3 Ways To Make a TV Antenna Amplifier

February 13, 2022 by seo123

Do you want to boost your TV signals and range? Learn to make a TV antenna amplifier with us. If your antenna range is narrow, the TV signals weaken.

So, the TV channels cannot play clearly. That’s why we decided to write a DIY guide that can help you make a TV antenna amplifier with simple things.

This homemade antenna can be used both outdoor and indoors. You do not need to be an expert in creating this antenna amplifier.

The greatest advantage of this amplifier is that it boosts your TV signals without spending an amount on the costly signal booster. So, follow our guide step by step.

Method 1: Using a Cardboard

This is an easy and simple method to create a TV antenna amplifier. You need thick cardboard, scissors or cutters, and aluminum foil. The process is as follows;

  1. Use a pencil to draw a large circle in the middle of the cardboard.
  2. Next, draw two small semi-circular projections on either side of the cardboard. They should be smaller than the central circle and place them above and below the circle’s midpoint.
  3. Take another piece of cardboard and draw a rectangular shape on it. It should be a bit longer and less wide than the circle.
  4. You should make these cuttings keeping in mind the size of your TV antenna.
  5. On either side of both cardboards, wrap an aluminum foil. Cover all the edges evenly. Now, fold the long piece of cardboard around the circular piece.
  6. Fold the circular cardboard in half. Fit the rectangular cardboard into the circular one.
  7. Use the slots you created on the circular cardboard. Once you fit both cardboards, it will look like a semicircle.
  8. Fold the outer edges of the circle to create a lip shape. It should run across the entire length of the cardboard.
  9. In the center of the circle, cut a small hole to pass your antenna. Now, attach the amplifier to the antenna.
  10. Find the best place to locate the pair so that you can receive maximum signals.

Method 2: Using a Hanger

There is another easy method to create a TV antenna amplifier. You require some basic things that are present in every home. The process is as follows;

  1. Take a wire hanger and straighten it fully using pliers. It is recommended to wear rubber gloves to avoid any damage.
  2. Now, take a ferrite magnet and tightly coil the straightened wire hanger around its concave part.
  3. Leave 6 inches of hanger wire protruding on both ends of the magnet.
  4. Now, wrap an electrical tape tightly around this combo. The tap should entirely cover both the magnet and coil. Wrap the tape several times to make a thick layer.
  5. You need cut pieces of wire insulation sleeving. Cover three out of 6 inches of the wire protruding from both ends of the magnet.
  6. Wrap electrical tape around the sleeving to fix it in position. Also, cover the rest of 3 inches of the protruding wire with the tape.
  7. This is all, your TV antenna amplifier is ready. Place it above your TV and see the improvement in signals.

Method 3: No Constructions, the Simplest Method

This is a no-construction method to make a TV antenna amplifier. You just need a metal bucket and a bath towel to create it. Follow these steps correctly;

  1. Place a dry and clean bath towel near your TV. Now, take a small metal bucket and put it face-down on the towel.
  2. Now, put your digital TV antenna on the top of the bucket.
  3. Play different channels on your TV especially those with weaker signals. You will notice a huge difference in picture clarity.
  4. If not, move the antenna slightly to another point on the bucket or move the bucket itself.
  5. You have to put some effort to find the exact antenna location on the bucket. Adjust the antenna to the point where signals are clearer.

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Final Words

We hope you will find our guide very useful. We have told you three easy methods to make an amplifier for your antenna.

A no-construction method is also included. This is the simplest and instant way to boost your TV antenna signal. However, it needs some effort for proper adjustment.

Alternately, you can try other two ways to make a permanent TV antenna amplifier at home. Do not forget to tell us which of the methods you liked most.

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