15 Best Cheap Bluetooth Speakers Under $10 2022

December 4, 2020 by seo123

On a budget of $10, you can find many Bluetooth speakers that are cheap as well as best. The choice is yours which color and which style you love. We have listed all those speakers that are possibly good on a cheap budget.

Instead of finding from flooded market yourself, take help from hard work we have already done for you. At the end of the review, you will surely be able to get a Bluetooth speaker that is cheap under $10 and even cheapest around $6.

Are Bluetooth speakers under $10 really good?

Yes, if you have a budget of 10 dollars, you can get a Bluetooth speaker that provides a good listening experience. Although there are many expensive speakers available in the market, it does never mean cheap speakers are bad.

It also depends upon your choice, many brands provide outstanding performance speakers for only $10 while others charge you even 20 to 30 dollars but the speaker has even worst performance.

Choosing the best one matters a lot whether it is a cheap or expensive speaker. Our list includes speakers with good battery timing, some are waterproof for safe outdoor use and all of these have good quality sound.

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Best Cheap Bluetooth Speakers Under $10

Here is our brief review of 15 Bluetooth speakers that are cheap and best in this price range. All of these have their own design, performance and features. Choice is yours what you need and none of these is so bad to disappoint you.

Best Versatile:

61Gl1gKR 9L. AC SL1000

Our first pick of under $10 Bluetooth speaker is KEROLFFU. More than 5 watts power amp delivers very loud and clear sound. Raise the volume to full level and experience distortion-free sound.

A very sensitive driver delivering the bass you will certainly love in this little speaker.

Battery is 1500mA that provides 15 hours long backup. Believe it or not, it is really good timing. You can play music continuously for 15 hours without charging. It means you can use it maximum in a day because you will not be going to use more than 15 hours a day and that’s all with a single charge.

Build is very durable and the look is also good. It is waterproof, dustproof and even drop-proof. In short, it is safe to use anywhere.

You can connect to your phone or any other audio device using Bluetooth 4.0 and connectivity range is 33 feet that is enough.

Finally, though it is a little and cheap but versatile Bluetooth speaker, you can use it in many places and take a lot from it for just less than $10.

Best Portable: ZeroLemon Bluetooth Speaker

712kP4bm2IL. AC SL1500

ZeroLemon is also one of the best cheap Bluetooth speakers under $10 in the same price range and almost similar features and power but different design.

It delivers high-quality sound with good bass and crystal clear mid-range. Sound is quite loud with 5 watts of power.

ZeroLemon is also water-proof but it is IPX4 waterproof while the KEROLFFU is IPX5 waterproof. So KEROLFFU is resistant to low pressure while ZeroLemon is resistant to splashes from any direction. You can read more about IPX4 and IPX5 ratings.

Using Bluetooth 4.2, you can connect it to any device like your mobile phone and control audio within 10-meter range.

The good feature of this speaker is built-in Mic that makes it hand-free allowing you to answer phone calls directly when the phone is connected to it.

Overall from look and performance, it also worth the money. It also comes at a cheap price of under 10 dollars.

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JLab Audio Crasher Micro Wireless Bluetooth Speaker-Perfect Under 10 dollars

41WZB%2BHwo L. AC

This JLab Audio can produce more than expected sound quality. A driver and a subwoofer synchronize to give loud clear sound with strong bass. It’s little but sound like a stereo speaker.

With a simple and sleek design, this portable speaker is easy to carry anywhere you go. Take advantage at home, office or small parties like birthday.

Just like KEROLFU, it also has 1500mA battery that works for 10 hours. You don’t need to recharge it all the day.

Both wireless and wired connections are available. Connect to your smartphone or any other Bluetooth-enabled device using Bluetooth 2.1 or connect to any old device using 3.5mm AUX jack.

When connected using Bluetooth, its range is 30 feet that’s same as in others, while maximum range in our list is 33 feet.

It is also water-resistant and dust-resistant, so you can use it outside the door without any fear of damaging the speaker.

