How to Reset Sonos Subwoofer

September 18, 2021 by seo123

Sonos has recently launched a very stylish subwoofer. It is a Generation 3 wireless subwoofer. Its glossy black body looks very beautiful. The Sonos Sub is quite heavy. But, it delivers excellently deep bass.

Sometimes, the device may pose some performance issues. So, you may need to reset the subwoofer. The reset process is quite simple and quick. This article is going to tell you that how can you reset your Sonos subwoofer.

Reseting Sonos Subwoofer

You can reset your Sonos subwoofer in the following two steps:

Step 1

First of all, unplug the power supply. You can do it in two ways. The first option is to unplug the power cord from the subwoofer. It is located at the bottom of the subwoofer.

The other option is to cut the power supply by unplugging the power cord from the wall outlet. Be gentle while unplugging. Because any rough handling can put scratch marks on your beautiful Sonos subwoofer.

Step 2

The Sonos sub has a physical button located on its side. The first and second Generation Sonos subwoofer comes with a square button with two arrows on it. While the third Generation Sonos sub has a circular button with an infinity symbol on it.

After disconnecting the power supply, wait a few moments.

Now, press and hold this button and at the same time plug in the power cord again. The light indicator will blink white. Release the button when the light glows red.

Now, your Sonos sub is reset to factory settings. When the light blinks green, the reset process is completed. You can configure your device now.

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When and Why to Reset Your Sonos Subwoofer?

Generally, you need to reset your Sonos sub when it is not working properly. A number of performance and connectivity issues can be solved by resetting the device. For example, your Sonos sub is unable to connect, not giving sound, disconnecting frequently, software bugs, or any other problem. Resetting improves the efficiency of the device.

Moreover, it is essential to reset your Sonos sub before selling it to someone. Resetting will delete all the stored data including the added accounts. So, the buyer will not be able to use your accounts or information.

If you have purchased a used Sonos subwoofer, you must reset it before connecting to your devices. Because it may contain software bugs that can negatively affect your devices. So, restoring the Sonos subwoofer to factory settings will make your sub entirely new.

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