Amp Goes into Protect Mode When Turned up Fixed

March 9, 2022 by seo123

This article intends to fix your amp that goes into protect mode when the volume is turned up. Many users face this issue with the amplifier. There are various reasons behind this issue.

For example, wrong wiring, voltage drop, overheating, weak charging, or power overload can lead to protect mode.

Generally, an amp is used in a car. So, when the car moves, the electrical system undergoes some changes. This can affect the performance of the amp.

The continuous disconnection indicates that the power supply to the amp has been damaged. But, in this case, the amp turns ON and its power light glows.

However, we need to dive deeper to diagnose the real issue. Then, we will fix it by applying some quick tricks. So, keep reading this guide till the end.

What is Amp Protect Mode?

Before proceeding further, you should learn what is amp protect mode. Actually, the amp goes into protect mode to save itself and other connected devices from potential damage.

An amp is meant to enhance the speaker’s sound. It elevates the audio output and delivers clearer and stronger audio. A light indicator informs you that your amp is in protect mode.

So, whenever it detects a threat, the amp finds escape in protect mode. This issue can be solved by fixing the underlying problem.

Troubleshooting Amp Going into Protect Mode

You do not need to consult a technician. Just apply some easy troubleshooting tricks to fix your amp. The problem may be trivial and can be solved in a few minutes.

1. Install the Amp Correctly

You should confirm that your amp is installed properly. This problem can be readily diagnosed if your amp is newly installed and you are using it for the first time.

Double-check the installation guide. Examine the ground power cables. Make sure your amp is not in contact with a metal object or magnet in your car.

2. Cool Down the Overheated Amp

Overheating is one of the most common reasons your amp goes into protect mode when you turn up the volume. Because high volume needs high power.

Especially, if you have been listening to loud music for a long time, the amp gets overheated. So, it goes into protect mode to avoid permanent damage.

The best solution is to turn OFF your amp and cut off the power supply. Let it cool down and then play again. Another reason for overheating is poor ventilation.

Your amp should receive sufficient airflow. Make sure it is placed in a ventilated place. Otherwise, relocate your amp or use a 12V fan to keep it ventilated.

3. Secure the Connections

Loose connections can also force your amp to go into protect mode. You need to check whether everything is plugged in firmly or not. It is better to reconnect all the plugs and cables.

The connection weakens when you drive on a rough road. Because the bumps and jumps shake everything.

In this case, you need to secure the connections over and over again or decrease your speed.

4. Check the Fuses

Blown-out amp fuses are another reason your amp goes into protect mode when turned up. Examine the fuses carefully, they should be plugged in firmly.

Moreover, melted holders can also damage the fuses. The holders melt due to overheating. In this case, changing the fuses will solve your issue.

5. Test the Connected Speakers

The speakers connected to your amp may be causing the issue. When you turn up the volume, the voltage level drops. Therefore, the amp goes into protect mode.

What you need to do is shut down your amp and disconnect all the cables and plugs from it. Now, turn ON your amp.

Connect one speaker at a time and check if the issue is resolved. Connect other speakers one by one to find out the culprit. Troubleshoot the problematic speaker by resetting it.

6. Correct the Wiring

If the wiring is incorrect, the charging system is weak, or the transistors are faulty, the map will go into protect mode.

The subwoofers will draw extra current if it is wrongly wired. Make sure that you have plugged all the speakers into the right port on your amp.

The speakers usually operate at 2 ohms. Operating them on 1 ohm can lead to many issues. So, you need to calculate the impedance using a multimeter.

Moreover, check the resistance between output transistor terminals, it should be zero.

Inspect the power system of your amp. Because low power or voltage will cause the amp to go into protect mode.

7. Improve the Electrical System of Your Car

A poor electrical system in a car is one of the major reasons your amp goes into protect mode when turned up. You need to check it up completely.

Replace any damaged or dying wires. Check the plugs and connections. It is better to install a power cap in your car.

Moreover, check the battery and upgrade it if necessary. Another tip is to update the wiring kit and add a high output alternator. The power cap will stable the voltage.

While the high output alternator will help in controlling the fast battery drainage. If the amp is very powerful, your car battery cannot provide enough energy.

Therefore, you need to use a high-power battery. Consider replacing the stock wires inside the engine bay if they are not compatible.

In addition, secure the connections permanently so that driving on a rough road may not affect your amp.

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Final Words

We hope, you liked our effort. Stay connected with us through comments and suggestions. We recommend you try all the solutions mentioned in this article.

Because they are tested and verified. The major reasons are overheating and the poor power system of your car.

Improving the system will surely solve your problem. However, if nothing works then you must consult a professional mechanic. He can diagnose and fix the issue better.

If your amp is newly installed, contact the manufacturer. Because if a new amp goes into protect mode when turned up, it may have a manufacturing fault. Replace the amp if it is too old.

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