Overall, it is the best and top-rated cheap Bluetooth speaker under 10 dollars. Not a penny of you will go waste and you will enjoy for years in less than $10.

If it meets your required features, it could prove one of the best and cheap Bluetooth speakers under $10 ever.

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Cheapest & Best: Blackweb Rugged, Outdoor and Water resistant Bluetooth Speaker

81uziX9IGhL. AC SL1500

Added handy clip makes design of this subwoofer somewhat different from all other models. However performance and build quality is also very high.

Charging speed is quite fast and you can easily use it all day long. More than expected loud sound still crystal-like clear.

Being very compact, it can be easily used for outdoor activities and it is made for it. No matter you go near the water or use it during shower, it is still safe.

It also has a Speakerphone feature that allows you to listen calls. When it comes to buying a cheap best speaker for under 10 dollars, it can never be out of the list because it is the cheapest speaker.

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Best Design:

71TFQlpHduL. AC SL1500


Old is gold! Here is a speaker that was released in May 2015 but most loved even today. A great option to choose from seven different colors.

With your favorite color and music, you can enjoy indoor or outdoor. Take this portable speaker with you to the beach, pool, camping, or shower.

It’s a lightweight speaker with 6 hours battery timing that’s good but if you want 15 hours you can check first one on the top of list.

Using Bluetooth wireless connection, you can connect to your phone or other devices with Bluetooth compatibility.

It comes with a USB cable and 17″ carrying strap allowing you to hang it to shower heads, pool umbrellas or anywhere you wish.

With good water-resistance, it can bear splashing but submerging in water may damage it. Silicone waterproof housing and covered charging port make it safe from little water touch.

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Lightweight and Multi-Functional: QCY Mini Portable Speaker with Bluetooth

The best and multi-functional Bluetooth speaker QCY has unique and stylish design with extremely compact size. It is best ever compact Bluetooth speaker for under $10.

Listen for hours at full high-quality sound with really good bass. Listen to music or watch movies with same joy without any distortion with crystal clear sound.

With only one button, you can control volume, answer or end calls, and much more. Battery is something good than other speakers.

There is 950mA battery that is charged fully in 1.5 hours and then works for 10 hours. It seems quite good for this little speaker.

You have both wireless and wired connection options. Using Bluetooth, you can connect with any Bluetooth compatible device. If not, use USB cable to connect with any compatible device.

If connected through Bluetooth, it has 33 feet range. In short, for this price range of under 10 dollars, you get many features and long-time working.

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German IF Design Award Mini Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

71Ya6FAP42L. AC SL1500

A German IF Design speaker with touch button and built-in mic for listening to calls and noise reduction technology for clear sound.

The 5 colors spectrum lights with your music giving you a beautiful look. Adjust these colors according to your preferences.

This portable speaker is so small to be carried easily with you anywhere but small size does not mean low-quality sound. Listening to music at extreme bass and loud volume with this speaker is really a joy.

The tiny speaker supports Bluetooth connection, AUX, and TF Card. Metal body is scratch-resistant and touch volume control gives a confident feeling of having a great Bluetooth speaker rather than a cheap under $10 speaker.

With this Bluetooth speaker, you will also get an AUX cable, a USB cable, and a user manual. You get some unique features in this model as compared to others but some features are missing as well like water resistance.

If you want to use only for indoor activities and you don’t need water resistance feature, this one will be better than above speakers because it has more features and quality for indoor use.

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HotNCold Vintage Surround Sound Outdoor Wireless Boombox Speaker

71PsIFyeOAL. AC SL1220

HotNCold Vintage is also a beautiful speaker with unique design and features. It is a little big outdoor speaker as compared to our other models.

Connect your mobile to this speaker using Bluetooth or AUX cable depending upon your choice and availability.

There is also a remote control that is not available in any of the above speakers. You can control volume and other things sitting away from it.

If you don’t want to connect your mobile but listen to music, you can insert SD card or USB and enjoy the music.

