Hisense TV Not Turning ON Solved

September 20, 2021 by seo123

Hisense group of electronic industries are specialized in manufacturing televisions. Their manufactured TVs are sold by different names. Hisense TVs are equipped with the latest features. The first 8K 10 bit HDR TV has been recently launched by Hisense. This TV gained popularity in no time.

You may also own a Hisense TV. They are efficient and powerful. But, sometimes, a  Hisense TV stops working or does not turn on.

This article will help you in fixing your Hisense TV which is not turning on. Let us try some troubleshoot methods.

1. Check the Power Supply

One common reason for Hisense TV not turning on is insufficient power supply. This is the first and foremost thing to check. Check the wall power outlet, whether it is functioning or not. You can check it by plugging in some other device into it.

Next, examine the power cable of your Hisense TV. Look for twists and cuts. If everything is ok and still your Hisense TV is not turning on then move to the next solution.

2. Check the Power Button

Generally, the power button or ON/OFF button is located beneath the TV. Check the power button if it is working or not. Look at the standby light, if it is glowing, your TV is powered on. If the light is off, it means your TV has got some hardware issue.

3. Reset Your Hisense TV

The reset solves 90% of the problems. If your Hisense TV is not turning on, you can reset it just in a few minutes. Follow the guidelines given below to rest your TV;

  1. Disconnect the power cable from your Hisense TV.
  2. Leave it powered off at least for 10 minutes.
  3. Connect the power cord again with your Hisense TV.
  4. Now, press and hold the power button for 1 minute. Your TV would turn on.

You can also try another method;

On your Hisense TV remote, press and hold the “Channel Down” and “Volume Up” buttons at the same time. Press the power button also to turn the TV on. This trick can fix your problem.

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4. Hardware Issues

If these solutions do not work then your TV has some hardware problem. Carefully notice the LED indicator. When you try to turn on the TV, it blinks several times and then goes off. This situation indicates that your Hisense TV has a bad circuit board.

Remove the back cover of your Hisense TV. Examine the circuit board and fuses. Find out if there are any signs of damage, short circuit, or burnt components. Also, check the intactness of the links between different components. There may be an issue with the backlight. Therefore, your TV is apparently not turning on.

If you find any hardware problem in your Hisense TV, you must consult the manufacturer. They will repair and fix it if your TV is under warranty. However, if it has exceeded the warranty, you can consult a TV mechanic.

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Final Words

We hope, this article has helped you in fixing your Hisense TV which is not turning on. You should point out the real issue before trying fixes. If its power light is on, the TV has some software problem. But, if the power light does not glow at all, it means the hardware is faulty. However, reset your TV in both cases.

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