6 Solutions Subwoofer Not Working But Speakers Are

March 11, 2022 by seo123

This guide aims at solving your problem of subwoofer not working but speakers are. A subwoofer is necessary to produce low-pitched audio frequencies or bass.

Because speakers alone cannot deliver good-quality bass. A subwoofer is a part of the home theater system as well as your car music system.

In a home theater, the subwoofer is generally connected wirelessly to the speakers. While in cars, it is connected through the cables to the receiver or amp.

The most common reasons behind the subwoofer not working issue are bad power supply, loose connections, faulty cables, or wrong settings.

You will find the perfect solutions in this guide. We have searched for the best troubleshooting tricks. You must apply them all to your subwoofer.

Please note that this guide can fix both your home theater and car subwoofer.

1. Check the Power Supply

The first and foremost thing you need to check is the power supply. Make sure you have connected your sub to a working power outlet.

Plug in the power cord firmly. Try a different power outlet and ensure it is delivering enough voltage. If it is a car subwoofer, check the power system of your car.

Maybe the battery is weak, replace it if necessary or upgrade the power system of your car.

Observe the power indicator on your subwoofer. It should be glowing if the sub is receiving current. Sometimes, the sub is in standby mode and cannot work.

2. Secure the Connections

One of the major reasons your subwoofer is not working is loose or faulty connections. Either the ports or the cables are defective.

Make sure your subwoofer is connected properly to your speakers. If it is wireless, disconnect and reconnect the subwoofer.

Also, check the connection between your speakers and TV. The subwoofer should be connected to the MIX or SUB port on your TV or stereo system.

Some subwoofers have a fuse, if it is blown, the sub cannot work properly. So, check the fuse, remove its black plate or replace it if it is blown.

3. Check the Settings

Check the volume level on your subwoofer. Make sure it is not muted. Check your remote control, maybe it is not working. Replace its batteries and then increase the volume.

Moreover, adjust the speaker settings on the TV or stereo system. Select the correct input source on your TV. Some specific settings on the speakers can disable the subwoofer.

So, you should check all the settings properly. Try different sound field settings on your receiver. Most of the time, the subwoofer fails to work due to the wrong settings.

Hence, double-check all the settings and consult the user guide of your devices.

4. Test the Subwoofer

You can test your subwoofer by connecting it to another stereo system or speaker. If it fails to work with the other system, it must have defective hardware.

Another trick is to connect a different subwoofer to your stereo system or speakers. If this one works, your sub is faulty.

Moreover, check the impedance level between your subwoofer and speakers. Start testing from the lower level and listen if the sound comes.

Then, increase the level gradually. This will help determine the accurate impedance level.

5. Reset Your Subwoofer

Power cycle your subwoofer by disconnecting from the wall outlet. Wait a few moments and then reconnect the power. Turn ON your subwoofer and pair again to the speakers.

If this does not work, hard reset your subwoofer. Consult the user manual for the exact factory reset method. Because the method varies across different brands.

6. Other Important Checks

A magnet can cause your subwoofer to stop working. Look carefully that there is no magnet placed around your subwoofer.

In addition, maintain a safe distance from the electromagnetic devices. Because they can also cause interference.

Similarly, a Wifi router or nearby Bluetooth devices can create a signal clash. You should consider moving away from your sub from these devices.

Further, make sure that your subwoofer is not placed closer to a heat source. Overheating is another reason your subwoofer stopped working.

It happens when you play it for a long time. So, power it OFF and let it cool down. Play again after 30 minutes or 1 hour.

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Final Words

We are sure that this guide will solve your issue of the subwoofer not working. Because we have included all the possible solutions here. Give a chance to each trick.

Specifically, check the connection cables and power supply. Tell us in the comment section which of the tricks solved your issue of the subwoofer not working but speakers are.

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