For voice transmission, there is an earphone as well. You can attend calls and listen through speaker without using phone’s mic.

There is a great feature of power bank as well. You can plug in your phone using USB cable and it will start charging. So, when using it for outdoor activities, it is a power bank too.

It comes with a Lithium-ion battery that provides 8 hours of battery backup. It’s almost enough with these features and price of less than $10.

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41 bgS3BMML. AC

This little portable speaker is also unique in its design but lacks features as in our other speakers in same price tag.

There is a strip you can use to hang it anywhere like with showerhead or pool umbrellas.

It is also resistant to splashes of water, so you can easily use it for outdoor activities without any fear of getting damaged. Full submerge in the water will damage it.

Built-in speakerphone lets you call without using phone directly from this speaker.

You can connect to it using Bluetooth but other advanced features are still missing like wired connection option if you want to connect it to some old device.

When it comes to sound quality, it is quite good. The only problem seen in this speaker is that charging port gets loose after some time and then it becomes difficult and even impossible to charge it.

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Beautiful and Cheaper Than All-K3 Smart Bluetooth Speaker

412a54gzLOL. AC

If your budget is even less than $5 rather than $10, you can still get a little beautiful speaker. At this price, there is no speaker in the market that can beat K3 Smart Bluetooth speaker that is the most beautiful but cheap Bluetooth speaker for under 10 dollars.

You have two options to choose the color. Night colors enhance your music listening at night and you can change them according to your preferences.

There is only Bluetooth connectivity option that you can use to connect to your phone or any other Bluetooth enabled device.

Sound quality is great to enjoy at your home, office, or party. At a very low price, you get few features but quality performance.

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81gGW6i0F8L. AC SL1500


Tmvel is an IPX5 water-resistant speaker that can bear exposure to low water pressure. In other water-resistant speakers which are IPX4 certified can bear only splashes of water.

Connect using Bluetooth and supports range of 10 meters/33 feet. Built-in microphone for attending and listening to calls.

Listen to music for 6 hours. Standby timing is 120 hours. Perfect sound and can be used both indoor and outdoor.

Design is more beautiful than many of our speakers and sound is loud as well as clear with enough bass. A beautiful and best mini Bluetooth speaker for under $10.

GEAR4 Espresso Small Affordable Coffee Cup Style Bluetooth Speaker

71RBNk0gJfL. AC SL1500

There are 3 different models but similar speakers. The first is Pink(PS006PKG) second is Turquois(PS006CYG) and third one is Yellow(PS006YWG).

These speakers differ in color, not in features and all of these have really good design as you can see from the pink in picture. Like a teacup with a handle also, it gives an excellent look. The size is also similar to size of teacup.

Like others, you can connect to any Bluetooth-enabled device like your smartphone and enjoy listening to music.

Although the size is so small voice is clear and distortion-free. Not too loud but for this size much loud to enjoy your party or at home. Wireless range for this speaker is also 10 meters.

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Sudroid Mushroom Mini Cheap Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speakers

710bnEXaz2L. AC SL1500

This Sudroid Mushroom speaker is also available in 5 different colors and all are priced under $10. They have Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity, Built-in mic, portable size, Mushroom design, and super-duper bass.

Output power of these speakers is 3 watts that mean you will not hear very loud sound but the frequency response is really good from 100 Hz to 20 kHz to provide excellent and pure sound.

Built-in mic makes it a hand-free, you can listen to calls directly from this speaker.

It takes 2 to 3 hours for charging and then work for almost the whole day. Some people reported less backup time.

For connection it features Bluetooth 4.1, Sound quality is also great with super bass but not much loud.

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Cheap Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Speaker With Mic

51b9QSpOfmL. AC SL1000

With a unique design and portable hand-free speaker, this is another best Bluetooth speaker for you.

You have two different color options pink and blue and prices are also different. The above one is higher price than blue and its look is far better than blue. However, your choice may vary.

Waterproof design enables this speaker to resist low pressure direct exposure to water. Feel free to use during showers.

