Samsung TV Optical Out No Sound Solved

May 17, 2021 by seo123

Have you Samsung TV which you have connected to external tv speakers or soundbars using Optical cable but there is no sound coming out from the external sound system? If yes, then read our guide to completely solve this problem.

Built-in TV speakers are not so great to hear an excellent quality of sound. So, we have to connect our desired external speakers to enjoy great sound.

Optical cable is one of the best methods for audio transfer as it transmits high-quality audio but you should do it properly.

When you connect your Samsung TV to external speakers or soundbar through an optical cable, you need to change a few settings on your TV.

Before you start getting audio from external speakers, you should make sure if you have done things right. Don’t worry if you have done anything wrong as we will guide you properly today.

Steps To Solve Samsung TV Optical Out No Sound

Follow the steps below to get sound back from your Samsung TV when it is connected to external speakers using optical out.

#1 Change Audio Output

Using Samsung TV remote, go to the settings menu of your TV. From settings hover to the sound section.

From sound section make sure sound output is set to Audio out/Optical instead of TV speakers.

#2 Go To Expert Settings

After changing Audio output, go back to the sound section and then hover down to Expert Settings.

Change both HDMI Input Audio Format and Digital Output Audio Format to PCM.

#3 Change Audio/Sound Settings

Now go to the Audio/Sound settings of your Samsung TV and click Audio Out and then select Optical. There may be other options like HDMI ARC and Internal TV Speakers but you have to select Optical.

When you click on Optical, you would have some other options to select from. You have to select Digital Out Sound (PCM).

#4 Test Audio

After changing all these settings, play audio from your Samsung TV and see if the sound plays through external speakers.

Sound must play from external speakers and if it not, there must be some physical problem as all the settings are done fine.

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Troubleshooting no sound

If after following all the steps, you are unable to hear sound when your Samsung TV is connected to external speakers using Optical cable, you need to test the optical cable first.

If you have another optical cable, you should plug that into the TV and check if it works. You can also buy a new optical cable.

And if it still doesn’t work, there could be a problem with the ports on either your Samsung TV or external speakers.

Hope our guide will solve your problem “Samsung TV Optical Out No Sound” and you will get the sound playing from external speakers.

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