Bose Soundbar 700, 500 and 300 Not Connecting to TV

February 26, 2021 by seo123

Have you Bose soundbar 700, 500, or 300 that is not connecting to the TV? Our guide will help you get things working back.

There could be several reasons behind the problem. A few suggestions will help you if you have Bose 700, Bose 500, or Bose 300 soundbar.

This guide will work especially for these soundbar models of Bose and may help you if you have any other model.

The problem varies depending upon the model of TV you are using if there is an issue on the TV side.

Here are a few solutions to this problem:

Confirm Soundbar is Working

Your Bose soundbar may experience some issues with its settings. You should try connecting it to your mobile phone.

Once you have connected Bose soundbar to your mobile phone wirelessly, play audio and check if everything is fine.

Power OFF and ON the TV

Sometimes Bose soundbars lose ARC connection with TV. It happens with some models of the TV like Samsung.

The problem is not big if it does not occur frequently. The simple solution is to unplug the power from the TV for a few minutes and then turn it back ON.

If this is the problem with you, you will need to reboot the system every time you face the issue.

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Reset The TV

As your soundbar is working fine with your phone, there could be a problem with TV settings. You should first reset your TV and create a connection again with your TV.

Reset the Soundbar

After resetting the TV, if Bose soundbar still fails to connect using HDMI ARC, you should also try resetting the soundbar also.

But before resetting the soundbar, check that you changed the TV audio output to HDMI ARC.

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Connect Using Optical Cable

No one prefers connecting through the optical cable when ARC is available. However, it could also be a good alternative if ARC connection fails after trying all the ways.

Update Firmware

Sometimes it happens that everything is working fine and then such a connection problem persists. System updates also cause such issues.

Remember if you updated anything recently when it started. Also, make sure if both the TV and soundbar are using the latest firmware.

If any update has caused an issue, you can contact their support regarding it.

Test HDMI Cable

If the cable is damaged, it can cause connecting issues. You can change the cable if another is available or test this cable on any other system.

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Final Solution

If the above solutions did not work for you, try this last one.

  • Check that Bose soundbar 700, 500, 0r 300 is running with the latest software. Also, check for your TV
  • Disable CEC on your soundbar from the Bose Music App
  • Power off both the TV and soundbar and then disconnect power cords
  • Unplug the HDMI cable from the TV
  • Wait for 1 to 2 minutes
  • Connect power cords to the TV and soundbar
  • From Bose Music App, enable CEC that we turned off in 2nd step
  • Connect the HDMI cable back to the TV and select “TV Source” on the Bose Remote
  • Your soundbar and TV should be connected at this point. Check if audio is playing from the soundbar
  • If it still shows any problem, turn off your TV and for 30 seconds and then turn it back ON using the TV remote

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If after doing all this, you face any issue and your Bose soundbar is still not connecting to the TV, contact Bose support and let them know your problem with the model of your TV.

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