Perfect for little music enjoyment in office, bedroom, trip and good for conference. Answer calls directly using built-in microphone.

Charging is quite fast plus battery life is also good. However, it does not sound much loud. Still, sound is clear and it is very durable to bear drop on the floor.

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Mogic Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker-Shockproof and IPX5 Waterproof


Our last best cheap Bluetooth speaker under $10, Mogic portable speaker also comes with good features like IPx5 waterproof, dust-proof, and buil-in Mic.

Connect to any Bluetooth-enabled device using Bluetooth 4.1 and enjoy 10-meter range.

IPX5 waterproof enables you to use it during showers, on beaches, pools and anywhere else you go outside the home. No fear of dust. Easy to clean body case.

Attend calls or enjoy conference calls with a good built-in mic. From a little speaker, sound is very loud and clear.

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Final Verdict

You read a brief review of 15 best cheap wireless Bluetooth speakers under 10 dollars. All of these are cheap and some are even cheapest below $5. With different unique designs, features, colors and sound quality, there are a lot of options for you. However, none of these speakers is disappointing. At a budget of under $10, you will really enjoy for years having any of these speakers.

What to look for in cheap speakers under $10?

When buying a Bluetooth speaker under $10, you will have to take care of features you are getting. Many brands brand a lot of features and quality in this range while others charge you for very poor speakers.


As all of these are portable wireless speakers, Bluetooth is present in all. However, some of these give you Bluetooth 4.2 compatibility and some 2.1 compatibility. The higher it goes, the better it is.

Regardless of Bluetooth, there are only few good speakers that give you dual connection options; Bluetooth and 3.5mm AUX jack. AUX cable connection will be of great use when you wish to connect this speaker to an old device that does not have Bluetooth. If you have no such old device, you may skip this feature.

Some of these speakers also provide micro USB connection. The big advantage of this feature is that your mobile is charged during play and if you wish, it could be used as a power bank in standby mode.

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Built-in Mic

It is a must-have feature if you are going to play music from your mobile phone. If your friend calls you while your phone is connected to Bluetooth speaker, you will be able to attend and listen it only if your speaker has built-in mic. Otherwise, you will have to disconnect from Bluetooth and listen to phone call directly from your phone’s mic.

This feature is provided in many speakers and you must look for it. If you are not planning to connect your phone with this speaker in the future and play music from another source, you may skip this feature.

Without mic, connecting such a speaker to your phone can kill your experience and you will then through your portable speaker in the basket.


Those speakers which can bear low-pressure water are mostly said to be waterprood and are IPX5 waterproof while those that can resistant only splashes of water are called water-resistant and are IPX4.

You should check this feature if you want to use it during showers, at pools, on beaches, or any other place where exposure to water is possible.

This feature is also present in almost all the above features except 2 or 3.


Some of the speakers in our list are also drop-proof which means if they drop on the floor, they will not get damaged. Different speakers have different abilities to bear such dropping shocks.

This feature is not available in many speakers. If it is available then good otherwise first check for most important features and then check it at end. You should not check this feature on priority basis because you will not be able to get a great speaker in this way.

Playback Time

It matters a lot in any speaker you buy. An average playback of 5 to 7 hours is also enough as you will mostly use it for this time in a day. However, more it is, better will be your experience.

Some speakers have batteries of 1500mA and good playback of 10 or 15 hours. More than 10 hours is better than expected.

You should check it according to your usage in the whole day.

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Loudness and Bass

Although all these are tiny portable speakers, most of them are louder than expected and even perfect bass with great sound clarity. Only a few are with low sound.

How much loud a speaker could be, depends upon the power. Most of our speakers deliver 5 watts power while some are also 3 watts.

Bass is mainly produced by subwoofer better than speaker. One of the speakers in the list has a subwoofer synchronized with the driver, which provides better bass than all others. If you are a bass lover, you must go for that one.

By reading this whole review, you will surely be able to choose the best and cheap Bluetooth speaker under $10.


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