidentally dropped down your Phonak hearing aid or it has contacted water. In both cases, the hardware can damage or the speakers have failed.

Place your hearing aid into a jar of silica gel to remove moisture and dry them out. If this does not work, consult your hearing specialist or a technician to repair the device.

7. Check the Compatibility of Your Phonak Hearing Aid

The hearing aid is recommended by your doctor after a complete checkup. So, they can assist you perfectly according to the degree of hearing loss.

If your hearing aid still not giving sound, maybe it is no more compatible with your ears.

So, you need to replace your Phonak hearing aids. But, consult your hearing care professional and seek recommendations.

Final Words

We have told you a number of tricks, try all before seeking help from someone. However, if nothing works then you should contact Phonak support.

Maybe your device has a manufacturing fault. The company can better diagnose the real problem.

We suggest you keep two hearing aids as they are very essential for you. If one stops working, the other can help you while you get it repaired.

Another suggestion is that do not put your hearing aid into wet ears. Remove them while you are taking a shower or swimming.

Moreover, clean your device regularly and also replace the filters at a proper time. By following these suggestions, you can keep your Phonak hearing aid healthy.

We hope, this article has helped you fix your Phonak hearing aid that is giving no sound or not working at all.

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